HUM Chapter 5 & 6 Notes

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Most Gothic Churches were dedicated to?

Virgin Mary

The interdict and excommunication are?

Methods by which the Church maintained it’s authority

Know the Characteristics of both a Gothic and a Romanesque cathedral?

Latin-cross floor plans

What were some musical innovations of the middle ages?

Musical notation, Polyphony, and the Motet

What are the influences of courtly love on modern times?

Shaped modern concepts of gender

What were the unique characteristics of of Dante’s Commedia?

Numerology, Historical figures and Allegory

Who was Saint Francis and why was he special?

Renounced his privileged life at age 24 and rejected a clustered life, dedicating himself to preaching and serving the god.

Who was Hildegard of Bingen? What is she known for?

Saw visions that she recorded in the "Scivias" ( "know the ways of the Lord") that she claimed came from a voice from heaven.

In the Summa Theologica, Aquinas concludes that women?

Women are imperfect in form but created to fulfill a purpose in God’s plan

Four major pilgrimage routes linked cities in France with the favorite shrine of Christian pilgrims. What are the routes and shrine?

Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela

The Tang and Song Era’s were a golden age of? What are some of the innovations of these era’s?

Landscape painting

The primary subject of a chanson de geste was?

Heroic deeds

The hymn that came to serve the Roman catholic requiem during the Medieval Era was?

Dies Irae

The term "Christendom" refers to the?

Christian community of the Middle ages

What were the sacraments by which medieval Christians hoped to receive the grace of God, and when were they codified?

were codified by an early thirteen century Church council

The First novel in world history was written by?


Japanese Samurai followed a warrior code known as?


Games of Combat imitating medieval warfare were called?


The Bayeux Tapestry recorded which historical event?

The Norman invasion of England in 1066

An important center of learning in Charlemagne’s time was the palace-school at?


The most numerous and impressive landmarks of the Carolingian renaissance were?

Illuminated Manuscripts

The Carolingian renaissance dépended greatly on?

Benedictine Monasteries

The Landmark event known as the Battle of Hastings is famously recorded in?

The Bayeux Tapestry

The interlace designs of the Book of Kells are most similar to the patterns on?

Metalwork artifacts from Germanic graves

The Battle of Adrianople led to?

Opened the door to the Germanic invasion of the West

The landmark literature of the Germanic tribes took the form of?


The intellectual elite of Tang and Song China were deeply influenced by?

Confucian Traditions

Medieval music-drama originated with the?

Embellishment of the Mass

The writings of which classical philosopher had the greatest influence on the rise of medieval scholasticism?


The popular medieval drama Everyman is an example of a?

Mortality Play

The university of Bologna, one of the first of the medieval universities, was dedicated primarily to the study of?


According to medieval catholic teachings, what was the intermediate realm where christians were punished for repented sins that had not been expiated before their deaths?


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