Hard-software – chap 16

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iOS was developed by and continues to be maintained by a consortium of companies.


A setting called airplane mode lowers the output power of the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth antennas allowing these networks to function, but at a reduced range.


Releases of Android are named after animals, such as Lion, Leopard, or Puma.


The act of jailbreaking a phone was once illegal, but was made legal by the U.S. Copyright Office and the Library of Congress.


The iOS operating system utilizes a closed-source, or vendor specific / commercial license.


What company acquired Android code in 2005 and has a leadership role in its development?


What must you do before using a new iPad or iPod touch?

activate it

What does jailbreaking do?

give you root privileges to the OS

A SIM card is used for which of the following?

holding data related to your cellular carrier

What is the accelerometer used for in mobile devices?

adjusting the screen orientation

What component on a smart phone requires pairing with another device?


What can you do if you want to obtain administrator privileges to an Android device?

root the device

Outgoing mail is normally sent using what mail delivery protocol?


What port is utilized by secure IMAP (IMAPS)?


What is the more secure alternative to the SMTP mail protocol?


How much storage is offered by iCloud Drive for no cost?

5 GB

What identifies a SIM card if the card is used?


Siri is an example of what technology?

virtual assistant

Applications on the Android OS are mostly written in what programming language?


All parts of an Android application are published as a package of files wrapped into one file utilizing what file extension?


A Bluetooth PIN code requires the entry of a PIN that is how many digits in length?


What unique number is used to identify each mobile phone or tablet device worldwide?


What name is given to the Windows Phone 8.1 virtual assistant?


Where is the Favorites tray on an Android device?

above the Action Bar

What mobile operating system is the Fire OS used by Amazon’s Kindle Fire devices based on?


What software programming languages can be used for an iOS app? (Choose all that apply.)

Objective-C C++ C

Which devices utilize an operating system based on the Mac OS X operating system? (Choose all that apply.)

iPad iPhone iPod touch

What two U.S. carriers offer a feature called Wi-Fi calling?

T-Mobile Sprint

What are the names of the application stores for iOS and Google Android devices respectively?

Google Play App Store

Most new (2015/2016) Android devices are shipping with what versions of Android?

Lollipop KitKat

a unique number that identifies each mobile phone or tablet device worldwide.


a feature that uses Bluetooth to detect nearby compatible devices, then creates a peer-to-peer network using a Wi-Fi signal between the devices


an area where access to Wi-Fi Internet connectivity is made available, such as at a coffee shop, retail store, or airport


a device used in mobile devices to sense the physical position of the device


allows a task to be started on a device, such as an iPad, and then pick up that task on another device, such as a Mac desktop or laptop


a device that contains a disc that is free to move and can respond to gravity as the device is moved


4 – based on Mac OS X and is currently used on the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch by Apple


8 – a unique number that identifies a cellular subscription for a device or subscriber, along with its home country and mobile network


10 – the process of connecting with another Bluetooth device


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