HEA 191 Chapter 16

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Taking responsibility for your health care includes all of the following EXCEPT

using over-the-counter medications to treat a sudden, serious illness

Self-care involves all of the following EXCEPT

avoiding medication and taking a "tough it out" approach to illness

Communication with health care providers can be improved by all of the following EXCEPT

relying on your health care provider for all information on health care issues

The primary difference between a board certified and board eligible physician is that a board

certified physician has demonstrated competency in a given specialty

In a clinical trial for a new pain medication, Hayden was given an inactive substance instead of an actual drug. After taking it, however, his headache improved. This resulted from the

placebo effect

Self-care can include

checking your blood pressure

You should seek expert medical care if you experience

unexplained sudden weight loss

Which of the following symptoms probably does NOT warrant professional medical advice

You develop a low-grade fever and sore throat

You should consult a physician

to treat a reaction to an insect bite

When choosing a health care provider, you should examine all of the following EXCEPT

their membership in local organizations such as country clubs or service clubs

Your mom’s doctor works at a hospital accredited by the Joint Commission. This type of accreditation indicates that

all practitioner education, licensing, and training qualifications have been verified

Conventional Western medical practice is known as

allopathic medicine

All of the following statements are true about traditional Western medical practice EXCEPT

all treatments have had the benefit of extensive clinical trials

Which of the following health professionals is least likely to be a primary health care provider


Due to the differences in training, an osteopathic physician would probably have more experience dealing with which condition than a medical doctor

low back pain

Your primary care provider suspects that you may have an unusual infection in your eyes. To whom would he or she refer you


Treating a minor health problem yourself without seeking professional help is


An optometrist

performs eye exams and prescribes and fits lenses

The primary care practitioner in your school’s health clinic has a master’s degree and is authorized to perform exams, conduct diagnostic tests, and in some states may also prescribe medications. He is a

nurse practitioner

Before receiving any care, patients must be made aware of the treatment plan and any potential risks involved. This is known as the right

of informed consent

Physician assistants

can provide treatment and write prescriptions when supervised by a physician

Of the following types of health care expenditures, the United States spends the most on

hospital care

By the year 2013, what percentage of gross domestic product (GDP) will the United States be spending on health care

nearly 20 percent

The 2010 Affordable Care Act (ACA) was designed to do all of the following EXCEPT

deny health care coverage to those with preexisting conditions

The term defensive medicine refers to actions taken to

avoid malpractice claims

Over-the-counter drugs are commonly used for all of the following EXCEPT


All of the following are true with respect to generic drugs EXCEPT that they

have the same inactive ingredients as their brand name counterpart

The legal term for improper or negligent treatment of a patient by a health care provider that results in loss or harm to the patient is


Originally health insurance only covered major medical expenses. What effect did this type of coverage have on the medical system

It encouraged doctors to provide more medical procedures for patients.

In a 2014 survey, approximately what percentage of college students said they had no health insurance

5 percent

Approximately how many Americans have no health insurance

25 million

Which of the following is TRUE with respect to health care spending accounts (FSAs or HSAs)?

They allow people to save money tax-free for health care costs

Most private health insurance plans require the patient to a pay a certain amount each year toward health care expenses before the plan benefits begin; this amount is the


A set fee that an insurance plan requires that patients pay at the time of service (per office visit or prescription) is the


If an insurance policy covers 90 percent of your total medical bills, the remaining 10 percent that you must pay is your

coinsurance amount

Before the Affordable Care Act, if you had a history of back problems and needed health insurance, it was unlikely that your new insurance plan would cover any treatment related to your back problems until the policy had been in effect for a period of time. Your back problem was considered a(n)

preexisting condition

A 70-year-old retired person would be eligible for health insurance coverage through


Your father was laid off six months ago but recently started a new job. He was able to keep his health insurance during the transition through


Capitation refers to

payment of a fixed monthly amount to a health-care provider per enrolled patient, regardless of the type or number of services provided

Drugs that can be purchased without a prescription as part of self-care are

over-the-counter drugs

If you have moved to a new town and want to find a physician you can see for annual wellness exams and the treatment of routine ailments, you are seeking a(n)

primary care practitioner

Concerns about HMOs include all of the following EXCEPT

the high cost of copayments

What do preferred provider organizations (PPOs) and point of service (POS) plans have in common

Both allow patients to seek outside care but require patients to pay the extra cost

The federally funded health insurance program that covers 99 percent of the U.S. population age 65 and older is


If your PPO has an in-network coverage rate of 90 percent and an out-of-network coverage rate of 60 percent, this means that

you will be responsible for paying 40 percent of the costs associated with out-of-network services

If you are concerned about the costs of health care, which of the following practices should you avoid

using the emergency room for your routine health care

All of the following are provisions of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) EXCEPT coverage for

young adults on a parent’s plan through age 30

The ACA is intended to improve the quality of health care by emphasizing

preventative care

Which of the following statements is NOT true about costs in the U.S. health care system

New technologies are lowering costs

The health insurance program jointly funded by the states and the federal government that provides coverage for low-income individuals and families is


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