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public affairs

issues and events that concern the people at large

public opinion

the attitudes held by a large number of people concerning government and politics.

How does an attitude concerning politics become a public opinion?

An attitude concerning politics must be held by a large number of people and expressed, demonstrated, or displayed for public viewing.

Which statement is true about public opinion?

issues of public opinion are related to public affairs

How does family influence a person’s political opinions?

Families teach children attitudes about authority, property, and other people. These attitudes form the basis for later political opinions.

Why are schools important in the political development of children?

They teach american values

A lifelong influence in the formation of public opinion is

Family and education

How does one’s peer group shape his or her attitudes?

Most people trust the views of their friends and associates, so they seldom stray too far from the opinions of their peers.

Mass media can help shape public opinion by

reaching a large audience

Opinion leaders tend to

affect public opinion

Issues of public opinion are only concerned with

public affairs

Events that took place during the 1950s helped to shape the public opinion that the government

could not be trusted

how can the mass media help shape public opinion?

by providing information to a large number of people

how did the attitudes of many americans change after the terrorist attacks of september 11, 2001?

They became more concerned with foreign policy

what would be most likely to influence public opinion if a local politician had a plan to clean up a park in your town


Teach american values in school can help shape a child’s

as children hrow into asulthood, their expands to include co-workers and neighbors

Peer group

in order to have their beliefs considered as public opinion, people must

express their views

Why does a peer group have a strong influence on a person’s opinions

they have developed a special trust.

Which statement best describes opinion leaders?

they affect public opinion

Why is it hard to determine much about public opinion based on the actions of interest groups?

because it is hard to know how many people actually belong to an interest group

Politicians depend on direct contact with voters, election results, and polls to under stand

public opinion

What is a mandate

A winning party’s belief that the majority of the people will support their policies

What is the major drawback of a straw poll?

The major drawback of a straw poll is that there is no effort to poll people of different interests, ages, or incomes.

Which type of poll is unreliable because the people who respond do not reliably represent the total population

a straw poll

why are scientific polls the best measure of public opinion?

They are sophisticated and rigorous

What does "define the universe" mean in polling?

It means to determine the size and characteristics of the group that a poll seeks to measure.

How can the interviewer influence the answers of the people questioned?

by tone of voice and choice of words

Which is an accurate definition of universe, as it is used in scientific polling?

the entire population that will be measured

A group containing a representative number of people in which each member of the universe has an equal chance of being included is called

a random group

What is difficult for polls to measure?

It is difficult for polls to measure the intensity, stability, and relevance of the opinions they report.

What are the limits to the accuracy of polls?

They cannot measure the strength, performance, or importance of a person’s opinion

What is true about public opinion

public opinion has a limited impact on public policy

why did the famous 1936 Literary Digest straw poll fail to predict the winner of the presidential election

It failed to poll the poor.

Polling groups train phone interviewers because an interviewers ____ can influence the answers given by the people being questioned

tone of voice

what is the third step of a scientific poll

ask well-written quesrions

The belief that a winning political party is empowered by voters to carry out campaign promises is called a


What is the first step in a scientific poll?

Define the universe

Which of the following mirrors public opinion but also helps shape it

The media

Pollsters construct a sample in the second step of a scientific poll in order to

find a group to represent the universe

something that is not difficult for a poll to measure is


What are two reasons that many people rely on newspapers for information instead of television?

Newspapers usually cover stories in greater detail than television does. They also contain editorial sections that present different views concerning issues and candidates.

Which statement best describes the role of mass media?

Mass media provide most of the information people recieive

What did the 1st amendment reveal about the attitude toward freedom held by the Framers of the U.S constitution

They valued a free press

Which form of mass media was initiated in 1920 with the broadcast of presidential election returns?


How do political candidates use the media to their advantage?

Mass media enable candidates to appeal directly to the people with less help from party organizations. Campaign managers control the location and other details of television appearances.

Which is a definition of public agenda?

Issues that capture the people’s attention

Uninformed voter, shallow reporting, and a focus on entertainment work together to do what

limit media influence on American politics

Between 2000 and 2008 how did Americans change the way they got their campaign news

More people used the internet, and fewer people watched network news

What internet development has changed political communication in the united state and around the world


which is an example of a sound bite

What did the Framers add to the U.S constitution that showed the importance they placed on a free press

The 1st Amendment

which factor does NOT limit the influence of the media?

Most people get their news from television

Which President broadcast weekly fireside chats on the radio

Franklin Roosevelt

What is one example of a medium?

the internet

what is a medium

a method of communication

which is an electronic communication the is usually written by a single author and devoted to a single subject

Internet weblogs

The main purpose of interest groups is to

Influence public policy

What factor is most important in determining the effectiveness of an interest group?

its size

How are political parties different from interest groups

Unlike parties, interest groups have no direct role in the nomination of candidates. They work to influence policy, not elections. They are focused on the concerns of their members rather than on all voters.

What advantage does an interest group have over a political party?

the ability to support any candidate

How do interest groups increase political participation?

They inform people, raise awareness of public affairs, and allow citizens to participate in government without running for office.

How do interest groups help citizens participate in government?

they allow citizens to affect policies without running for office

Some people believe that interest groups pose risks to the American political system. What is one of these risks?

Interest groups may seem bigger then they are

what risk do some interest groups pose to the political system?

Their influence may be larger than their numbers

An interest group tracks the poor performance of an executive branch agency and reports this information to lawmakers. This is an informal example of which part of the political system

Checks and Balances

In the 1800’s, Alexis de Tocqueville was impressed by ___ of American interest groups


how does joining interest groups help private citizens in their government

Interest groups are only responsible to

Their own members

what is the basis for interest groups’ influence on government

their size

Which part of the constitution protects interest groups’ rights to assemble and petition against the government?

1st amendment

which is the main concern of an interest group as compared to a political party?

to shape public policy

The American tradition of joining organizations has resulted in

many interest groups of varying sizes

What two groups of workers have recently been included in the AFL-CIO?

The AFL-CIO now includes migrant farmworkers and public employees in its union.

How are professional organizations different from business or labor groups?

Most are not as organized or as well-financed as business or labor groups.

which interest group represents large business

national association of manufacturers

A labor union is most likely to take a stand on which issue?

minimum wage

What is the goal of religious interest groups?

to promote specific public policy that will benefit their members

How are research groups different from other interest groups?

Research groups are more scholarly in their approach

If a jewish employee has trouble getting time off work to observe a jewish holiday, which interest group is most likely to take that person’s side?

Anti-Defamation League

unlike other interest groups, public interest groups

work for the benefit of the all citizens

which type of interest groups are the american trucking association and the national restaurant association

Trade Associations

which group belongs to the AFL-CIO

Service Employees International Union

membership in labor unions has declined in recent years because of a decreased number of

manufacturing jobs

which organization is a public-interest group

Public Citizen, INC.

the largest number of interest groups are organized around which concern

economic interests

which group addresses the needs of military veterans?

american legion

what is the result of americans’ tradition of joining interest groups?

A large number of interest groups of all sizes.

which issue is most likely to concern a labor union?

minimum wage

how are many professional organizations different from business and labor groups

Professional organizations are usually less organized.

the ___ represents large american businesses

National Association of Manufactures

which rule was created to restrict the influence that lobbyists have on lawmakers?

Lobbyists cannot offer gifts to lawmakers

Why do lobbyists target the executive branch?

Lobbyists hope to influence the President’s selection of top officials in executive agencies so they will have better chances of increasing policy support for their cause.

lobbyists work to influence which branch or branches of the federal government

executive, legislative, judicial

Lobbyists often assist lawmakers by

writing speeches and providing information

which activity is an example of grass-roots lobbying?

citizens phoning their representatives

How has the internet influenced grass -roots lobbying efforts?

the internet offers a low cost way to communicate with the general public

What are two types of propaganda?

name-calling and card stacking

which form of communication is considered the most effective way to shape public opinion

media coverage

people who contact public officials to express the wishes of an interest group are called


interest groups help elect politicians by contributing funds to which organization

political action committees

lobbyists use a direct approach with ___ to affect decision making

*not interest groups

which activity is helpful to both public officials and interest groups?

working for the election of sympathetic public officials

lobbyists approach white house officials to

*not file amicus curiae briefs

why do lobbyists file amicus curiae briefs

to show support for one side in a court case

what is one way that lobbyists help lawmakers

by writing speeches

Which branches of the federal government can be influenced by lobbyists

All three branches of government

why do grass-roots lobbying efforts often succeed at influencing public policy

Many Voters Can Express The Same Idea In A Short Time.

Which is an example of an interest group using a direct approach?

meeting with representatives

Which group is not served by a professional organization?

steel workers

The largest number of interest groups are organized around which concern?

economic interests

Which is a legal limit on the direct method of lobbying members of Congress?

Legislators cannot accept gifts from lobbyists.

Which activity is against the law?

bribing elected officials

how did the framers resolve the conflict over the size of congress

each state would have two senators, and the house makeup would be based on population

why does each state have only two senators?

To give small states equal representation in the Senate

When does each session of Congress adjourn?

Each session of Congress lasts until the work is completed. Congress usually adjourns in late fall each year.

why did president franklin roosevelt call a special session of congress in 1933

to address the economic crisis

what conflict did the framer resolve by choosing a bicameral legislature?

Large and small states could not agree on the size of Congress.

the framers of the constitution created a bicameral legislature made up of

which comparison of the house and senate is true

the house has more members than senate

when can a bill be sent to the president for approval

after both the House and the Senate pass the bill.

a bicameral legislature describes a legislative body made of

two chambers

how many senators are serving in the senate today?


in which chamber does each state have the same number of votes, no matter how large or small its population

The Senate

why does california have many more house members than wyoming?

california’s population is larger

in each state is represented according to the size of its population

house of representatives

how long is one term for a member of the house of representatives

two years

which bests describes the speaker of the house?

the speaker runs the house’s business

Which best describes the Speaker of the House?

the speaker runs the house’s business

which statement identifies an important power of the speaker of the house

the speaker places members of the house on committees

How does the census help determine how House seats should be distributed among the states?

The census tracks the population of each state. A decrease in population might require that a state loses representatives, just as an increase in population might allow a state to gain a representative. This task falls to the Census Bureau.

which has the final authority to determine the number of seats for each state

the congress

which statement best describes off-year elections?

they happen in years when there is no presidential election

what was the supreme court’s ruling in wesberry b. sanders?

one person’s vote should be worth the same as another

how did th e wesberry v. sanders decision affect many of the states

it changed the way many states drew district boundaries

which allows the house to judge the qualifications and election results of its own members?

the constitution

under the constitution, congresisional elections are held

on the same day in every state

how often does the constitution require congress to reapportion seats in the house of representatives

every ten years

to be selected, how long must house members have been citizens of the united states

at least seven years

how often are elections held for the house of representatives

every two years

each of the 435 members of the house of representatives is elected

from a district in a state

to avoid punishment for serious crimes, house members will sometimes

resign from office

what is determined by the census that is taken every ten years

The number of house seats per state.

what was the effect of the reapportionment act of 1929 on the house of representatives

It limited the number of seats in the House to 435

how is each state’s representation in the house of representatives determined

it is based on population

which statement best reflects the role of a senator

a senator represents the entire state

Senators are often concerned with issues that affect the entire country, such as

social security

What are the qualifications required for Senators?

Senators must be at least 30 years old, citizens of the United states for at least nine years, and residents of the state they represent

The Senate is a continuous body, which means that

all of its sears are not up for election at the same time

the Framers of the constitution wanted to be sure that every state would be represented

equally in the senate

which is an informal qualification to run for the senate?

The candidate must appeal to a wide range of voters.

there are __ senators from each state


in which political body does each state have the same number of votes, no matter how large or small its population

the Senate

who has the power to expel senators from office

the senate

candidates who went to run for the senate must be at least

30 years old

how many senators serve in the senate today?


for whom do senators and representatives work?

The people who elect them

how many members of the senate have been expelled


which is true about a sentor’s term in office?

it is three times longer than the term of a member of the house

which is typically true about the personal or political backgrounds of members of congress

most have many years of political expirience

which statement accurately reflects changes in congress

the number of members that are part of the minority groups is increasing

What are the four ways a member of Congress can vote?

Members can vote as delegates of the people, as trustees based on the merit of the bill, as partisans who vote along party lines, or as politicos who combine all three.

A member of congress acting as a trustee casts a vote for a bill based on his or her

personal opinion

Which statement best describes a politico?

a person who considers personal views along with views of the party and the people

What special privilege does the Constitution give to members of Congress that is not related to money or finances?

The Constitution says that whatever a member of Congress says in a congressional debate cannot be questioned in court. This privilege does not apply if a member attacks another person verbally or in writing.

which is not a benefit that members of congress enjoy?

freedom from lawsuits

what is the most important job a member of congress does


a bill can be acted on by the full membership only when its chosen for ___ by committee members

Floor Consideration

which statement best describes senators and members of the house of representatives

Most are part of the upper-middle class.

which is true about members of the house of representatives?

their average age is 57

All the members of Congress can vote on a bill when

the senate or house committees move it to floor consideration

what is a drawback of a member of congress voting as a partisan


how does article I section 6 of the constitution protect members of congress

protects free speech for congressional debates

when members of congress vote with their political party, they are acting as


what is a benefit of a member of congress voting as a politico

the member considers all views before voting on the bill

What is the most important job a member of congress does

voting on a bill

when a member of congress votes as a delegate, he or she

represents the opinions of the voters of the state

Which part of Article I of the Constitution grants Congress most of its expressed powers?

Section 8

which is not an expressed power of the U.S congress

the power to establish public schools

which kind of congressional powers are common to all national governments?

inherent powers

Why was the Supreme Court ruling in Gibbons v. Ogden such an important decision?

The ruling paved the way for a transportation revolution and the involvement of the federal government in many areas of life.

The Framers added the Commerce Clause in the Constitution to prevent

states from passing their own laws

Congress would not be able to use the Commerce Clause to

force ships from new york to pay taxes to new jersey

What is the difference between a tax and a tariff?

A tax is charged by the government on its people to help pay for public needs and services; a tariff is imposed on imported foreign goods to help protect the home country’s industries.

A tax imposed on imported goods to keep American industries in business is called

a protective tariff

A person or business that pays an indirect tax to the government

passes the cost of the tax to consumers

What type of power permitted congress to create Greenbacks

the currency power

In what cases has the government used deficit financing?

to assist in matters such as the Great Depression, wars, and social programs

what is the term used for all of the money borrow by the government and the interest on the money that is borrowed

public debt

what power enables the federal government to fund social programs during times of economic hardship such as the great depression?

the borrowing power

which is true of all indirect taxes collected by Congress

They must be collected at the same rate throughout the country

in all but seven years sense 1930, the federal government

has been in debt

congress have expressed powers, implied powers, and


a tax on ___ is an indirect tax

which practice did the federal government use to deal with the Great Depression

Article I, section 8 of the constitution lists ____of congress

the expressed powers

money that a creditor must by law accept in payment for debts is called

legal tender

the first case that tested the Commerce Clause to come before the Supreme Court involved

Interstate transportation

powers not specificially granted to Congress in the Constitution but suggested by the powers written there are called

implied powers

in the united states bankruptcy laws are regulated by

The federal government and the states

which can congress do under the expressed powers granted to it by the constitution?

regulate interstate trade

which type of currency was not used in the United states during its early years


why did the framers give congress the power to issue currency

so there would be a single, national system of hard money

the power that the constitution gives congress for foreign affairs

is an expressed power

which is not a foreign affairs power given to congress

deficit financing

How is the War Powers Resolution an example of checks and balances?

It limits the President’s power; Congress took back some of the powers the Presidents had assumed.

according to the constitution, who is granted the power to declare war?


How is a copyright different from a patent?

A copyright protects creative works for the life of the artist plus 70 years. A patent is a license to use or sell exclusively an invention or creation for up to 20 years.

What is eminent domain?

the power of the federal government to take private property for public use

which explains the difference between a patent and a copyright

a patent protects an invention, a copyright protects creative work

Using its judicial powers, Congress can define and set the punishments for

printing counterfeit currency

a person who sells music that was created by someone else could

be sued in court for copyright infringement

Congress has the power to set up and organize all ___ below the Supreme Court

federal courts

the constitution gives the president most of the responsibility for

foreign policy

what is an exclusive right of a person or company to reproduce, publish, or sell a creative work

a copyright

congress has the power to act on national security issues such as fighting terrorism and


the foreign affairs powers of congress come from the constitution and


the constitution gives only ___ the power to make rules for governing the armed forces


a copyright is good for what length of time?

the life of the artist plus 70 years

What is the purpose of the Necessary and Proper Clause in the constitution?

it allows congress to make laws not covered by its expressed powers

How has the doctrine of implied powers increased the power of Congress

it allows congress to create laws to carry out its duties

The expressed power to raise and support an army and navy gives congress implied power to

set aside funds for states to create military schools

What are some of the factors that have increased federal power?

wars, economic problems, and other national emergencies

How did strict constructionists feel about implied powers?

implied powers gave the national government too much power

Which is the best description of how strict constructionists thought a liberal constructionist view would effect the nation

The states’ powers would be restricted and weakened

What makes it possible for Congress to regulate air travel?

implied power through the Commerce Clause

who can decide when implied powers taken by congress have exceeded the expressed powers

the Supreme Court

because congress uses a broad definition of the power to regulate commerce,


liberal and strict constructionists would most likely disagree over which power of congress

regulating the workplace

liberal constructionist want congress to

create new powers, as needed, over time

why is it important for congress to make laws based on powers that are implied but not given?

So Congress can carry out its duties as times change

strict constructionists want congress to

only expressed powers

Which is an implied power of congress


the __ can decide when congress has gone too far in using implied powers

supreme court

one example of congress using implied powers in education is the rise in

women’s athletic programs

liberal constructionists has led to __ in the united states

a large national governement

the ___ is also known as the Elastic Clause

Necessary and Proper Clause

What are the two ways that Congress can amend the Constitution

Congress can propose amendments to the Constitution by a two-thirds vote in each house or by calling a national convention of state delegates.

The constitution allows congress to call a convention to propose an amendment if it has been requested by a two-thirds majority vote of

state legislatures

under what set of circumstances might congress decide a presidential election

if no candidate receives a majority of the electoral votes, the house votes by state to decide the winner

How many votes does conviction after impeachment require?

Conviction requires a two-thirds vote in the Senate.

After president bill Clinton was impeached by the house, he was

acquitted by the senate

when a president is tried following impeachment, the trial is led by

The Cheif Justice of the Supreme Court

What is the process by which Congress approves or rejects presidential appointments?

Presidential appointments must be confirmed by a majority vote in the Senate.

The executive powers given to Congress by the constitution serve as checks and balances between the senate and

the President

Congress exercises its implied power to investigate by

using committees and subcommittees

an unwritten rule that can sometimes dictate the confirmation of presidential appointments is known as

Senatorial Courtesy

a treaty requires the approval of

the thirds of the senators

States have asked congress for each of the following proposed amendments to the constitution except

an amendment to limit a President to two terms in office

the term impeach means

to charge an official with a crime

who chooses the vice president if none of the candidates for that office receives a majority of electoral votes

*not house of representatives

under the 12th amendment, if no candidate receives a majority of electoral votes for president

the house votes by state to decide the winner

all of the following are non-legislative powers except

*not impeachment powers

how did president richard nixon avoid being impeached

he resigned from the presidency

who presides over a senate trial after a president is impeached

The Chief Justice of the Supreme Court

from what source does congress get its investigative powers

They are implied in Article I, Section 1 of the Constitution

which is a reason why congress uses its power to investigate

creating and passing laws is the main job of which branch of government

the legislative branch

after the clerk calls the members of the House of Representatives to order

The house chooses the Speaker of the House

why does the vice president serve as presiding officer of the senate

because the constitution requires it

which is the vice president’s most important role when serving as president of the senate

break tie votes

What leaders are chosen during the party caucus meetings?

The majority and minority floor leaders are chosen during the party caucus meetings.

what is a closed meeting of one party’s House or Senate members called

a party caucus

What does the seniority rule ensure?

The seniority rule ensures that members of Congress with the most experience become the committee chairmen.

who is responsible for decided which bills a committee will consider

the committee chairman

what is the main job of a party whip?


which is the best example of the seniority rule

A four-term senator is appointed to an important job over a first-term senator

how are the leaders of the two parties in Congress chosen

Members vote at a party caucus before Congress organizes

what happens after congress is organized

A State of the Union address is given.

congress starts a new term on

January 3 of every odd-numbered year

who presides over the senate when the president of the Senate is not present

president pro tempore

Most of the work in Congress is done by

the standing committees

Who is the leaser of the house of representatives

the speaker of the house

which the first task of the house of representatives after it is called to order

to choose a speaker of the house

after the vice president who is next in line to become the president of the united states


what is a permanent committee that considers a specific topic called

a standing committee

which house of representatives committee is responsible for deciding how the federal government should raise money

the ways and means committee

why is the house rules committee so powerful

it decides what bills will be considered by the full house

A committee set up for a limited time to consider a specific question of national importance is called

a select committee

which is an example of a select committee

the senate watergate committee

What is the difference between a conference committee and a joint committee?

A joint committee deals with matters best handled by the two houses working together. A conference committee settles Senate and House differences in a bill.

What does a conference committee do?

settles differences in the house and senate versions of a bill

customarily, what is given the most consideration when deciding who will serve on which committee?

How long a member has served in congress

what type of committee is responsible for setting differences between the house and senate versions of a bill

A Conference Committee

what is one similarity between joint committees and conference committees

Both are made up of members from both houses of congress

what must happen before a bill is presented for discussion to the entire house or senate?

A standing committee must must approve it.

what is the main responsibility of the house ways and means committee

deciding how to raise money for the federal government

who holds the most seats on a standing committee

the majority party

senators who consider issues related to farming are most likely to be member of a subcommittee of which standing committee

Agriculture, Nutrition and Forestry

which is not a responsibility of a subcommittee

to appoint committee members

the senate watergate committee was an example of

*not conference committee

What is the difference between a public bill and a private bill?

Public bills apply to the whole country. Private bills pertain to places or people.

congress considers several new bills during each session. What is a bill

an idea for a new law or a change to an old law

When a standing committee sets aside a bill and no longer considers it, the bill has been


what document must be signed by a majority of the house for the release of a bill that is held up by a standing committee

a discharge petition

Which committee sets a day when a bill is taken from the calendar and discussed on the floor?

the Rules Committee

what helps house members organize their work and make sure everything is completed


which is an example of the house suspending its own rules?

the house considers an important bill out of turn

What is the purpose of the Committee of the Whole?

The Committee of the Whole allows the House to deal with important bills more rapidly, because only 100 members need to be present, rather than a quorum, or majority.

When house members meet as one large committee, they are acting as a

committee of the whole

what happens next after a bill reaches the floor of the house

it is given a second reading

what is a joint resolution?

a proposal for action that has the force of law when passed

each statement about bills becoming laws is true except

most bills that are considered become laws

why do members of congress send letters explaining their bills to other members of congress

to gain other members’ support before introducing their bill.

when does the house consider bills from the corrections calendar


sometimes people appear before a committee to provide more information related to a bill. what is this called

a public hearing

after a bill receives its first reading, the next step is to

send the bill to a standing committee

During debate, how long can a house member speak without getting permission to continue

one hour

what is the committee of the whole

house members acting as one large committee

how are bills introduced in the senate

bills are given a number, read twice, and then sent to a standing committee

a long speech designed to keep the Senate from voting on a bill is a


Three fifths of the senate can vote to limit debate on a subject 30 hours of floor time. this is called

the cloture rule

what happens when on house does not agree to the changes the other house makes to a bill

the bill goes to a conference comittee

the constitution requires that every bill, order, and resolution be

presented to the president

what is the name given to an indirect rejection of a bill that occurs when the president does not act with a certain time

pocket veto

The veto and the pocket veto are two ways the ___ can reject a bill


who usually handles bills on the senate floor?

the majority leader

how did Senator Strom Thurmond try to prevent the passage of the civil rights act of 1957?

by filbuster

A bill is given a number, read twice, and sent to a standing committee. What does this describe

How a bill is introduced in the Senate

the ___ requires that ever bill, order, and resolution be presented to the President


What happens after the president signs a bill?

it becomes law

what is a fillbuster?

an effort to talk long enough to prevent a vote on a bill

what is the next step after a conference committee completes its work on a bill

Both houses vote on the bill again.

what happens after both houses pass the exact same bill

It goes to the President.

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