HLTH 310 Chapter 9

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Today’s health education specialists are of increased need because

there is an increasing demand by the public for information.

Refereed/peer-reviewed journals that are only published in electronic format are referred to as

open access journals.

A source that is written by people who were eyewitnesses to an event is a

primary source.

Information that has been distilled and collected from primary and secondary sources is a/an

tertiary source.

Which of these is not usually a component of a research article?

An editorial commentary

Which of the following is not a question to ask when critically reading a research article?

Were the goals/aims of the study consistent with other studies

A refereed journal is one that

features articles that have been read and recommended by a panel of experts.

Which of the following is not a question that can be used to assist in evaluating the accuracy of non-research-based sources?

How often have consumers visited this site?

The entire text of primary research articles is most often found in


Health Education and Behavior is the official publication of

Society for Public Health Education, Inc.

A person wanting to find health information from a journal that focuses on ethical and moral topics would look in

The Hastings Center Report.

Because of the increasing availability of documents on the Internet, the U.S. government has

Shifted away from issuing paper copies of materials.

Electronic databases usually

help link search terms together for ease of narrowing a search.

Which of the following is not an area covered by the electronic database CINAHL?


What is ScienceDirect?

A full-text scientific database

A handbook is an example of what type of data source?

Popular press publication

According to the chapter, which of these would not be a good area to consider when evaluating information on the Internet?


Which of the following is not an example of a popular press publication?

New York Times newspaper

Which of the following is not an electronic database?


Which information is not included in the methodology section in a research article?

The statistical analyses

The focus of the journal Health Education Research is to

publish articles concerning health promotion program planning, implementation, and evaluation.

Global Health Promotion is the official publication of the

International Union for Health Promotion and Education.

The electronic database that covers the fields of medicine, nursing, dentistry, veterinary medicine, and preclinical sciences is


Which of the following is a valid URL for the government organization Centers for Disease Control and Prevention?


A national nonprofit organization like the American Diabetes Association would have a URL that would end in


According to the authors, which of the following is not an important area to consider when evaluating information retrieved on the Internet?

Goals/aims of the site

People today spend a great deal of time gathering information about health topics such as diet, exercise, and stress management.


Primary sources of information are published studies or eyewitness accounts written by the people who conducted the experiment or observed the event.


Secondary sources of information are published studies written by the people who conducted the experiment.


Open access journal is another term for popular press publications.


Popular press publications are almost always guaranteed to contain authentic and accurate information.


A clear description of the study’s design and location is important to note when critically reading a research article.


When evaluating the accuracy of non-research-based sources, the following statement is important to consider: New information is newsworthy but may not be valid.


Abstracts typically are two to three pages in length and provide a fairly detailed review of a research article.


Due to security concerns, the U.S. government is putting more Internet restrictions on the quantity of documents appearing online.


ScienceDirect is a CDC reference center.


A refereed journal features material read by a panel of experts.


The full-text of a primary research article would most likely be found in a complete index.


The CINAHL database focuses on nursing literature.


Methodology should always be part of a research article.


Web addresses are known as URLs.


The Internet is a network of computers linked together around the world.


Ovid Healthstar contains citations of the published literature in health services, technology, administration, health policy, health economics, and research.


In a research article, the methodology section describes the results of the study.


The Journal of School Health publishes articles of interest mainly to middle school and high school teachers.


Yahoo and Bing are examples of search engines.


On an organization’s homepage, any word or phrase that turns the cursor into a hand should indicate that the word is a link to another site.


Results and discussion are parts of nearly every research article.


The American Journal of Health Education is published by the American Public Health Association.


CINAHL is an electronic database primarily for nurses.


Mozilla Firefox is the name of a Web browser.


Secondary sources are often written by individuals who were eyewitnesses to an event.


An abstract is the part of a research article that is difficult to interpret.


The value of abstracts is that they allow the user to decide whether an article has information worth pursuing.


The World Wide Web is an interactive information delivery service that includes a repository of resources about almost any subject imaginable.


Indexes and abstracts are migrating to online or electronic formats due, in part, to the high cost of printing.


The Global Journal for Health Education and Promotion features articles on nearly every aspect of health education.


Documentation and facts are two areas to consider when evaluating a source on the Internet.


Some of the best information on research related to worksite health promotion can be found in the American Journal of Health Promotion.


Assessing the qualifications of the author is an important part of determining the accuracy of an article.


The statistical analysis of a research study is found in the methodology section of the article.


Indexes provide links to articles from many refereed journals, books, and research reports.


Summaries are book volumes that include short abstracts of research studies that have appeared in other journals.


Government publications include court decisions, congressional records, and information on critical health issues such as obesity.


Date of authorship or posting is a critical piece of information when evaluating Internet information.


The increasing demand by the public for accurate health information has created added responsibility for the health education specialist.


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