Government 1.01 Natural rights exam

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This doctor has the right to assist this patient because

She is licensed by the government to practice medicine

A "limited government" is a government that

Has restrictions on the powers of its officials

Elections to choose officials to stand for the people’s interests in the work of government reflect the principle of

Representative government

Every election in U.S. society reaffirms the principle of

Consent of the governed

An example of an important service the government provides to all U.S. citizens is


What do Americans value as the basic individual or natural rights?

Life, liberty, pursuit of happiness

The Constitution divides the U.S. government into three branches that can each stop, or check, actions of the other branches. This division of power is a result of the principle of

Limited government

A government facing protests and demonstrations that are supported by most of its citizens and spread across its territory has lost

consent of the governed

An example of a location that directly shows government in action is a


One purpose of government is to

protect citizen rights

Protection for individual rights in U.S. society reflects the idea that all people have

natural rights

"When the president does it, that means it is not illegal."—President Richard M. Nixon

Which of the following concepts best contradicts this quote?

Rule of law

Throughout the city, police officers patrol the streets and neighborhoods of St. Louis. This image best illustrates how government

enforces laws and provides protection for citizens

In 2011, a movement known as Occupy Wall Street began in New York City. The protestors asserted that large corporations had too much influence on government. They blamed this influence for greater financial problems for the majority of Americans, such as the lack of jobs. Which principle do the protestors most likely believe government violated?

Representative government

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