Geography chapter 11

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The term "China proper refers to

the populous eastern half of China

What is the most mountainous region of China?


East Asia is located in roughly the same latitudinal zone as which of the following world regions?

North America

Which environmental hazard is the most serious in Japan?


Korea is located on which type of landform?


How much of China’s total energy supply comes from burning goal?


What country in East Asia has resorted to pollution exporting as way to improve its environment?


Problems associated with the construction of the Three Gorges Dam include all the following EXCEPT?

the diversion of two other major rivers to fill the Three Gorges reservoir.

Which countries in East Asia are known for their urban primacy?

South Korea and Taiwan

What writing system forms the basis for the writing throughout East Asia?


Confucianism stresses all of the following ideals EXCEPT

the need for aristocracy to serve in the bureaucracy

The Shinto religion is most closely associated with which country of East Asia?


Which of the following is NOT one of the immigrant groups arriving in Japan?

men and women from Russia working as educators

During what era did the Chinese Empire reach its height?


Which of the following countries did not have a sphere of influence in China in the 19th century?

United States

What is the main reason that several countries in East Asia claim the islands northeast of Taiwan?

These islands may hold petroleum reserves.

Which of the following parts of East Asia has Japan controlled territory?

Manchuria (China), Taiwan, Korea

Which country in East Asia does mainland China still claim as an integral part of the Chinese nation?


Japan’s economy

slowed substantially in the 1900s

Which country of East Asia has taken recent steps to acquire nuclear weaponry, triggering concern in the US?

North Korea

China’s Great Leap Forward

led to a major famine as the government melted down peasants’ farm tools

Which Chinese region has experienced the greatest recent economic expansion?

the provinces along the coast

What has been the consequence of China’s "one-child" policy?

Average total fertility rate has dropped to 1.6, but the number of baby boys far exceeds the number of baby girls because of gender-selective abortion and abandonment of healthy baby girls at birth.

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