History of Rock Chp 5

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All of the following songs are by Chuck Berry EXCEPT:

"Blueberry Hill"

The transistor radio was developed by:

Bell Laboratory

"Shake, Rattle, and Roll" was recorded in:


Bill Haley claimed that he invented rock and roll.


Bill Haley is listed as co-author of "Maybellene."


Alan Freed promoted all of these artists EXCEPT:

Pat Boone

Chuck Berry’s lyrics were too explicit for him to achieve crossover success.


Which of the following songs was NOT re-recorded with sanitized lyrics by cover artist Pat Boone?

"Rock Around the Clock"

Top 40 radio played the top 40 songs repeatedly every 24 hours.


All of the following influenced the inexpensive dissemination of rock and roll EXCEPT:

the Hammond B-3 organ

What prompted the success of Bill Haley’s and the Comets’ version of "Rock Around the Clock?"

the group appeared in the film Blackboard Jungle

Chuck Berry performed his famous _________ during his guitar solos.

"duck walk"

Alan Freed called himself the Rhythm and Blues King.


Ray Charles frequently recorded gospel music.


Little Richard was one of the most subdued and conservative of all early rock and roll musicians.


"I’ve Got A Woman" is an adoption of what other type of music?


Who was the original performer of "Shake Rattle and Roll"?

Big Joe Turner

Alan Freed coined the term "rock and roll."


"Maybellene" is based on a country and western song.


Which of these artists performed covers almost exclusively?

Bill Haley

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