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A blood pressure reading of 130/86 would be classified as
stage 2 hypertension.
stage 1 hypertension.


Which of the following factors contributes to about 30 percent of all cancer deaths?
family history
alcohol use
tobacco use

tobacco use

Which of the following is NOT characteristic of melanoma?
occurs most commonly on the face
bleeds easily
appears at the site of a preexisting mole
invades surrounding tissue

occurs most commonly on the face

Smoking is responsible for what percentage of lung cancer?
20 percent
35 percent
65 percent
90 percent

90 percent

The most common cause of cancer death in the United States is
lung cancer.
breast cancer.
colon and rectal cancer.
prostate cancer.

lung cancer.

Exercise alters blood fat levels by
raising LDL levels.
lowering HDL levels.
raising HDL levels.
lowering LDL levels.

raising HDL levels.

The small blood vessels that deliver blood to and pick blood up from tissues are


Which of the following is associated with metabolic syndrome?
insulin resistance
low triglycerides
high HDL
low blood pressure

insulin resistance

The infection that puts women at risk for cervical cancer is
strep throat.


Symptoms of a heart attack include
difficulty breathing.
sore throat.
low back pain.

difficulty breathing

Lung cancer is
difficult to cure at any stage.
caused only by cigarette smoking.
considered a sarcoma.
easily detectable in early stages.

difficult to cure at any stage.

A malignant tumor is different from a benign tumor in that a malignant tumor is
capable of invading surrounding structures.
less of a threat to the patient.
enclosed in a membrane.
dangerous only if it interferes with bodily functions.

capable of invading surrounding structures.

Transient ischemic attacks
produce permanent paralysis.
are also known as "mini strokes."
can be cured with bed rest.
usually occur after a major stroke.

are also known as "mini strokes."

hich of the following is a treatment for heart disease?
angina pectoris
balloon angioplasty

balloon angioplasty

Naturally occurring substances found in plant foods that help prevent chronic diseases are
free radicals.


Which of the following does NOT raise triglyceride levels?
excess body fat
a low carbohydrate diet
cigarette smoking
physical inactivity

a low carbohydrate diet

Risk factors for oral cancer include
cigarette and cigar smoking.
excess alcohol consumption.
use of spit tobacco.
all of these.

all of these.

Lymphoma is cancer of the lymph nodes, part of the body’s
infection-fighting system.
connective and fibrous tissues.
blood-forming cells.
gastrointestinal tract.

infection-fighting system

Prostate cancer is
the most common cancer in males.
the second leading cause of cancer death in men.
All of these choices are correct.
influenced by diet and lifestyle.

All of these choices are correct.

Damage to the heart muscle because of lack of blood supply is called
cardiac arrest.
angina pectoris.
myocardial infarction.

myocardial infarction.

Ovarian cancers
are usually found at an early stage.
are detectable with Pap tests.
are relatively rare but have a high death rate.
decrease in incidence with age.

are relatively rare but have a high death rate.

A wandering clot that causes a stroke is called a(n)
vascular accident.


Atherosclerosis probably contributes to hypertension by
causing arteries to become narrower.
affecting sodium balance in the body.
influencing cholesterol levels.
dilating arteries.

causing arteries to become narrower

The most dangerous form of skin cancer is
squamous cell carcinoma.
basal cell carcinoma.


The portion of the circulatory system governed by the right side of the heart is ______ circulation.


The most common form of cancer in women is ____________ cancer; the most common cause of cancer death in women is ____________.
breast; ovarian
lung; colon and rectal
cervical; colon
breast; lung

breast; lung

Which one of the following is a good source of phytochemicals?
lean portion of beef
nonfat milk


Scraping cells from the cervix for examination to screen for cancerous changes is called
a Pap test.
an endometrial smear.
a PSA test.

a Pap test.

he large artery that receives blood from the left ventricle and distributes it to the rest of the body is called the
pulmonary vein.
pulmonary artery.
vena cava.


What do obesity and alcohol use have in common that increases breast cancer risk?
They raise LDL cholesterol.
They increase estrogen levels in the blood.
They slow the rate of cell growth.
They increase glucose levels in the blood.

They increase estrogen levels in the blood

Which of the following combinations would place someone at greatest risk for cardiovascular disease?
low HDL and low LDL
high HDL and high LDL
high HDL and low LDL
low HDL and high LDL

low HDL and high LDL

A woman is more likely to develop breast cancer if
she is obese.
her diet is low in fat.
her diet is high in vegetables.
she had her first child before age 30.

she is obese.

A test that measures the electrical activity of the heart is called a(n)
coronary arteriogram.


When a coronary artery becomes blocked, the result is
an obstructive embolism.
a heart attack.

a heart attack.

When a patient who has been previously diagnosed with cancer no longer has symptoms or other evidence of that cancer, the patient is said to
have metastasis.
be in remission.
be in an immune state.
have a benign tumor.

be in remission.

When the heart contracts, during the ______ phase, blood pressure increases; when the heart relaxes, during the ______ phase, blood pressure decreases.
systole; diastole
diastole; systole
systemic; pulmonary
pulmonary; systemic

systole; diastole

A test that uses a computer to construct a picture of the brain using X ray images is
an MRI scan.
a CT scan.
an angiogram.
radionuclide imaging.

a CT scan.

The two upper chambers of the heart in which blood collects before passing to the lower chambers are called


All of the following groups are likely to experience a heart attack without chest pain EXCEPT
people with diabetes.
ethnic minorities.
older adults.


Techniques for early detection of prostate cancer include a digital rectal exam and
a CAT scan.
a prostate-specific antigen (PSA) blood test.
ultrasound of the bladder and urethra.

a prostate-specific antigen (PSA) blood test.

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