HUM – Christendom (Chapter 6)

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"Christendom" refers to?

Christian community of the Middle Ages

Dante’s Commedia is divided into three books, each containing thirty-three…


Four major pilgrimage routes linked cities in France with the favorite shrine of Christian pilgrims, the…?

Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela

According to the medieval Catholic teachings, what was the intermediate realm where Christmas were punished for repented sins that had not been expiated before their deaths?


In the commedia, who guided Dante through hell?


Most gothic churches were dedicated to..?

the Virgin Mary

Saint Francis differed from the monastics that preceded him because he…?

Rejected a cloistered life

The interdict and excommunication were methods by which…?

The church maintained its authority

The most important of the seven sacraments and central ritual of the Mass is…?

The Eucharist

The popular medieval drama "Everyman" is an example of a…?

Morality play

The sacraments by which medieval Christians hoped to receive the grace of God..

Were codified by an early 13th century church council

The university of Bologna, one of the first medieval universities, was dedicated primarily to the study of….?


The writings of which classical philosopher had the greatest influence on the rise of medieval scholasticism?


What is a FALSE statement about medieval towns?

By 12th century, the majority of Europeans lived in towns.

What are true statements about medieval towns?

Some towns frew into self-governing city-states, the rise of towns coincided with and contributed to the rise of fhe middle class, medieval towns usually developed out of marketplaces

What was NOT a characteristic of Dante’s commedia?

Latin prose

Characteristics of Dante’s Commedia?

Numerology, historical figures, allegory

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