History and Ethics of Human Research

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Which of the following was the result of the Beecher article?

Realization that ethical abuses are not limited to the Nazi regime

Which of the following concerns is related to the Belmont Principle of Justice:

Prisoners participating in research that only benefits the larger society

Informed consent is considered an application of which Belmont principle?

Respect for persons

Which of the following is included in the Nuremberg Code:

Voluntary Consent

The National Research Act of 1974

Established the National Commission.

Which of the following brought increased public attention to the problems with the IRB system?

Death of Jesse Gelsinger

Issued in 1974, 45 CFR 46 raised which of the following to regulatory status?

US Public Health Service Policy (45 CFR 46 raised to regulatory status the US Public Health Service policy of 1966 "Clinical research and investigation involving human beings".)

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