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A "fourth wall theatre" describes a(n)

Proscenium stage

Which of the following provides the most intimate performance space?

Arena stage

The type of performance space associated with street theatre is the

Created, or found, space.

which type of performance utilizes the greatest amount of scenery and stage machinery.

Proscenium stage

Elaborate scenery on/in is impossible because it would block the view of other audience members

Thrust stage, arena stage

Which type of performance space was originally built into hillsides in Greece?

Thrust stage

Most Broadway performance spaces were built with the configuration

Proscenium stage

The _______ is of special interest to experimental or avant-garde practitioners

Created, or found, space multi focus

Which type of performance space requires spectators to take in and synthesize several impressions at once?

multi focus theatre

I which of the following performances spaces do all the seats face in one direction.


Which of the following uses unusual structures with their original architectural elects intact, carving out special areas for acting and viewing?

Created, or found, space multi focus theatre

In which type of performance space do audiences sit on three sides?

Thrust stage

One particularly effective performance space for realistic settings is the

Proscenium stage

It is difficult to balance and establish the right type of aesthetic distance in/on the _________ which places some audience members mere feet from the stage action and others quite a distance away.

Proscenium stage

In one form or another, the _______ has been the most widely used of all the theatre spaces

Thrust stage

In which of the following performance spaces do performers usually have to make their entrances and exit along aisles that run through the audience.

Arena stage

In a(n) ____________, action occurs several stages simultaneously.

Multi focus theatre

The ________ is akin to a three-ring circus.

Multi focus theatre

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