health and medical terminology mc ch 7

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the largest region of the brain is the


The area of the brain responsible for respiration, heart rate, and smooth muscle control of our blood vessels is the:

medulla oblongata

structure that conducts nerve impulses to and from the brain and serves as a reflex center for some sensory information without input from the brain is the

spinal cord

The three-layered membrane that covers the brain and spinal cord and literally means membrane is called the:


group of nerve cell bodies that are found outside of the spinal cord and brain


term that means spinal cord inflammation is


the combining form en/cephal/o actually means

brain "literally means within head"

combining form phren/o- means

mind or diaphragm

combining form that means physical sensation, sensitivty, or feeling


combining form phas/o-


combining form ment/o-


The word part -iatro- in iatro/genic or ger/iatric means

physician caused

suffix -paresis means

partial paralysis ("paraparesis means slight or near paralysis")

diagnostic term that means softening of the brain is


the diagnostic term cerebr/al thromb/o/sis means

condition of a blood clot in the brain "cerebrum"

the diagnostic term for a viral disease that affects the peripheral nerves and causes the skin to blister


interruption of blood supply to the brain caused by a cerebral thrombosis, cerebral embolism, or cerebral hemorrhage is caleld

cerebro/vascular accident, apoplexy, or stroke

diagnostic term that means deficient supply of blood to the brain for a short time is called a

transient ischemic attack

diagnostic term for an emotional disorder characterized by the use of ineffective skills for coping with anxiety or inner conflict is

neurosis "no loss of reality"

which of these is not a sign of brain concussion

increased appetite

the diagnostic term for a condition caused by an increased amount of cerebral spinal fluid in the ventricles of the brain is


diagnostic term for a condition characterized by brain damage and lack of muscle control and partial paralysis is

cerebral palsy

procedural term echo/encephalo/graphy actually means

procedure of recording brain structures by use of sound

an instrument used to record the electrical impulses of the brain is called an


diagnostic term for a process that includes the use of a computer to produce a series of images of the tissues of the brain at any desired depth is

CAT scan

the medical term dys/phasia means

difficulty speaking

the medical term that means mental disease is


the medical term shunt means

tube implanted in the body to redirect the flow of a fluid

the medical term ataxia means

lack of gross motor balance/coordination

the medical term that means feeling faint is


Lou Gehrig’s disease is also known as


cerebral contusion means

the process of bruising the brain

the medical term hematoma means

blood swelling or tumor

The medical term Opistho/tonos (backward bending tone) means:

tensions that bends back and head backward "tetanus"

The term Con/junctiv/itis literally means together/joined/inflamed. It actually means:

inflammation of the membrane that covers the eyeball and eyelid

dacryo/cyst/itis or lacrimo/cyst/itis means

inflammation of the tear sac

Miotic Eye Drops cause the eyes pupil to:


the medical term myopic literally means ___ and actually means

nearsightedness or shortsighted "see clear close up"

The Optic (sight), Oculomotor (eye movement), Trochlear (pulley-like), and Abducens (to draw away) Nerves all innervate the eye in some way. These are referred to as Cranial Nerves _________________ (OOOTTAFAGVAH):

2, 3, 4, 6

Bell’s Palsy

facial paralysis

para/noia literally means "mind/beyond or beside" or refers to behavior that is out of touch with reality or

psychosis, not real

The term Schizo/phrenia (split/mind – with delusions, persecution, hallucinations, jealousy, and/or catatonia "stupor") actually refers to a type of Psych/osis (loss of reality) that is also characterized by:

thought deterioration and lack of social functioning before 45 YO

the diagnostic medical term multiple sclerosis refers to

deterioration or loss of the myelin sheath nerve body covering paralysis

aural atresia refers to

closure of the outer auditory or hearing canal

The medical terms Palpebr/itis and Blepharo/ptosis refer to:

eyelid inflammation and eyelid droopoing

The medical term Retin/itis Pigmentosa can be called:

animal tracks

outer hard layer of the eye (white of the eye) is the


eye structure that lies directly behind the pupil and iris is the


The inner layer of the eye with the vision receptors is the:

retina "net"

The tear glands that lubricate and protect the eye are called:

lacrimal glands

mucous membrane lining the inner eyelids and globe eyeball is the


Mydr/iatic Drops are used to:

dilate pupils

the diagnostic term hyperopia means


an instrument that examines the interior of the eye is called


medical term that actually means one who is skilled in filling prescriptions for lenses is


medical term for a specialist who studies the disease of the eye and is a medical doctor


The structure in the inner ear that contains balance receptors and endolymph is called the:

semicircular canals

diagnostic term for a chronic disease of the inner ear characterized by dizziness (vertigo) and ringing (tinnitus) in the ear is

Meniere’s disease

With mechanical deafness, there is a problem with the:

middle ear

a chiropractor specializes in the repositioning of bones with adjustments in order to relieve nerve and tissue pressure caused by bone


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