HLTH 1100 chapter 5

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Which one of the following is characteristic of intimate relationships?

They involve need fulfillment

Lisa and Abby are sisters and best friends. Both feel they can share their worries and concerns with one another. This example demonstrates

social integration

Family consists of

a network of people that provides support, security, and a sense of belonging.

Greg and Kate always support each others’ interests, hoping to ensure that the other will succeed. This best demonstrates that

they are advocates for each other.

According to Sternberg’s Triangular Theory of Love, the most complete, ideal type of love is

consummate love.

A healthy marriage contributes to reducing stress by

increasing financial stability and expanding support networks.

Angel broke up with her boyfriend of two years. In order to cope with the failed relationship, she should

find healthy ways to express her emotions such as talking with a friend or exercising.

Menstrual flow is actually sloughed off

endometrial lining

Anthony frequently experiences premature ejaculation. What type of sexual dysfunction does he have?

Orgasmic disorder

A relationship is intimate only if sex is involved.


The permanent cessation of menstrual periods is


Emily and Rosa are close friends who are able to share their feelings freely, providing support and reassurance. This example demonstrates their

ability to provide objective feedback.

All of the following are true about intimate relationships EXCEPT

they lack emotional availability

Through our relationships with others, we fulfill our needs for

intimacy, social integration, and nurturance

Which of the following is true about communication patterns between men and women?

Women tend to be more expressive

Which of the following is true about self-disclosure?

It involves sharing feelings and information as a means of getting to know a person.

Julio wants to strengthen his relationship with LaVonne by sharing personal information with her. To get over his fear of disclosing his feelings, Julio can do all of the following EXCEPT

blame his parents for his imperfections.

You are most likely to listen best when

you believe the speaker is saying something you can relate to.

Which factor would reduce the likelihood of your choosing a particular person as a partner?

Your beliefs, attitudes, and values are significantly different.

According to Robert Sternberg’s Triangular Theory of Love, love involves

intimacy, passion, and commitment.

Attraction has been described by some social scientists as

feelings of elation and euphoria produced by neurochemicals.

According to researcher Helen Fisher, the feeling that the excitement and passion is gone from a relationship is due to

a decrease in PEA levels.

Daniel has been involved in four sexually exclusive relationships over the past six years. This is an example of

serial monogamy

Jeff and Dana have been married for two years. Their relationship involves exclusive sexual involvement with each other. This demonstrates

a monogamous relationship

All of the following are true about cohabitation EXCEPT

it is more common among people who are religious

Which of the following is true about being single in the United States?

the number of adults electing

Which of the following is true about intersexuality?

The person does not exhibit exclusive male or female sexual anatomy.

Which of the following best describes gender identity?

Our personal sense of awareness of being masculine or feminine

Which of the following is true about androgyny?

A person has a combination of both traditional masculine and feminine traits.

Sexual orientation is based on which of the following factors?

Biological, psychological, and socioenvironmental

All of the following are true about celibacy EXCEPT

it has nothing to do with personal growth.

All of the following are considered variant sexual behaviors EXCEPT


The duct system atop the testes where sperm reach maturity is the


sexual dysfunction only affects men


trying to understand the gender differences in communication patterns is a good first step to better communcation betwen the sexes


sexual identity begins at birth


sexual intimacy is the major reason for the existence of all relationships


Testosterone is the hormone responsible for the development of male secondary sex characteristics.


Serial monogamy means that partners can have sexual involvement outside their primary relationship.


The first sign of puberty in females is the beginning of breast development.


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