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In music, improvisation happens when a musician decides what to play while he or she is playing.


A ______ refers to three or more notes played together.


The biggest difference between Tin Pan Alley music and rock music was that rock music was usually sold as sheet music for customers to play themselves whereas Tin Pan Alley music was sold as records.


Which of the following is true of Tin Pan Alley music during the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries?

Songs were sentimental ballads or songs that portrayed the "gay nineties" as full of fun and as an escape from life’s realities.

Which of the following is true of the development with musical interest in New Orleans during the late nineteenth century?

Bonds viewed with each other for audience acclaim at Sunday parades.

Identify a feature of swing bonds.

The bands play music from written arrangements.

Identify the features of country blues composes and performers.

They usually accompanied themselves on battered guitars. They sang texts that were often rough yet highly expensive.

The complete structure for each AAB blues verse, chorus, or stanza is often referred to as the _______.

Twelve-bar blues

Part of the general character of the blues was created by blending the pitches of notes to what were called ______ ______.

Blue notes

What is the technique for playing blue notes without a bottleneck called?

String bending

Identify the technological developments in 1948 that helped popularize rock music.

33 ^1/3 rpm ling-playing (LP) records. 45rpm single records Transistor radios

Uneven beat subdivisions
Even beat subdivisions

EBS – characteristic of the blues EBS – common in folk and country music

Recordings become so important in rock music that many performers ______ ______ to the recordings to their songs on television rather than try to perform them live.

Lip sync

How did white teenagers become acquainted with rhythm and blues in the late forties?

Through the radio

What helped New York music publishers gain control of the popular music publishing industry during the late ninetieth centuries?

The increasing popularity of vaudeville shows and tremendous amount of music they required.

The 45 rpm single records were popular because ______.

They allowed for the inexpensive purchase of an individual song with another on the reverse side.

The uneven rhythm pattern in most jazz styles is called a ______ when the bass is played on the last part of the beat.

Shuffle beat

African American musicians trained in country blues, who moved from the rural south to the large northern cities pose WWI, developed the urban blues styles, which instruments were included by these musicians in the rhythm section?

Drums Bass Guitar

How did T-Bone Walker’s style of playing differ from that of most delta guitars?

The lines he played as fillers between his vocal phrases were much longer and more complex than those of most delta guitarist.

The blues styles that developed in Chicago combined swing jazz and boogie-woogie piano influences with the passion of the delta blues. This style was called ______ ______.

Chicago blues

.B King’s interest in ______ was evident in his performance with U2 in their 1988 movie Rattle and Hum.

Playing melodic lines rather than chordal accompaniments.

Willie Dixon was better known as a _______ than as a singer.

Blues songwriter

McKinley Morganfield’s style, which often included the whining sound of a bottleneck guitar, was rustic and was actually lose to _______ in his early blies hits "Rollin’ Stone".

Country blues

Wille Elmore James’s group gave his music a modern soul, his own guitar playing was an example of bottleneck ______.

country blues

John Lee Hooker’s recording of his twelve-bar blues song "Boom Boom" used a ______, in which the instruments stopped playing during the vocal line and then responded by playing on the second, third, fourth and first beats that followed.


Rhythm and blues was called _______ until the end of the forties.

Race Music

Which of the following true about rhythm and blues?

It originated in the African American ghettos of large cities.

Louis Jordan’s group was often described as a ______.

Jump Bond

In Boogie-Woogie, the pianist’s left hand played fast, repeated not pattern with two notes plated in the time of each single beat. What effect did this produce?

It doubled the basic beat.

Bo Diddley’s song "I’m a Man" used a modified form of a instumental break known as the Bo Diddley beat, in which the harp and piano break (stop playing) during the vocals, but the drums continue throughout the song.


What was common in black gospel singing styles of the twentieth century?

The use of leaders improvising while other singers stayed in the background with the plain melody.

The term ______ was first used for African American music in reference to gospel groups ability to "stir peoples souls".


Which of the following are features of country music?

The beat is steady and all musicians ply exactly on that beat. The steel guitar is played with a bar and pedals that can be entire chords.

White gospel music

Follows the steady beat and instrumental practices common in country music

Black gospel music

Uses shuffle rhythm and backbeat, vocal improvisation, and backup chorus

During the thirties and forties, a style called ______, which has its origins from the music played by fiddle-and-guitar barn bands, became popular in Texas.

Western swing

A musical characteristic foung in a large percentage of doo-wop is the constant pounding of repeated chords at the rate of three chords per beat with the bass line and the melody following that triplet pattern through their use of ______.

uneven beat subdivisions

Which of the following were the prerequisites for music in honly-tonks?

The music has to be loud. The music had to have a steady, danceable beat.

Which of the following is feature of hymns performed at white churches?

Hymns were steady beats with even beat subdivisions and accents on the first and third beat of each four-beat pattern.

The term _______ came to be used to identify the vocal group sound, as the groups usually had lead singer who was accompanied by the other singers singing nonsense syllables or repeating a few words from the lead singer’s line.


The Bass in country music plays the root of the chord on beat one and the fifth of the chord on beat three in a four-beat pattern, creating a regular alternation between those notes called _______.

Two-beat bass

Which of the following instruments were used by British settlers in their music?

The plucked and strummed dulcimers. The piano. The harmonica. The guitar.

The term ______ refers to the fact that Jimmy Rodgers sang many songs that followed the twelve-bar blues form, creating a combination of black and white musical styles as early as the 1920s.


Who is Billy Haley?

A country singer and guitarist from Michigan who played in western swing bands.

Who was Joe Turner?

An accomplished singer of slow, jazz-styled blues as well as the faster jump blues.

Which of the following were used as the standard accompaniment for Elvis Presley’s recordings at Sun Records?

An electric lead guitar The string bass Subdued Drums An acoustic rhythm guitar

Which of the following are features of Bill Haley’s recording "(We’re Gonna) Rock Around the Clock" (1955)?

It followed the twelve-bar blues form. It has saxophones playing in riff patterns.

When Joe Turner’s version of "Shake, Rattle and Roll," is compared with Bill Haley’s version, which of the following point to the differences between the blues and the early rock music based on the blues?

Haley’s version is faster than Turner’s. The lyrics in Haley’s version is more toned down than Turner’s.

The lyrics to Bill Haley’s recording "(We’re Gonna) Rock Around the Clock" used the word ________ for dancing and partying.


The ______ in Elvis Presley’s recordings produced an energetic intensity that was an important characteristic of rockabilly.

Faster tempo

The use of gospel-style grunts and shouts made Elvis Presley’s voice perfect for the young white fans of honky-tonk rock.


Carl Perkins had been playing the _______ and singing at country dances when he first heard Presley’s recordings on a local radio program.


Buddy Holly’s vocal style was characterized by his trademark _______.

Hiccup on certain turns of phrases.

Little Richard’s use of ________ ________ in the instrumental parts of "Long Tall Sally" gave the melody a rhythmic punch that has often been used in the blues, rhythm and blues, and blues-based rock music.

Stop time

How was the sound of the Everly Brothers different from the pure rockabilly sound recorded at Sun Records?

It was smooth and full and lacked the slapping bass.

Who was Chuck Berry?

A guitarist and singer whose style was rooted in blues and rhythm and blues, but whose music was unquestionably rock and roll.

As the popularity of the rockabilly style was dying with rise of teen idol pop starts in the late fifties, Eddie Cochran tried to incorporate more standard accompaniment and falsetto vocals into his last hit, "Three Steps to Heaven."


Jerry Lee Lewis played his honky-tonk piano rock with a tremendous amount of energy, throwing his right hand all over the keyboard with ______ (sliding runs) while his left hand smashed at the keys to maintain a rhythmically pumping bass line.


_________, or paying for airplay or other publicity, has existed in some form or other since Civil War times.


The Publisher

Pays the songwriter for the sale of sheet music.

The company that made the roll or recording

Pays the writer the mechanical fees.

The songwriter organization

Collects fees for performances.

Male singers if the 1960s who sang in a style reminiscent of the ballad crooners of the twenties through the forties, whose stars included Perry Como and Bing Crosby, were known as "______".

Teen idols

Which of the following is true of the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP)?

It devised complicated procedures to estimate which of its members’ songs were being played and about how often.

Which of the following investigations became known as the payola scandal?

A Special Committee on Legislative Oversight formed to investigate the practice of bribing disc jockeys for airplay. A Special Committee on Legislative Oversight formed to investigate accusations on cheating on quiz shows.

Comparing Pat Boone’s recording of "Tutti-Frutti" with the original one by Little Richard, _________ influences, in the way the instruments were played in Richard’s version, were not used in Boone’s recording.


Which of the following are true of early teen idol singers?

They usually synchronized their lip movements to their recordings during live performances and on television. They rarely played musical instruments.

The burst of popularity if the pop style created a need for musicians who specialized in _______.

Song writing

Most of the early teen idol singers were successful more for their musical talents than for their visual appeal and in-group identifications.


Phil Spector’s productions has such a distinctive effect that his style became known as the ______ _______ _______.

Wall of sound

In Dick Dale’s version of the Greek melody "Misirlou" (1961), Dale developed a technique based on the ________ playing, which refers to fast repetitions of a note, used in Middle Eastern plucking-string instruments.


Which of the following were used in most of Duane Eddy’s recordings?

Repetitious lead lines on the guitar’s bass strings Amplifier-produced echo effects Vibrato, or pitch variation

Identify the ways in which surf rock is different from other types of pop music of New York and Philadelphia.

Its vocals were not based on the old crooner vocal tradition. Surf bands played their own instruments.

Which of the following themes were included in the Beach Boys’ music, late 1963, by Brian Wilson?

School spirit Fast cars

Throughout the sixties, James Brown used his tremendous appeal to African Americans to ________ with positive statements of "black pride" alongside admonishments against violence.

Cool racial tensions

Which of the following are features of Ray Charles Robinson’s music?

Gospel elements were incorporated into his rhythm and blues style.

Identify a true statement about the first hit song, "Please, Please, Please" (1956), recorded by James Brown and the Famous Flames.

It used the triplet pattern in the piano.

Which of the following were the characteristics of James Brown’s wild stage acts?

Rhythmic dance steps Leg splits Drops to his knees

Latin rhythms were used in some Motown recordings which was based on a Cuban son ________ ______ (played by wooden sticks tapped together).

Claves beat

James Brown developed a new style that was more dependent on African influenced polyrhythms than melody, and that style was the beginning of what became known as _________.


What separated Wilson Picket’s recording "In the Midnight Hour" from most rhythm and blues songs?

The even beat subdivisions.

In his album Music of My Mind (1972), Stevie Wonder overdubbed his own singing and playing of most of the instruments on his recordings and grew fond of the tonal capabilities of the ________.


The Funk Brothers’ background in playing jazz and rhythm and blues made the Motown sound different from previous doo-wop or soul recordings because _______.

It pushed them to be more active in their individual parts while not covering the singers.

Who among the following soul singers won the title "Lady Soul"?

Aretha Franklin

Which of the following is a feature of Memphis soul recordings?

A fairly consistent instrumental sound backing the singers.

Which of the following members of the the Beatles switched from guitar to bass, giving the group the same basic instrumentation as the Crickets?

Paul McCartney

What led to the use of string quarters and other classical instrumentation on some Beatles’ recordings?

George Martin’s experience with light classical music

Which of the following periods can the Beatles’ music be divided into?

A period in which they concentrated on studio production techniques The pop-influenced love songs period The Bob Dylan-influenced introspective period

John Lennon experimented with ________ _________ on "Revolution 9" of the album The Beatles (1958).

Tape loops

Match the original members of Rolling Stones with their roles.

Mick Jagger – Singer/Harpist Keith Richards – Guitarist Brian Jones – Guitarist Ian Stewart – Pianist Bill Wyman – Bassist Charlie Watts – Drummer

Which of the following nonstandard instruments were used by the Rolling Stones in their album Aftermath?

The harpsichord The dulcimer The marimba

What was the significant about the Beatles album Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band (1967)?

All the music on the album was planned around a single theme or concept.

On the Rolling Stones’ Sticky Fingers (1971) and Exile on Main Street (1972) albums, "Sister Morphine" was styled after American ________.

Folk Ballads

Match the Terms for melodic fragment with the type of music they are associated with.

Leitmotif – Opera Idee fixe – Symphonic Music

Brian Jones had become intrigued with the possibilities afforded by the use of electric instruments. In the Album Their Satanic Majesties Request (1967), he played a ______ on "2000 Light Years from Home".


The origin of the instrumental combination used in Mersey groups lay in American ______ of the fifties.


The youth subculture known as the ______ had short hair, wore trendy suits, and rode motor scooters.


Identify the genres played by Chris Barber’s band, formed in 1954, at clubs in London.

Country Blues Skiffle Trad Jazz

Which of the following is true of the British musical groups that came to America in 1964?

They started their own careers by playing music that had originated in the United States.

The Kinks developed their own distinctive sound by sitting their amplifier speaker to get the distorted _______ for their powerful hit "You Really Got Me" (1964).


As manager of the Who, which of the following changes were introduced by Pete Meaden?

Making the group’s members dress themselves in trendy suits Getting the groups members to cut their hair Renaming the group The High Numbers

Why did the High Numbers return to calling themselves the Who?

Out of fear that the name the High Numbers would soon become dated

Teenage banjo player Pete Townshend and trumpeter John Entwistle formed a ______ ______ band called the Scorpions in 1959.

Trad jazz

what was the significant about the British blues revival?

It rejuvenated American interest in the blues.

In the context of the British invasion, American record producers attracted a young audience by forming the ______, who were featured in a television program containing skits imitative of the Beatles’ playful antics in the movie A Hard Day’s Night.


Women were generally the most important of the early classic blues singers, and the rock singer whose interest in the blues was most clearly stimulated by women’s blues recordings was ______.

Janis Joplin

The Yardbirds developing a commercial, psychedelic stage act, and Jeff Beck eagerly joined in by playing his guitar behind his head and experimenting with _______.

Amplifier feedback

_______ bands were so maned because most of the bands were made up of untrained musicians who practiced in their garages, producing a raw, unrefined sound.


Who among the following did Ray Davis write about in the Kinks’ song "A Well Respected Man" (1966)?

People he saw as lacking the creative energy needed to rise above society’s dictates People who were content to live boring existences simply by fitting into a socially acceptable mold

In the early fifties, Cyril Davies played banjo in trad jazz band, but as he became more attracted to pure he concentrated on singing and playing the _______.


Which of the following is true of the British blues revival groups of the sixties?

Musicians of these groups moved from one band to another quite often.

After a bit of experience singing folk music on street corners, Rod Stewart sang and played _____ with several groups in the London clubs.

Blues Harp

When Cream’s 1968 recording of Robert Johnson’s "Cross Road Blues" (1936) is analyzed, it is evident that the members of cream ______.

did not copy the rough quality of Johnson’s style.

Pete Townshend began to consider the possibility of expanding beyond the standard pop format of two-to-three-minute songs and writing a rock ______, beginning with the ten-minute "mini-opera" he has written for the album Happy Jack (1967).


The Jimi Hendrix Experience was formed as a ______, with Hendric playing a fiery lead guitar, and two English musicians, bassist Noel Redding and drummer Mitch Mitchell, ably backing him.


The Who’s attention-drawing antics after their 1967 performance at Monterrey Pop Festival had grown into the ______.

complete destruction of guitars, amplifiers, microphones and drums on stage.

What made the British musical groups that came to America in 4964 sound different from American rock groups of the early sixties?

The fact that the British groups played their own instruments

Needing a new drummer, the Who chose _______, a friend of theirs from another London-based Mod Band, the Small Faces (later called the Faces).

Kenney Jones

On comparing Robert Johnson and Cream, how did Cream display their talents?

Through six all-instrumental choruses of the twelve-bar form

Folk music and performance traditions varied from one pert of the United States to another because the music was based on ______.

songs and dances people of different cultures brought with them from their homelands

In addition to using the British instrumentation, American folk groups borrowed instruments such as the _____ from country traditions.


The Almanac Singers took traditional fork melodies and performed them with new texts that stressed the ______.

social and political concerns of their time.

Which of the following is true of the Weavers?

They sang political songs.

Before joining the Almanac Singers, songwriter/singer/guitarist Woody Guthrie has pent years traveling around the United States singing ______.

on street corners.

Bob Dylan attracted the attention of producer John Hammond Sr. who ______.

gave him a record contract

Which of the following is true about Bob Dylan?

He was a young follower of Woody Guthrie.

1. Folk singers of the sixties
2. Folk singers of the late sixties and beyond

1. They sang about topical and political matters. 2. They turned inward to communicate very personal experiences and feelings about their own lives and relationships through their songs.

What changes were made by producer Tom Wilson to Simon and Garfunkel’s album cut "The Sound of Silence"?

He released the album cut as a single. He overdubbed electric guitars, bass and drums.

Which of the following featured on the music of several folk and folk-rock singers?

The Vietnam War The civil rights movement

Identify a feature of the songs in Joni Mitchell’s album Dog Eat Dog (1985).

They concentrated on social and political issues.

1. Pop Music
2. Folk Music

1. A songwriter might well begin with a melody and then fill in words to fit it. 2. A songwriter might well begin with the words or message and then work on the melody.

The combination of folk and rock styles heard in Bob Dylan’s "Subterranean Homesick Blues" and the Byrds’ recording of "Mr. Tambourine Man" was the beginning of an entirely new genre of rock music known as ______.


James Taylor became friends with other important singer/songwriters such as Carole King, Joni Mitchell, and Carly Simon. He sometimes played ______ on their albums and the others would play piano or sing backup on his albums.


Raised in Saskatoon, Canada, Joni Mitchell developed a distinctive rural-folk vocal style in which she ______.

changed her tone quality at different pitch levels.

Bob Dylan’s "Mr. Tambourine Man" was folk styled music when he sang it, but it became
______ when recorded by the Byrds.

folk rock

What was significant about Bob Dylan’s albums John Wesley Harding (1968) and Nashville Skyline (1969)?

The featured the folklike simplicity of his earlier recordings with country influences.

Which of the following is true of the trio Crosby, Stills and Nash?

All members were writers.

According to the Jefferson Airplane song "Crown of Creation" (1968), individuals who were not members of the counterculture were ______.


During the middle to late sixties, a wish to return to basic human values during led to the development of a new culture, or _______.


Which of the following added an exotic touch to Jefferson Airplane’s "White Rabbit"?

The use of the Phryglan mode The use of bolero-influenced rhythm patterns.

The Greatful Dead and other San Francisco bands played at ______ ______, parties where LSD was available very inexpensively.

acid tests

The music on the Workingman’s Dead and America Beauty albums of the Grateful Dead departed from the psychedelic freedom of the album Live Dead by ______.

basing the songs on more organized arrangements.

How did Ray Manzarek and Jim Morrison of the Doors try to bring new awareness to their fans?

Through their dramatic stage performances

The use of mind-altering ______ ______ such as LSD had become common within the hippie subculture.

psychedelic drugs

The Grateful Dead’d double album Live Dead (1970) contained several of the ______ for which the group had become famous.

long improvisations

For hippies, existentialism became an attitude that stressed the importance of _____.

freeing the individual from the hostility of the outside

How were the Eagles different from most previous country-rock groups?

The Eagles played a more complete fusion of country and rock musical styles.

1. Molly Hotchet
2. 0.38 Special

1. They played highly amplified, guitar-heavy music. With a sound almost closer to heavy metal than to country, they remained popular as a touring band through the late seventies and into the eighties. 2. Their singer was Donnie Van Zant, the brother of Ronnie and Johnny Can Zant of Lynrd Skynyrd, and in true Allman Brothers fashion, they two lead guitarists and two drummers.

Identify the southern musical styles that Charlie Daniels incorporated in his song "The South’s Gonna Do It (Again)".

Hillbilly Honky-Tonk Boogie-Woogie The Blues

The Electric Flag, formed in 1967 by guitarist Michael Bloomfield, consisted of a rhythm section and a horn section and was one of the earliest of the _____.

Jazz-rock bands

What were the characteristics of the music created in 1968 by the Flying Burrito Brothers, formed by Gram Parsons and Chris Hillman?

It had Everly Brothers-influenced vocal harmonies. It included the country timbre of pedal-steel guitar. It had a strong back-beat.

1. Improvised rock Solo
2. Improvised Jazz Solo

1. They are often very fast, flashy, and continuous. 2. They place equal emphasis on silence and the playing of notes.

Jazz instruments such as the saxophone were used to play jazz-style improvisations in the bands that backed _____ by many African American artist, from Little Richard in the fifties through the many soul, Motown, and funk musicians of the sixties and later.

early rock performances

Jazz arrangements, no matter how carefully notated, cannot be effective without the infusion of ______ that jazz musicians bring to a performance.

musical instincts

In the Allman Brothers Band’s song "Trouble No More" the two lead guitars used a technique often employed in jazz when two improvised together called _____, meaning that the soloist alternate, each playing two-bar phrases.

trading twos

The Texas-based ban ZZ Top’s hit single "Tush" (1975) followed the twelve bar blues from and had ______ during the instrumental sections.

bottleneck guitar solos

1. Bands that performed small-group jazz styles
2. Large swing bands

1. They centered on the practice of improvisation, even in most of their performances of the blues. 2. They played from written arrangements, and the most of their music was predetermined by an arranger who established a band’s style.

In Chicago in 1967, guitarist/singer Terry Kath and clarinetist/saxophonist Walter Parazaider decided to form a _____ called it the Big Thing, with a horn section of trumpet, trombone, and saxophone backed by a rock rhythm section of guitar, keyboards, bass and drums.

jazz-rock band

Although the personnel of Blood, Sweat and Tears changed often through their career, they always maintained a ______ sound.

strongly brass-oriented

Creedence Clearwater Revival still managed to capture the energy of rockabilly without the _____ of country music.

Stand-up bass and acoustic rhythm guitar sound

After Gram Parsons quit the Burrito Brothers in 1970, he was joined by singer Emmylou Harris on his solo albums, GP (1972) and Grievous Angel (1973). The exposure Harris gained helped her _____.

establish a career in country and country-rock music

Country rock was classification in which performers necessarily remained throughout their careers.


Lynyrd Skynyrd was from Jacksonville, Florida, and they played hard rock music with the Allman Brothers Band’s characteristic _______ sound.

Twin lead guitar

______ was generally an aggressive music played by southern musicians who projected a very macho, stubbornly independent, outlaw image.

Southern Rock

Many groups in the South, including the Charlie Daniels Band, limited the ______ of the Allman Brothers Band.

twin lead guitar and twin drum sound

Bob Dylan’s albums Nashville Skyline (1969) and John Wesley Harding (1968), Gram Parsons and the International Submarine Band’s album Safe at Home (1967), the Byrds’ Sweetheart if the Rodeo (1968), and the Flying Burrito Brothers’ The Gilded Palace of Sin (1969) helped forge the style known as ______.

country rock

One of the defining features of jazz rock was that it almost always used ______, an element more essential to rock than to jazz.


Lynyrd Skynyrd wrote "Sweet Home Alabama" as a retort to Neil Young’s songs "Alabama" and "Southern Man," in which Young (a Canadian) had Dared to _______.

depict southern stereotypes

In the two-thousands, country-rock musician John Fogerty used his music and tours to ______.

back political causes.

Charlie Daniels continued to record and tour during the eighties and nineties, often using his music to express his opinions about subjects like ______.

bringing drug dealers to Justice and America’s treatment of Vietnam veterans

In the song "Spinning Wheel" by Blood, Sweat and Tears, as is generally true of big-band jazz, ______.

some solo instruments are given time to improve

In Blood, Sweat and Tears’ song "Spinning Wheel" recorded with David Clayton-Thomas, some of the rhythmic complexities of well-arranged jazz-band music are represented, particularly in the way _____ are used.

tempo and metric shifts

When Roger Waters wrote songs for Pink Floyd’s album Animals (1997), he ______.

portrayed human beings as animals

What enabled the Electric Light Orchestra to create a thick orchestral and choral sound, which they played with a rock backbeat?

Heavily overdubbed vocals Four members from the string section of an orchestra A synthesizer to add wind or percussive effects

1. Edgard Varese
2. Igor Stravinsky
3. Karlheinz Stockhausen

1. He was among the first composers to gain acceptance for musical works that include sounds played by nontraditional musical instruments. 2. He became known for his dynamic use of complex rhythmic patterns. 3.He gained much attention for his work with electronics and spatial effects in performance.

Yes followed their album Fragile with other albums using the classical multi-movement from called a(n) ________, which in the eighteenth century was used to refer to collections of instrumental pieces based on dance rhythms and forms.


David Bowie’s "Space Oddity" (1969) used simple strummed acoustic guitar that was in contrast with the spacy sound effects of electronics instruments and string glissandos, providing a reminder that the song _____.

included characters speaking from both earth and space

1. "Echoes"
2. "One of These Days"

1. This took up one entire side of the album and was made up of bits of material taped by band members who had gone into the recording studio individually and recorded whatever ideas came to them at the moment. 2. This used nontraditional sounds in a piece of music and also included some of the repetitious but slowly changing electronic patterns that minimalist composers were using.

What elements of Queen’s music helped them achieve dramatic effects that were unsurpassed in most of the rock music o their time?

Four – Part close harmony vocals Overdubbed guitar parts

The most important component of the genre of glitter rock was the grandiose production that ______.

turned rock into theater

Genesis, formed in 1966, used the mellotron to _____.

add orchestral effects to their rock sound

In 1971, guitarist/singer/writer Roy Woody and guitarist/keyboardist/writer/singer Jeff Lynee were members of the move, a rock band that had dabbled in many styles from fol to psychedelic rock, but the two ended up concentrating more on _____ and formed the Electric Light Orchestra.

an orchestral sound

What separated progressive- rock groups of the seventies from the British glitter-rock groups of the time?

Progressive rock did glorify and celebrate androgynous sexuality.

In general, Pink Floyd’s The Wall (1979) was about a young man who acted out his feelings of alienation by building a wall around himself, only to find ______.

that he was susceptible to decay from within

Minimalism as a style of music involves the systematically organized repetition of ______.

one or more short bits of melody, called motives

Frank Zappa gained a reputation for more than just the unique sound of his music. He Became, for many, a spokesperson for _______.

freedom of expression

The style of progressive rock that was played by musicians with extensive classical backgrounds involved the musicians _____.

composing original works in classical structures and recording their own versions of well-known classical pieces.

In 1986, Frank Zappa released an album Frank Zappa Meets the Mothers of Prevention that has "Warning/Guarantee" label suggesting that anyone who ______ was dangerous to society.

would curtail freedom of speech

Rush began separate from their hard-rock roots with Fly by Night (1975) in which they started to use _____.

extended classical forms in multi-movement works

David Bowie’s album The Man Who Sold the World (1971) was heavily influenced by _____.

the dark, repetitious drone of the Velvet Underground

Pink Floyd started as The Pink Floyd Sound, and the group’s early repertoire of traditional blues and Rolling Stones-style rhythm and blues was expanded to include ______.

wandering psychedelic improvisations and light shows

Since the Moody Blues found it very difficult to work a large orchestra on a regular basis, the band used an electromechanical instrument called the ______ to imitate the orchestra.


The concept of Pink Floyd’s album The Dark Side of Moon (1973) came from Roger Waters’ feelings of alienation, depression, and paranoia over the fact that _____.

he didn’t have a father

The Beatles’ album Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band (1967) was extremely important to rock music because it was effectively a(n) _______ that inspired a number of other important bands of the late sixties to emulate it.

concept album

the Moody Blues was formed in 1967 by musicians who has previously played in _______ bands in Birmingham, England.

rhythm and blues bands

Instead of concentrating on orchestral sounds, the music of Yes developed around the ______.

virtuosic technical skills of its instrumentalists

Allen Ginsberg’s demands for acceptance of homosexuality had, along with other antiestablishment movements of the time, sparked a trend of performers ______, which David Roberts Jones developed as his image.

wearing androgynous dress

When David Robert Jones was a teenager, he read the Beat writer Jack Kerouac’s novel On the Road (1957) and was impressed by the book’s characters who were able to express their _______.

feelings of alienation from the conformist middle-class society that surrounded them

After leaving Genesis, Peter Gabriel recorded a series of albums that strayed from his interest in science fiction-styled futurism, and instead incorporated _______.

musical internationalism

"Money" was a popular track from Pink Floyd’s The Dark Side of the Moon (1973) that was interesting musically because of its rhythmic organization using ______ that was inexplicably discomforting to nonmusician listeners.

seven -beat bars

From the late seventies and into the eighties, Genesis had several top-ten hits through which they gravitated toward a more _____.

commercial pop sound

Many American hard-rock groups formed in the late sixties and early seventies as the style became popular with fans who wanted to hear stronger rock than the music by singer/songwriters of the period, but who found _______.

heavy metal too hostile and theatrical

1. "16th Century Greensleeves" (1975)
2. "Gates of Babylon" (1978)

1. Its lyrics described the setting of a medieval castle, and the musical style of that earlier time was suggested by the use of modal harmonies. 2. Its music was based on melodic themes styled after modern Middle Eastern scaled which, at least to Western ears, had an ancient and foreign sound.

Identify the features of Led Zeppelin’s music of the late sixties that helped to define certain characteristics of heavy metal.

Robert Plant’s use of screeches and moans as part of his dramatic vocal delivery. Jimmy Page’s drawing a violin bow across the strings of his guitar to create new guitar sounds.

Despite the critical acclaim they received after performing a concerto in 1969, Deep Purple’s subsequent efforts moved away from art rock and toward blue-influenced and riff-based ______.

heavy metal

What were the influenced on the music of Iron Maiden?

The punk style The dual lead guitar idea brought to heavy metal by Judas Priest

Who worked out innovative methods to combine slurring and hammering patterns with both hands on his guitar neck, creating sound effects that were new to rock guitar?

Eddie Van Halen

Which of the following features that characterized hard rock were present in Free’s popular recording "All Right Now" (1970)?

The song used a riff. The guitar used heavy distortion effects. The drum maintained a very strong backbeat.

Why were eighties heavy-metal bands such as Motley Crue, Twisted Sister and Poison often called "Hair Bands?"

Their members wore long, feminine hair.

The music of American heavy-metal group Alice Cooper was as _______ as the music of British heavy-metal groups.

loud, aggressive and distorted

Each member of the New York heavy-metal band Kiss had makeup and style of dress to fit their _______.

self image

The powerful blues revival trio Cream’s song "Sunshine of Your Love" was organized around blues-derived element called a _______, which is a relatively short, low, repeated melody that creates an almost hypnotic effect.

bass riff

Black Sabbath had one lead guitarist, a bassist, and a drummer to back their central attraction, vocalist _______.

Ozzy Osbourne

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