Human A&P Chapter 13

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Jerry drinks a few beers and soon has to urinate. The alcohol has

inhibited secretion of ADH

Growth hormone signals the release of


The Edmonton protocol is

a pancreatic islet transplant

The _______ secretes triiodothyronine.

thyroid gland


stimulates the production of glucose from noncarbohydrates.

The pineal gland is located

attached to the thalamus

The secretion of parathyroid hormone is controlled primarily by the

concentration of blood calcium

Hormones from the adrenal medulla increase

all of the above

Hyposecretion of hormones from the adrenal cortex leads to

addison disease

The hormone that the pineal gland secretes is


A person who is stressed usually has increased

blood pressure

Tropic hormones

stimulate certain endocrine glands to secrete hormones.

__________ controls hormone concentrations.

Negative feedback

_________ inhibits secretion of prolactin.

Dopamine from the hypothalamus

ADH and oxytocin are secreted by

neurosecretory cells

Up-regulation of a target cell can occur in response to

prolonged decrease in the level of a hormone.

An up-regulated cell has an increase in

the number of receptors available for binding.

Cushing syndrome

all of the above

Another name for antidiuretic hormone is


Nerve fibers in the posterior lobe of the pituitary gland secrete

antidiuretic hormone

Oxytocin is administered to women following childbirth to stimulate

uterine contractions

As a result of the general stress response, blood concentrations of epinephrine

and cortisol rise

All hormones are

organic compounds

A hormone is a ______ and the target cell is __________.

molecule that has a metabolic effect on another cell; a cell that has receptors for specific hormones

Hormones that the posterior pituitary secretes are synthesized in the


Steroid hormones

all of the above

Which of the following hormones requires a releasing hormone from the hypothalamus for its secretion?


Aldosterone promotes the homeostasis of ions by causing the kidneys to

conserve sodium and excrete potassium

Addison disease

all of the above

Secretion of insulin causes

a decrease in the concentration of blood glucose

In diabetes mellitus,

all of the above

Type 2 diabetes mellitus results from

insensitivity of cells to insulin

Athletes abuse erythropoietin (EPO) because this hormone

increases the number of red blood cells

"Endocrine" means

internal secretion

Growth hormone signals the release of IGF-1 from the


Cortisol is useful in controlling inflammation reactions because it

decreases the permeability of capillaries.

President John F. Kennedy had

Addison disease

A hormone with an effect that lasts for days would have a

long half-life

Exocrine glands differ from endocrine glands in that exocrine glands

secrete through ducts or tubes to the body’s exterior

What percentage of T4 is converted to T3 in peripheral tissues?


The thymus gland secretes hormones called _____ that _______.

thymosins; control production and differentiation of white blood cells

Diabetes insipidus is caused by

ADH deficiency

Secretions that affect only nearby cells are termed


Growth hormone

all of the above

The blood concentration of growth hormone

rises at puberty and levels off after adolescence

A nonsteroid hormone acts on a target cell by

causing synthesis of a second messenger

Simple goiter is most prevalent where the soil lacks


A sweat gland is an example of a(n) _______ gland.


David Vedder was known as the "bubble boy." He was born without a thymus gland. After he had a bone marrow transplant, he left his protective bubble – a set-up that kept him free of infection – but soon died of infection. He died because

the thymus produces white blood cells, which protect against infection.

A hormone has a half-life of 20 minutes. After an hour, ___ percent of the original number of molecules remains.


Nonsteroid hormones cause _________________ in their target cells.

activation of adenylate cyclase

One of the hallmarks of Graves disease is


Melanocyte-stimulating hormone, which regulates the formation of melanin, is produced by the

intermediate lobe of the pituitary gland.

Which of the following has both endocrine and exocrine functions?


With age,

levels of GH decrease but of ADH increase

Treatment of type 2 diabetes usually includes

all of the above

The specificity of hormone action derives from

target cell receptors that are unique for the hormone type


all of the above

The hormone that stimulates calcium deposition into bone is



enhances the rate at which proteins are synthesized.

Maxwell has a very high metabolic rate, is skinny, and has protruding eyes. These are symptoms of


Cretinism results from

a deficiency of thyroid hormones at birth.

Which of the following hormones primarily affects the reproductive organs?

Follicle-stimulating hormone

In addition to a drop in blood calcium concentration, a symptom of hypoparathyroidism is

muscle cramps

Down-regulation of a target cell can occur in response to

prolonged increase in the level of a hormone

Pheromones differ from hormones in that

they are transmitted between members of the same species.

Irving, who is 78 years old, takes human growth hormone supplements to regain the strength of his youth. He may be disappointed, because the hormone has been shown only to

decrease fat and increase muscle mass, but not improve strength


do all of the above

A steroid hormone acts on a target cell by

directly causing protein synthesis

A type of hormone that the adrenal medulla secretes is a

none of the above

Graves disease, the most common form of hyperthyroidism, is caused by

an autoimmune disorder

Compared to the nervous system, the endocrine system

may have a longer lasting effect

Type 1 diabetes mellitus is caused by

a disorder of the immune system

Diabetes mellitus results in

urine with high osmotic pressure

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