History Chapter 14

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Among the confederacy’s advantages during the civil war was:

It’s large size, which made it more difficult for the union to conquer.

Perhaps the most important piece of technology used in the civil war was the:


Monitor and Merrimac

Ironclad ships

Approximately how many union and confederate soil sees died during the civil war


A major part of the anaconda plan was

A naval blockade of the south

At the first battle of bull run

The end came with a chaotic retreat of the Union.

General George McClellan did all of the following except:

Win major victories at fort Henry and fort Donaldson in Tennessee

How was Ulysses’s grant received in Europe during his tour in 1870s

He was praised as a "hero of freedom."

Who took over for Joseph E. Johnston as too field commander of the army of norther Virginia

Robert E. Lee

The major confederate army in the east, commanded by Robert E. Lee was called the Army of:

Northern Virginia

In his last speech, Lincoln said what regarding postwar policy

There should be at least limited black suffrage

At Antietam

The nation suffered more causalities than on any other day in its history.

During the early days of the war, the U.S. Congress adopted a resolution proposed by senator John Crittenden of Kentucky that:

affirmed that the union had no intention of interfering with slavery

Lincoln was hesitant to support the abolition early in the war because he:

Feared losing the support of the slave holding border states within the union.

During the Civil War, the term "contraband camps" referred to:

Camps of southern slaves who had escaped from their masters and entered union lines.

Which union general in Missouri decreed freedom to that state’s in 1861, a year before Lincoln issued the emancipation proclamation

John Fremont

Which of the following is not true of Abraham Lincolns slavery policy during the first two years of the war?

He proposed a constitutional amendment to abolish slavery immediately.

Lincolns issuance of an emancipation proclamation:

Followed the narrow union victory in the battle of Antietam

The emancipation proclamation of January 1, 1863:

Did not apply to the border slave states that had not succeeded.

The last nation in the Western Hemisphere to abolish slavery was:


In what year did slavery officially end in the Western Hemisphere?


The 54th Massachusetts volunteer regiment is best known as:

A regiment of free black who charged fort Wagner, South Carolina.

During the civil war, black soldiers.

Helped inspire republicans to believe that emancipation also demanded equal rights before the law.

In regards to pay in the union army:

White soldiers made more than black ones.

Lincoln spoke of "a new birth of freedom" for the nation in his:

Gettysburg address

During the civil war, norther Protestant ministers

Helped creatures civic religion combining Christian and patriotism.

Lincolns vision during the civil war:

Was that the American nation embodied a set of universal ideals rooted in political democracy and human freedom.

With regard to civil liberties during the civil war, president Lincoln:

Suspended the writ of habeas corpus

In the Ex parte Milligan case the u.s Supreme Court stated that

Accused persons must be tried before civil courts where they were operating rather than military tribunals.

Proof that Lincoln was not a despot is:

He did not shut down the press

Economically the civil war led to:

The emergence of a nation state committed to national economic development.

The Navajos long walk resulted from

The union sending Indians to live on a reservation

Which of the following is true of the confederacy and native Americans?

Slave owning Indians generally supported the confederacy.

Lincolns second inaugural address:

Described the civil war as divine punishment.

"Greenback" was a civil war era nickname for:

Paper money

During the civil war, brother white women:

Began obtaining jobs as government clerks.

The U.S. Sanitary commission

Coordinated war donations on the northern home front.

Who became a strong proponent of humane treatment for wounded soldiers?

Clara barton

The thirteenth amendment

Abolished Slavery throughout the United States

Copperheads were

What republicans called northern opponents of the war.

Which of the following is true of Jefferson Davis and his governing?

His administration failed to effectively take advantage of the souths best resource, cotton.

"King cotton diplomacy" led Great Britain to:

Find new supplies of cotton outside the south

Which of the following caused division within the confederacy

The draft, which allowed southerners to be exempt if they owned s certain number of slaves.

In the confederacy, some states:

Distributed food to needy white families

In July 1863, the union won two key victories that art often identified as turning points in the war. These victories occurred at:

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, and Vicksburg, Mississippi.

The unions manpower advantage over the confederacy:

Proved essential for the success of grants attrition strategy.

In the May and June 1864 battles in Virginia (between the armies of grant and lee):

The union army, despite high casualties, maintained the initiative against lee.

Which September 1864 event helped Lincoln win reelection as president that November?

Sherman’s capture of Atlanta

The "sea island experiment" refers to:

A norther reformers’ efforts to assist former slaves with the transition to freedom.

Rehearsals for reconstruction during the civil war demonstrated that:

That land ownership for exslaves was contentious.

The wade Davis bill in 1864:

Showed radical republicans frustration with Lincolns reconstruction plan.

General Sherman marched from Atlanta to the sea in order to:

Demoralize the Soutb’s civilian population.

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