Geology Chapter 16 Quiz Review

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some ______________ can be disolved in and transported by moving water as the ________________

chemically soluble ions, dissolved load

Fine partices, such as ________, can be carried as part of the ____________

mud, suspended load

Some ____________ can be picked up and carried by bouncing along the stream bed, the process of __________

sand grains, saltation

Most _________________ generally move by rolling or sliding, a process called _________

cobbles and boulders, traction

A delta forms when

a river slows and deposits sediment as it enters a lake or sea

The force beind a river’s flow is


The amount of water flowing through a channel over a given amount of time is called its


A hydrograph shows

the change in a river’s discharge over time

What is a drainage divide?

a ridge or high ground seperating one drainage basin from another

The size of clasts that a stream can carry is primarily controlled by

the velocity and turbulence of the current

Bedrock and sediment in a stream is most susceptible to erosion if it is

located in a turbulent part of the river

Which of the following sediment sizes is likely to be transported mostly on the bottom of the stream bed?

pebbled and cobbles

Which of the following is true about transport of sediment in a stream?

Sand can be transported in a series of bounces along the stream bed.

Which of the following is a condition favoring deposition of sediment?

a decrease in gradient of the stream

Which particles of sediment are most likely to be transported as suspended load?

small, low density particles

Which of the following is the correct relationship between stream velocity and sediment load?

as velocity increases, so does the stream’s capacity to carry a larger load

The amount of sediment carried by a stream is the

sediment load

What is the type of stream transportation by a series of short leaps or bounces off the bottom of the streambed?


Deposition in a bedrock channels occurs along river banks and behind obstacles as

water velocity decreases

In mountain streams that are steep with high stream velocities, which pattern of erosion is the most common?

channel bed is eroded faster than the channel sides

The cross-sectional area of the channel of a stream or river is calculated by

multiplying the channel’s width by its average depth

The volume of water flowing through any part of a river per unit time is calculated by

multiplying the velocity by the cross-sectional area of the river

Which of the following can influence a stream’s profile?

a rise in sea level, a fall in sea level, tectonics

Which of the following is unlikely to cause deposition of sediment along a stream

a drop in sea level

Which of the following is true about the base level of a stream?

Most streams have lower gradient close to their base level

Which of the following is NOT a common site for deposition of sediment


The lowest level to which a stream can erode is its

base level

Sinuosity refers to

the amount that a river or stream channel curves in a given length

Which of the following features are generally NOT associated with mountain streams and rivers?


How is an alluvial fan formed?

sediment is depostied by debris flows and streams that decrease in velocity along the mountain front

If a stream-cut canyon is deep and naroow, which of the following is most likely to be true?

downcutting is occuring faster than widening

Which of the following is true about levees?

a levee can trap water on the floodplain after the flood has subsided

What is a floodplain?

A broad strip of land built up by sedimentation on either side of a stream channel. Covered with water during a flood.

Which of the following is the main reason that a delta forms when a stream flows into a lake or sea

the velocity of the stream decreases

What are some effects of building a dam?

the reservoir (lake) traps sediment that over time fills up part of the reservoir

Which of the following can have a significant effect on a river

rises and drops in sea level, tectonics, types of bedrock in the river, changes in clime

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