HLTH 310 Chapter 7

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Which of the following is not one of the four major settings in which health education specialists usually work?

Insurance companies

Teaching school age children about health and health-related behaviors would most likely be done by someone with professional preparation in

school health education.

The best place to influence positive health-related change in the lives of youth and to reach both health and education goals is through health education efforts in which setting?


The initial impetus for school health stemmed from the terrible epidemics of the 1800s and the efforts of the

Women’s Christian Temperance Movement.

In addition to providing classroom instruction, the school health education specialist should also take a leadership role in the development of

school health policies.

When comparing health education in the 1920s with the 1990s it is obvious that

the level of sophistication has increased over time.

"An integrated set of planned, sequential, school-affiliated strategies, activities, and services designed to promote the optimal physical, emotional, social, and educational development of students" best describes

a coordinated school health program.

Which of the following is not a National Health Education Standard?

Act as a resource person to enhance health.

Which of the following are created by concerned citizens to deal with health needs not met by governmental agencies?

Voluntary health agencies

Which of the following is not a voluntary health agency?

Food and Drug Administration

Which of the following official governmental health agencies are usually financed through public tax dollars?

Public health agencies

A disadvantage to working in voluntary health agencies is that

volunteers may not demonstrate the same level of commitment as paid employees.

"A society in which all people live long, healthy lives" is the vision for

Healthy People 2020.

According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, in 2003 ________ percent of employers with 50 or more employees offered at least one health promotion activity.


Which of the following is not a reason why worksites have become interested in offering employees health education programs?

The increased availability of health education specialists skilled in offering services in this setting

According to the Wellness Councils of America, the benefits of worksite health promotion programs

are no longer a matter of speculation—they have been proven.

Which of the following is typically not considered a disadvantage of working as a health education specialist at a worksite setting?

Job satisfaction

recommend that those wanting careers in the worksite setting consider getting one of the following combinations of degrees

health promotion and nutrition sciences

Which of the following health care settings have been most receptive to hiring health education specialists?

Health maintenance organizations (HMOs)

Which of the following would a health education specialist be least likely to do in a health care setting?

Provide patient counseling on insurance needs.

A major barrier that has prevented health education specialists from being used extensively in patient education is

a lack of reimbursement for health education services from insurance companies.

Which of the following is not a typical job responsibility for health education specialists in a university health service or wellness center?

Conducting research

According to the text, one of the best ways to initiate a career in international health is to
A) double major in foreign language.

join the Peace Corps.

Which of the following may be a disadvantage to working in public/community health settings?

There is a lot of bureaucracy in public health agencies.

Establishing and maintaining a wide range of contacts in the field that may be of help when looking for a job and in carrying out one’s job responsibilities once hired. This is known as


A body of evidence that enables students to demonstrate to prospective employers mastery of desired course or program outcomes is known as a


Which of the following is not recommended when trying to land that first job?

Limit job search to one or two key employers.

Which of the following is seen as the most important aspect in the job search?


New professionals wishing to seek jobs in health education should

be careful of what is placed on social networking websites.

It is recommend that employees wishing to have job success should

continuously show how one adds value to the organization.

In 2013, there were fewer than 50,000 health education specialists employed in the United States


Conducting health education in a variety of settings is important as it allows health education specialists to reach the greatest number of people in the most convenient, efficient, and effective ways possible.


The goals of health education and the skills needed to carry out the responsibilities of a health education specialist vary greatly from setting to setting.


School health mandates have been loosely enforced by states.


Health education teachers have often been well-qualified for the health classroom.


It is common for a school health education specialist to have additional responsibilities, such as sponsoring school clubs, advising the yearbook, or chaperoning dances.


An advantage to working in school health is that health education specialists enjoy a relatively high status in a school district when compared to teachers of more traditional subjects such as math, science, and English.


An advantage to working in school health is that it provides health education specialists with the opportunity to prevent harmful health behaviors from forming instead of working with older people after such behaviors have been formed.


According to the Joint Committee on National Health Education Standards (2007), the goal of health education in schools is to help students become health literate


Voluntary health agencies rely primarily on volunteers to oversee administration, volunteer recruitment and coordination, program development, and fund-raising.


According to the authors, community health education specialists and public health education specialists have similar skill sets and compete for similar jobs.


Health departments may be organized by the city, county, state, or federal government.


Job responsibilities in community/public health education settings are more diverse than in the other major settings in which health education specialists are employed.


Employers are in a key role related to health and wellness issues for approximately 80% of the U.S. population.


All worksite health promotion activities can basically be considered educational activities.


A lack of upward mobility is often a disadvantage to working in worksite health promotion settings.


The passage of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act is proving to have a significant impact on worksite health promotion.


In 2014, employers will be permitted to provide employee rewards such as insurance premium discounts.


Patient education has emerged as the most common area of responsibility for health education specialists in health care settings.


With increased emphasis on cost cutting measures in the health care system and movement toward more managed care, it is likely that prevention, and thus health education, will take a higher profile in the future.


Schools often adopt a "team" approach to health education where doctors, nurses, physical therapists, and other health specialists are all part of the team.


Poor credibility and low community profile are typical disadvantages for health education specialists working in health care settings.


An undergraduate student gaining experience in a peer education program will graduate with an increased likelihood of obtaining a job at a university health/wellness center.


The minimum qualification for working as a faculty member in the college/university setting is usually a doctoral degree in health education/promotion.


When working as a health education specialist in developing countries, the health problems one confronts are essentially the same as those in more developed countries.


Internships and practica give students their first real look at employment settings, but they are relatively unimportant in landing that first job.


The grades one achieves in college are of little importance to employers as long as one has the bachelor’s degree.


The MPH credential is a recommended asset when landing that first job.


Service learning is for high school students that have repeatedly broken school rules.


Organized service learning opportunities provide course credit for students to work with a community agency to meet an identified community need.


A portfolio is a series of student pictures that chronologically display the student’s college years.


In order to make job connections, a student member of a professional organization should attend professional meetings and conferences.


Joining a professional organization is important for the professional growth and development of a health education specialist, but is not important to prospective employers.


To be considered a good employee and health education specialist you must simply meet the minimum requirements.


To excel as a health education specialist you must go the extra mile and do the unexpected as well as the expected.


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