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"Prehistory" may be defined as that period prior to

written records

Akhenaten is associated with what religion or religious views


Hammurabi was a ruler of


Hammurabi’s Code is significant chiefly because it

Is usually comprehensive and extensive

In Hinduism, the Absolute Spirit is known as


Jade artifacts, especially in the form of circular discs, are primarily associated with ancient


One of the earliest landmarks of Paleolithic culture is

Cave Painting

Taking its name from the term "sacred knowledge," which Hindu literature teaches worship through prayer and sacrifice?


The Egyptian pyramids functioned primarily as


The Great Temple at Karnak was

dedicated to the sun-god Amon-Ra

The Tigris and Euphrates Rivers are located in present -day


The earliest discovered inscribed clay tablets come from


The first civilizations appeared

on the banks of rivers

The landmark known as Stonehenge is located in


The Landmark known as the Book of the Dead is

as Hindu text on the afterlife

The world’s oldest clay vessels appear to have come from


Which Iron Age sea-faring people created a non-pictographic alphabet


Which of the statements about Epic of Gilgamesh is most accurate

it was passed down orally for centuries

Zhou rebels justified their rebellion against the Shang dynasty on the basis of

The Mandate of Heaven

A landmark of the Hellenistic Age is the

Apollo Belvedere

Athens’ Golden Age flowered shortly after the

Persian Wars

Dramatic festivals were held in Athens

twice a year

In Golden Age Athens, laws were made

by male landowners

In the republic, Plato argues that ______ should govern


Minoan and Mycenaean civilizations arose in

the Aegean Sea

The Analects of Confucius show a deep concern for

moral order, filial piety, the cultivation of character

The Parthenon is dedicated to


The gods of ancient Greece were

thought to intervene in the lives of humans, anthropomorphic figures, and believed to be eternal

The so-called "Heroic Age" refers to the era that produced

the Greek epics

The thinker who advanced the idea that reality lay in numerical proportion was


The two great epics of theGreeks, the lliad and the odyssey, feature

the heroes of the Trojan War

The word "Hellenic" means


Which of the following orders is NOT a program of ancient Greek architectural design


Which of the following schools of thought was not developed in the Hellenistic Age


A series of arches placed back to back produces

a barrel vault

Cattullus dedicated some of his poems to a woman he called Lesbia, a nod to the influence of which poet on his work


Han China and the Roman Empire

traded by way of Asian intermediaries, were comparable in geographic size, power, and prestige, and produced lengthy historical chronicles

In contrast with Rome, imperial China under the Qin and Han left no landmark

epic poems

Juvenal was Rome’s

most famous satirist

Roman artists used the technique late known as trompe l’oeil in order to

trick the eye into perceiving depth on a flat surface

Roman baths typically centered on a rectangular colonnaded hall known as

a basilica

Romans innovated the use of which building material, which made large-scale architectural constructions much cheaper to build


The Pantheon was dedicated to

the planetary deities

The Punic Wars were waged between Rome and


The hero of Virgil’s Aeneid is a native of


The immediate consequence of the assassination of Julius Caesar was

a struggle between his first and his adopted son

The-sized figures found in the tomb of the first emperor of the Qin dynasty are made of


Which Roman poet’s risqué The Art of Love led Octavian to send him into exile?


Which of the following landmarks commemorated Roman military victories

Trajan’s Column

A basic element in the arts of Islam is

Arabic calligraphy

After their Exodus from Egypt, the Hebrews retook Canaan by defeating the


An integral aspect of Hebrew monotheism is the theme of

a covenant between human beings and God

Christianity and Islam have in common

a belief in life after death, a doctrine of final judgement and resurrection, faith in a monotheistic god

Christianity was legalized

by the Edict of Milan

In early Christian artistic tradition, which apostle was depicted as a lion


In the Muslim faith, the word "Allah" means


One landmark of early Buddhist culture is the

stupa at Sanchi

The earliest of the Gospels was written

at least forty years after the death of Jesus

The first five books of the Hebrew Bible are known as the


The goal of the Buddhist is

escape from rebirth

The holy city of ________ is the birthplace of Mohammad, the destination of the Muslim pilgrimage, and the site of the sacred stone known as the Kaaba


The north/south arms of the early Christian church are called the


The obligatory Muslim pilgrimage to Mecca is known as the


Which cultural landmark was attributed to King David

the Psalms

Which of the following four religion is NOT generally regarded as one based on divine revelation


Which of the following themes or images would have been LEAST likely to appear in Christian art before the fifth century

the crucifixion of Jesus

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