History 161 Ch. 4

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1.How did Roger Williams gain notoriety in New England?

He challenged the religious leadership of Massachusetts’s powerful men.

2.After having spent a great deal of time with Native Americans, Roger Williams believed

that Indian religion and culture was as good as that of the Puritans.

3.Which colony attracted dissenters through the protection of "Liberty of Conscience?"

Rhode Island

4.New England Puritanism owed its religious roots to the

Protestant Reformation of the early sixteenth century.

5.How did King Henry VIII respond to the Protestant Reformation?

He made himself the head of the Church of England.

6.Which statement characterizes sixteenth-century English Puritanism?

Puritans wanted to rid the Church of England of many features of Catholicism.

7. What did English Puritans emphasize instead of Catholic rituals?

A personal relationship with God

8.How did the English monarchs James I and Charles I react to the ideas of Puritan reformers?

Both enforced conformity to the Church of England.

9.How did Puritans react when King Charles I dissolved Parliament in 1629?

they prepared to leave England because they had lost their political voice.

10.The Puritans, who described themselves as Separatists, believed that

the Church of England was corrupt beyond redemption.

11.Why was the charter of the Massachusetts Bay Company unique?

It allowed the government of the company to be located in the colony.

What was the goal of the Puritans who founded Massachusetts Bay colony?

To reform the Church of England

Who argued that the Puritans should be ìa city upon a hillî that would inspire the rest of the world?

John Winthrop

Most Puritans who settled Massachusetts Bay colony were either farmers or


Unlike most other immigrant groups in American history, the migration to Puritan New England included

reat number of complete families.

According to the Puritan doctrine of predestination, how could one achieve salvation after death?

Puritans could do nothing to alter God’s ruling on their fate.

Which statement characterizes Puritan communities in the first half of the seventeenth century?

A high degree of religious conformity

Why did Puritans keep churches out of the civil government of New England?

Puritans did not want to emulate the Church of England.

Why was the New England town meeting significant?

Its popular political participation was unprecedented during the seventeenth century.

Widespread political participation of males in New England town meetings led to

a reinforcement of community conformity.

How did Anne Hutchinson stir religious controversy in early Massachusetts?

Hutchinson preached that many of the colony’s leaders affirmed the covenant of works.

How did the Boston church punish Anne Hutchinson?


Who left Massachusetts for Connecticut in 1636 after clashing with church leaders over the requirements for church membership?

Thomas Hooker

What happened to Puritans in England during the mid-seventeenth century?

They ruled the nation from 1649 to 1660.

What was seventeenth-century New England’s biggest export?


Which factor allowed New England’s population continue to grow steadily during the seventeenth century?

The cold weather minimized the spread of life-threatening illnesses.

By the 1680s, New England’s religious consensus had weakened to the point that

only 15 percent of adult males were church members in some towns.

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