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Which of the following is not a major health-related component of physical fitness?

Body Image

Walking to class or up a flight of stairs would be examples of

physical activity

In a fitness program, increasing the amount of weight you lift over time is an example of the

overload principle

Regular aerobic exercise improves the functioning of the

Heart, Lungs, and blood vessels

Regular physical activity has been linked to all of the following except

Lower life expectancy

Which statement best summarizes the association between exercise and improved immunity?

Moderate- intensity exercise temporarily increases the number of white blood cells, boosting immunity

Exercise can reduce the risk of heart disease by all the following except

Increasing LDL levels

Regular aerobic exercise can reduce which type of cholesterol known as bad cholesterol?


All of the following are ways to measure the intensity of cardiovascular exercise except

Blood gas analysis

Which of the following is true about target heart rate?

It is a percentage of your maximum heart rate

Tasha is 20 years old and wants to find her 60 percent target heart rate. This calculation would equal

120 beats per minute

In a fitness program, the slogan "use it or lose it" describes which principle?


Which of the following statements is true about tai chi?

Tai chi is an ancient Chinese form of exercise widely practiced in the West that promotes balance, coordination, and meditation

A person practicing which of the following forms of exercise will experience improvements in coordination

Both Yoga and Tai Chi

The amount of force that a muscle is capable of exerting is referred to as

muscular strength

Which type of physical activity involves planned, structured, and repetitive body movement


The principle of fitness training that holds that the body should gradually required to do more than it is used to doing is


Women who lift weights will not develop the same bulky muscles as men due to lower levels of


If you can perform regular moderate to vigorous levels of physical activity without excessive fatigue you are considered to be

physically fit

Exercise can improve mental health by

burning off chemical byproducts of the stress response and increasing endorphins

Exercise helps the weight control by increasing the body’s

metabolic rate

What is the U.S. department of health and human services’ recommendation for the minimum amount of moderate exercise for adults

150 minutes per week

Which of the following would Not be good advice for someone who is purchasing running shoes

Make sure there is not extra room in the toe box

Which are the components of the FITT principle that apply to all types of exercise

Frequency, Intensity, time and type

Which of the following is an example of a test that assesses muscular endurance

1 minute curl up test

A person with strong core muscles have improved posture and

reduced chance of injury

According to cancer experts, what percentage of cancers would be prevented by being physically active and eating a healthy diet


When doing some form of aerobic exercise, you are at appropriate intensity when you are

able to talk to someone

Training for muscle endurance can be done with

Free weights,machines, resistance equipment, or your own body weight

A swimmer trying to improve her stroke performance concentrates mainly on upper body weight training: her training program is an example of


Which of the following were cited by college students in a national survey as major impediments to performing well academically

Stress, anxiety, and sleep difficulties

The number of years a person is anticipated to live is based on conditions in their time of birth is

Life expectancy

Jane is sedentary and obese. What effect, if any do these have on her dimensions of health?

They affect all her dimensions of health

The contemporary definition of wellness is

All factors leading to positive health status or overall well-being

Wellness is best described as

a dynamic process

The six dimensions of wellness

interact continuously

One of the most important goals of healthy people 2020 is to

eliminate health disparities and improve the health of all population groups

The ability to think clearly, analyze information, and use one’s mental capacity to meet life’s challenges is known as

intellectual health

To successfully change a behavior, a person must recognize that change is a

process that occurs in stages

Family health background and the behaviors of family members are examples of

predisposing factors

Jim was successful at meeting his exercise foal and rewarded himself by taking a three-day vacation at a golf resort. This is an example of

Covert behavior

According to transtheoretical model a person in the precontemplation stage

Has no current intention to change or believes there is no to change

Judy strives to stay healthy. When she notices herself engaging in an unhealthy behavior she makes a plan and takes action to get back on track. No challenge is too tough for her to take on. Judy has


People with an internal locus of control believes that events turn out as they do based on

their own actions

Which of behavior change model involves six distinct stages and is also know as the stages of change model

transtheoretical model

Which change model was created to illustrate how firmly held ideas affect behavior change

Health belief model

The process of taking small individual step s toward a behavior change goal is


A mentally healthy student who gets a bad grade on an exam would respond by

learning from the situation and improving study habits

psychological health is a complex interaction of

Thoughts, feeling and person experiences

Which of the following represents the primary difference between emotional health and mental health

Emotional health deals with feeling rather than thought processes

Social bonds can

Provide a sense of belonging and reassure and individual of his or her worth

Lisa believes in a unifying force that gives meaning to her life. Lisa Is demonstrating

spiritual health

Keisha puts herself down all the time. She approaches any challenge with a negative attitude and doubts her ability to succeed. Keisha is displaying

Low self esteem

Jose’s belief that he can successfully pass biology midterm is an example of

Self- efficacy

After breaking up with his girlfriend, Lucas has been unable to move on. He is afraid of rejection and doesn’t think that women find him attractive. He is probably suffering from

Low self-esteem

Which of the following is true of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs

Failure to meet a lower-level need will interfere with fulfilling higher-level needs

Alicia has been experiencing persistent sadness, despair and hopelessness. She is displaying symptoms of

a chronic mood disorder

Which of the following is true about a major depressive disorder

Symptoms include physical exhaustion and an inability to concentrate

College students are

more likely to commit suicide than the general population

Suicide prevention techniques include

Asking directly if the person intends to hurt him or herself

Belief in your ability to perform a task successfully is called

self efficacy

According to maslows’s hierarchy individuals who have satisfied their basic needs and have attained their full potential are

self actualized

A pop quiz is an example of

a stressor

Which of the following is most likely to cause eustress instead of distress

an impending promotion

David woke up in the middle of the night because he smelled smoke. This is likely caused by

The flight or fight response

The physiological state in which all body systems are in balance and functioning normally is


Hearing ominous footsteps following you late at night on a campus walking path would likely trigger which phase of the general adaptation syndrome


Emily is experiencing chronic stress due to a dysfunctional relationship. Which of the following defines the allostatic load Emily is carrying?

The long term wear and tear on the body caused by the stress response

Which of the following hormones might contribute to the Freshman 15


One reason why the type A personality theory has been debated is because

not all Type A people experience negative health consequences

To replenish vital energy stores, Which of the following would be particularly helpful

Getting more sleep and down time

To manage stress, the first step is to

identify and asses the stressors in your life

Downshifting refers to the process of

taking steps to simplify one’s life

Exercise reduces stress by

increasing endorphins and reducing levels of stress hormones

Which of the following has been recommended by experts in positive psychology as a method for managing stress and increasing happiness

taking time to keep a daily gratitude journal

The part of the brain involved in controlling the body’s overall reaction to stress is the


You’ve misplaced your cell phone and you’re already late for class. Which type of stressor is this


Stress caused by not being able to accomplish all tasks and obligation in the time available is known as


Which of the following best describes appetite

It is more psychological than physiological

Which of the following is true about calorie

Calories are a unit of measure of the energy obtained from food

which type of proteins contain all nine essential amino acids


a form of fat circulating in the blood that can accumulate on the inner walls of arties and restrict blood flow is


A healthy diet should

be adequate in energy, nutrients and fiber

What is the difference between a portion and a serving

A serving is the recommended amount to be consumed and a portion is the amount you choose to eat

One medium fruit serving is about the size of a


Food that contain mainly fat and or sugar and have little or no nutritional value such as ice cream and soda are said to consist of

empty calories

Over the past three decades, daily calorie consumption by Americans has

increased significantly

Nutrients are

the compound in food that the body requires to sustain proper functioning

Which of the following food is the most nutrient dense

A glass of low fat milk

All the following help the body break down nutrients into smaller usable forms except


What percentage of a person body weight is water

50% to 60%

Molecules that are the building blocks of protein are

amino acids

Which of the following is not true about fiber

it is the digestible portion of plant foods

Which of the following food is an example of a complete protein

Chicken breast

Dietary fats that are solid at room temperatures are


The sugar found in milk and dairy products that some people can’t digest properly is


The complex carbohydrate form of sugar that is stored in the liver and muscles is


Potent and essential organic compounds that promote growth and help to maintain life and health are


All of the following are good sources of complex carbohydrates except


High levels of this types of cholesterol appear to reduce the risk of atherosclerosis or cholesterol-clogged arteries


The ideal cholesterol ratio for an individual would include

High Hdl and Low LDL

When liquid oils are hydrogenated

trans fatty acids are produced

Which of the following has the most saturated fat

coconut oil

Mineral that the body need in very small amount are

trace minerals

The mineral necessary for the regulation of blood and body fluids are


The chief function of this mineral in the body is to make the teeth resistant to decay and bones resistant to mineral loss


Which substances protect against oxidative stress and the resultant tissue damage the cellular level


Which of the following is true about Recommended Dietary Allowances

They are the reference standard for intake levels necessary to meet the need of most healthy individuals

Which of the following could be included in a vegan diet


The physiological need to eat to sustain life is


Approximately what percentage of American consume alcoholic beverages regular


What percentage of American abstain from drinking alcohol?


Binge drinking is defined for the typical adults as

4 or more drinks for females or 5 or more drinks for males in about 2 hours

eating food when drinking alcohol

slows alcohol absorption

What is the percentage of alcohol in 100 proof whiskey


The main site of alcohol metabolism is the


Factors affecting alcohol absorption include all of the following Except

the time of day the alcohol is consumed

On standard drink equals

12 ounces of beer or 1.5 ounces of 80 proof liquor

How long does it take for the average adult to metabolize four 12 ounce beers

4 hours

Approximately 20 percent of alcohol is diffused through the

stomach lining

Drinking games result in the consumption of larger quantities of Alcohol in a short period of time and have been associated with

death and alcohol poisoning

When women drink alcohol during pregnancy they can cause significant brain damage and other impairments in the fetus this condition is know as

Fetal alcohol syndrome

Urinating frequently after alcohol consumption occurs because

alcohol is a diuretic

Which of the following is true with respect to ethnic differences in alcohol

the prevalence of alcohol abuse is highest in Native Americans

The process by which addicts get addictive substance out of their system as part of ending their dependence on it is


which statement best summarizes what happens when particulate matter condenses in the lungs

it form tar a thick brownish sludge

which of the following statements about nicotine is true

it is a powerful central nervous system stimulant

what is the main reason college students give for smoking

they want to relax and reduce stress

Which effect does carbon monoxide have on the body

it diminishes the oxygen carrying capacity of the red blood cells

Smokeless tobacco users

are 50 times more likely to develop oral cancer than nonusers

Which of the following occurs within 24 hours of quitting smoking

Chance of heart attack decreases

If you know you will be at an even where alcohol will be served what can you do to drink responsibly

eat before you go and alternate alcohol and nonalcoholic drinks

Environmental cues such as drinking a cup of coffee or finishing a meal can induce a craving for nicotine these cues are know as


Which substance in a cigarettes decreases the oxygen carrying capacity of red blood cells

carbon monoxide

Which substance in a cigarette is a highly addictive stimulant


Which substance in cigarettes is a thick, brownish sludge containing carcinogens


a driver is considered impaired when he or she has a blood alcohol concentration of

.08% or higher

The last stage of liver disease that can result from years of heavy drinking is


What percentage of adult Americans are overweight or obese

more than 60%

Obesity is a risk factor for

heart disease, cancer, stroke, and diabetes

When trying to determine her ideal, healthy weight, a woman should be less concerned about comparing herself to her friends and more concerned about

her percentage of body fat and how her weight is distributed

A 26 year old male would be considered obese if

He has a body mass index of 30 or higher

An individual who is 22 % about his or her ideal weight would be classified


Sharon is of average height and build. Although she doesn’t appear to be overweight, a personal trainer measured her body fat at 30%. This discrepancy is likely due to

Sharon having a lower-than- average amount of muscle mass

A 20 year old female with a BMI of 34 would be categorized as


Problems with BMI measurement include that

It is an indirect estimate of Body Fat

John underwent a body composition test that involved being submerged to compare his underwater weight with land weight to determine the amount bodyfat. This method of assessment is known as

hydrostatic weighing

The body fat percentage below which a man is considered to be underweight is

3% to 7%

Which environmental factor encourage us to increase our food consumption?

Easy access to high calorie foods in stores and restaurants

A good way to control portion sizes when you eat at home is to

serve meals on smaller plates

All of the following are scientific methods for determining body composition except

height and weight tables

the body fat percentage below which a woman is considered to be underweight

8% to 15%

The method of body composition measurements that sends a small current through the body to measure the resistance based on percentage of body water is

bioelectrical impedance analysis

A high waist to hip ration would indicate that more fat is stored

in the abdominal area

Which of the following is true with respect to genetics and obesity

Studies reveal that identical twins are more likely that Fraternal twins to be of similar weight

When blood levels of the hormone leptin rise

appetite levels decrease

The US population has become increasingly sedentary because

people spend more time sitting at home and at work

The amount of energy the body uses at complete rest is known as the

basal metabolic rate

Over the last 20 years the calorie intake of American has increased. This is due in part to

the inability to recognize a normal serving sizes

Data from the National Health interview Survey show that 4 in 10 adults

never engage in any exercise, sports, or physically active hobbies

What percentage of dieters are likely to regain lost weight within 2 years?


In addition to the United States which of the following nations or regions are also experiencing and obesity epidemic

Mexico and the United Kingdom

higher metabolic rates during growth and development periods such as puberty and pregnancy are part of

rapid bodily changes

Kevin wants to lose 5 pounds of fat. He finds it hard to cut back on his eating so he decides that he will walk an hour each day to burn more calories. How many extra calories must he expend to lose a pound of fat?


Individuals who go on and off starvation diets multiple times to lose weight will likely end up with

a lower metabolic rate

Which of the following people would be most likely to notice the effects of age related decline in metabolic rate

30 year old computer programmer

the concept of adaptive thermogenesis attempts to explain

how thin people can consume large amount of calories without gaining weight

Some scientist believe that the hypothalamus does all of the following except

disrupts adaptive thermogensis

People who seemingly cat eat whatever they want without gaining weight usually

are very active in their daily routines

Which of the following is not true about weight management?

Long term behavior modification is not as effective as short term diets

A good way to control portion sizes when you eat out it

Split and entrée with a friend or eat only have and take the other half home

Aaron is trying to lose weight but he stills wants a snack while he is studying. He discovered that a low calorie hot drink is a good choice because

hot drinks are more satisfying than many other snack choices

A person’s exercise metabolic rate ( EMR) will increase if he or she

Increases the activity level from light to moderate

an eating disorder may lead to the erosion of tooth enamel due to frequent purging is

bulimia nervosa

Having a negative body image can lead to all of the following except

high self esteem

the best definition of body image is

how you view your body and your feelings and beliefs about your appearance

Rita is always complaining that she doesn’t like the way she looks. She tells her friend sue that she thinks her thighs are too big and she feels fat. Sue assure Rita that she isn’t fat but Rita wont listen. Rita is likely suffering from

a negative body image

The body image continuum developed by researchers at the University of Arizona

represents a range of behaviors and attitudes toward body image

a major influence on our development of a body image is

the media and popular culture

Which of the following statements is true with respect to the relationship between body image and culture

Commercials often convey messages related to physical attractiveness

One of the health problems associated with the female athlete triad is amenorrhea which is the lack of

menstrual periods

Tifffany is going through puberty and is concerned about her appearance. Her father assures her that she is growing into a beautiful young lady and he is very proud of her. His reaction to Tiffany will likely cause her to

be more accepting of her body

Recent neurological studies have linked body image disorders to

poor neurotransmitter regulation and impairments in visual processing

Common myths that contribute to negative body image include all the following except

eating healthy and staying active is an effective weight loss strategy

A key characteristic associated with social physique anxiety is

an inability function in social interactions and relationships

A person suffering from body dimorphic disorder would likely

take extreme measures to conceal or alter certain physical features

Karen is extremely dissatisfied with her body shape and she has gone through three cosmetic surgeries to alter her facial structure. Karen is most likely suffering from

body dysmorphic disorder

The physical flaw that most individuals associate with negative body image is

body weight

a person with disordered eating may do all of the following except

reward themselves if they gain weight

which of the following is not one of the eating disorders defined by American Psychological association

anxiety related eating disorder

An individual with an eating disorder my also have

other psychological disorders

Individuals with an intense fear of gaining weight along with extremely distorted body image have the eating disorder known as

anorexia nervosa

After drastic weight loss, an anorexic individual will

feel that they are still too fat

Which of the following is true about intimate relationships

they can include relationships with family and friends and romantic partners

Through our relationships with others we fulfill our need for

intimacy social integrations and nurturance

Which factor would reduce the likelihood of your choosing a particular person as a partner

your beliefs attitudes and values significantly different

According to sternebr’s triangular theory of love, love involves

intimacy, passion, and commitment

According to Sterneberg’s Triangular theory of love, the most complete, ideal type of love is

consummate love

Jeff and Dana have been married for two year. Their relationship involves exclusive sexual involvement with each other. This demonstrated

a monogamous relationship

Which of the following statements is true regarding gay and lesbian couples

they seek friendship, communication, and stability in their relationships

Which of the following is true about being single in the United States

the number of adults electing to remain single is increasing

which of the following is true about sexual identity

the biological father determines the sex of the child

Angle broke up with her boyfriend of 2 years. In order to cope with the failed relationship she should

find healthy way s to express her emotions such as talking with a friend or exercising

Menstrual flow is actually sloughed off

endometrial lining

Sexual Orientation is based on which of the following factors

Biological, psychological and socieoenviormental

Kissing and erotic touching are examples of

nonverbal sexual communication

Relationships characterized by behavioral interdependence, need fulfillment, emotional attachment , and emotional availability are

intimate relationships

A relationship in which the partners are sexually involved only with each other


When two partners in an intimate relationship live together without being married this is


Lengthy cohabitation that is considered legally binding in some states is

common law marriage

The duct system atop the testes which sperm reach maturity is


The external female genitalia are referred to as


the inner lining of the uterus is the


The sac that contains the testes is the


Abstention from any type of sexual activity with other is known as


How long is the average menstrual cycle

28 days

When a person’s gender identify does not match one’s biological sex, this is known as being


the one set of the first menstrual period is


The permanent cessation of menstrual periods


Which type of love involves having a secure affection, and trusting attachment with another person


Which standard of behavior involves choosing to have sex only if precautions are being taken to prevent pregnancy or the transmission of disease

safer sex standard

Fertility is a person’s ability to


The typical use failure rate for a contraception method takes into account which of the following

human error

which of the following is not an example of a barrier method of birth control

oral contraceptives

Which of the following is not true about male condoms

They can be used with baby oil and body lotions as lubricants

to ensure its effectiveness the best place to store a condom would be

in a bathroom storage drawer away from sharp objects

Which of the following lubricants its safe to use with a condom

water based lubricant


can be purchased without a prescription

leaving a diaphragm or a tampon in for an extended period of time increases the risk for

toxic shock syndrome

A primary advantage of the contraceptive sponge is that

it does not require fitting from a doctor

oral contraceptive pills are

up to 99% effective if used correctly

Which of the following is true about sterilization

sterilization is a permanent form of birth control achieved through surgical means


offers long term protection of pregnancy

Which of the following is true about emergency contraceptive pills

two brands are now available over the counter subject to certain age limits

Fertility awareness methods of birth control include all of the following except


A rise in a woman’s basal body temperature signals

the ovulation has occurred

To reduce the risk of her child having spina bifida, a pregnant woman should consume an adequate amount of which nutrient

folic acid

Which form of hormonal birth control works tansderamally

Ortho evra

Which form of birth control is infected every three months to remain effective

depo provera

Which form of birth control involves alteration of sexual behavior during certain times of the month

fertility awarness

Which of the following is a female sterilization procedure that involves tying off or cauterizing certain structures of the reproductive system

tubal ligation

A birth defect caused by the mother intake of alcohol during pregnancy is


Surgical sterilization procedure that involves cutting the vas defers is a


Substance designed to kill sperm are known as


The relatively ineffective method of birth control, known as ciotus interrupus, is the

withdrawal method

the fertilization of an ovum by a sperm is


the various methods used to prevent pregnancy are known as


women who use oral contraceptives and also smoke are at high risk of

blood clots and hypertension

Which form contraception involves implanting a small object in a woman’s uterus

intrauterine device

When a fertilized egg is implanted outside the uterus usually in a fallopian tube, this causes which dangerous condition

ectopic pregnancy

Which type of love involves having a secure affectionate and trusting attachment with another person


Microscopic organisms that are disease causing agents are called


A rise in body temperature that occurs to destroy invading cells is


When invaded by antigens the body forms substances called


When maria boyfriend returned from the health clinic he told her he had been diagnosed with gonorrhea which of the following statements is true

maria should go to the health clinic to get test for gonorrhea and treated if she has it

Mistiy now 31 has been trying to get pregnant since she got married 4 years ago. He doctor suspects that their infertility problem was likely caused by her history of PID from the most commonly reported STI. During her early 20s Misty contracted


Delay in seeking medical care for pelvic inflammatory disease increases the risk of permanent damage and scarring that can lead to

infertility and ectopic pregnancy

the stage of syphilis that is characterized by a bacteria filled chancre is

primary syphilis

The virus responsible for causing genital warts is


Which STI occurs in stages over a period of years?


Which type of infection can be contracted by sharing needles

Hepatitis b

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