Human Growth and Development Test

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In late adulthood, people make up for the loss of many functions with what?


Which of the following is NOT true of intellectual development in adolescence?

Not intellectually able to make wise decisions

Which of the following requires special attention from caregivers in the early childhood stage?

Proper nutrition

Muscle atrophy can cause which of the following?

Decrease in strength

Which of the following did Abram Maslow develop?

Hierarchy of human needs

Which of the following is true of human development?

People grow and develop in order to fulfill their basic needs.

Which of the following increases in middle adulthood?

Ability to solve problems

How does aging affect the nervous system?

Neurons die at an increased rate

According to the Apgar scale, what score represents the healthiest newborns?

7 to 10

Which of the following is true of emotional development in middle childhood?

Become more independent

Which age group is at an increased risk of osteoporosis?

60 years of age and above

Which is true of the zygote period?

The placenta begins to develop to provide food and oxygen

Which of the following is true of physical development in early adulthood?

Adults are physically in their prime.

What can help prevent fatal accidents in infants and toddlers?

Adults should watch young children very closely.

What is a terminal illness?

Incurable disease that results in death

In which stage of grief will a person reject the idea that they are dying, or insist that the doctor has made a mistake?


When is blood Rh a problem in pregnancy?

Mother is Rh negative and baby is Rh positive

What is the treatment for babies with respiratory distress syndrome?

The baby is placed on a respirator.

What is puberty?

Biological changes resulting in reproductive maturity and an adult-sized body

What do scientists hope to accomplish using recombinant DNA?

Replacement of defective genes with normal genes

What is fetal alcohol syndrome?

Serious birth defects caused by drinking alcohol during pregnancy

Which of the following is NOT true of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome?

Typically occurs between the ages of six months and one year.

How is the cardiovascular system affected by aging?

Fibrous tissue replaces muscle tissue

What is the earliest point where a fetus has a chance of surviving outside the womb?

25 weeks

Mortuary care includes which of the following?

Care of the body after death, as well as emotional and ceremonial needs

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