Globalization and Diversity Ch 6

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1) As a region, what is the unifying theme of Sub-Saharan Africa?

similar livelihood systems & shared colonial experiences?

2) What is the only country in Africa with an extensive area of mountainous topography? – PG 175 – L


3) What is the Great Escarpment? PG 175 – L

Southern Africa – landform of high cliffs separating two comparatively level areas) beginning at southwestern Angola and ends in northeastern South Africa

4) In what region of Sub-Saharan Africa is desertification most severe? PG – 178 – L


5) What is transhumance? – PG 178 – R

The movement of animals between wet-season and dry-season pasture

6) What are the primary biofuels in Sub-Saharan Africa? – PG 180 – R

Wood or charcoal

7) The Sahel can be defined as… PG 178 – L

A zone of ecological transition between Sahara to the north and wetter savannas and forest in the south.

8) In which Sub-Saharan African country is tropical deforestation the most prevalent? – PG 181 – L

Fringes of Central Africa’s Ituri

Fringes of Central Africa’s Ituri

9) What is the international policy regarding the sale of ivory? – PG 181 – R

1989 worldwide ban was imposed as part of CITES

1989 worldwide ban was imposed as part of CITES

10) Why did Professor Wangari Maathai of Kenya win the Nobel Peace Prize in 2004? – PG 181 – L

Her contribution to sustainable development, democracy, and peace. Green Belt Movement with 50,000 members, mostly women organized into 2,000 local community groups – planted millions of trees and in those areas women spend less time collecting fuel and local environments have improved.

11) In what part of Sub-Saharan Africa are the most secure wildlife reserves located? – PG 181- L

East Africa (Kenya and Tanzania) Southern Africa ( South Africa, Zimbabwe, Namibia, and Botswana)

12) What parts of Sub-Saharan Africa are most vulnerable to global climate change? – PG 182 – L

Arid and semiarid regions such as Sahel and the horn of Africa Some grasslands, and coastal lowlands of West Africa and Angola

13) Which country in Sub-Saharan Africa has the largest population in the region? – PG 183 figure


14) Which country of Sub-Saharan Africa is the LEAST densely settled in the region? – PG 183 figure


15) In Sub-Saharan Africa, at about what age do most women marry? – PG 184 – R

Young, typically teenagers

Young, typically teenagers

16) On average, about how many children does a woman in Africa have during her lifetime?- PG 182 – R


17) What influence does religious affiliation have on birthrates in Sub-Saharan Africa? – PG 185 – R

Little influence

18) What disease is a major problem in Sub-Saharan Africa, causing death and leaving many children orphaned?

HIV / AIDS Southern Africa -especially Botswana. Also South Africa, Lesotho, and Swaziland

20) Why is there concern about the tsetse fly in Sub-Saharan Africa? – PG 188 – L

Spreads sleeping sickness to cattle, humans, and some wildlife

21) Approximately what fraction of Nigerian citizens live in cities? – PG 188 – R

½ live in cities

22) What is the racial category used in the country of South Africa to define people of mixed European and African ancestry? – PG 189 – R


23) What is the term for a social unit in Sub-Saharan Africa that is typically smaller than a tribe or ethnic group, but larger than a family, based on descent from a common ancestor? – PG 202 – R


24) Of the following languages, which is the least used in Sub-Saharan Africa? – PG 190 – L


25) What is the most important of the indigenous language groups of Sub-Saharan Africa? – PG 190 – R


26) In what category are indigenous African religions generally placed? – PG 192 – L


27) From the 1500s until 1870, about how many Africans were transported to the Americas as slaves? – PG 194 – R

12 million

28) What form of Christianity is most common in Ethiopia? – PG 192 – L

Coptic Christian

29) What role did disease play in European efforts to colonize Africa?

Roughly half of Europeans that remained died of disease, giving natives the upper hand

30) What language began as a trade language in Sub-Saharan Africa and is now the most widely used language in the region? – PG 190 0 R


31) Which of the following countries did NOT receive African territory in the Berlin Conference? – PG 198 – R

Ones that did were: Germany, Portugal, Britain, France, Belgium, Italy, Spain

32) European colonization was effective throughout Sub-Saharan Africa, with the exception of one country. What was that exception? – PG 191 – L

Ethiopia retained their independence during colonial era

33) Which European country had lost all of its African colonies by the end of WWI? – PG 198 – R


34) When did most countries of Sub-Saharan Africa gain independence? – PG 198 – R

Mid 1960s virtually all had gained independence

35) What is the term for a person who has fled from a conflict, but who still resides in his or her country of origin? -PG 200 – R

Internally Displaced Person

36) What Sub-Saharan African territory declared its independence in the 1990s, but has yet to be recognized as independent by any other nations? – PG 202- R


37) Of the following countries of Sub-Saharan Africa, which one saw the least political strife in the 1990s?


38) According to the World Bank, what percentage of Sub-Saharan Africans lived on less than $2 a day?- PG 212 summary


39) What is a kleptocracy? – PG 205 -R

Is a state in which corruption is so institutionalized that most politicians and government bureaucrats siphon off a huge percentage of the country’s wealth

40) By the early 1990s, the Sub-Sahara Africa’s foreign debt was around -PG 205 – L

$200 billion

41) What is Sub-Saharan Africa’s main trading partner? – PG 206 – L


42) According to the World Bank, there are about how many cell phones per 100 Africans? – PG 206 – L


43) Throughout the decade of the 2000s, China’s trade with Sub-Saharan Africa grew on average ________ percent per year. – PG 206 – L


44) What country has begun offering African nations money for roads, railways, and schools with relatively few strings attached in order to secure oil from African countries to fuel its development?–PG 206 – R


45) Economic aid is extremely important for many African states, and foreign direct investment in the region substantially increased from only $4.5 billion in 1995 to $________ billion in 2010. – PG 206 -R

$4.5 billion in 1995 to $25 billion in 2010

46) Which country is the unchallenged economic powerhouse in Sub-Sahara Africa?

South Africa?

47) Life expectancy in Sub-Saharan Africa is ________ years – PG 182 – R

55 yrs

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