Gateways to Art- 2.1 & 2.2

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Artists draw for many reasons, including:

to define their ideas, to plan for larger projects, to resolve design issues in preparatory sketches, and to record their visual observations

When Raphael was preparing to paint his fresco The School of Athens he did a large drawing called ________ to help place the design on the wall.

a cartoon

Pencils have a range of values from very light to very dark. If you wanted a dark value, which of these pencil numbers would be the darkest?


When creating his silverpoint drawing Heads of the Virgin and Child, Raphael employed ________, a process in which the artist uses closely arranged parallel lines to create value.


Artists’ chalk is powdered calcium carbonate combined with this binder.

gum arabic (art by Michelangelo using red chalk)

The French Impressionist Edgar Degas used this dry drawing medium when he created The Tub in 1886.


The French artist Georges Seurat created a study for his huge painting La Grande Jatte using this waxy medium.

Conté crayon

Erasers can be used by artists as drawing tools. In 1953 Robert Rauschenberg created a work by erasing a drawing by this famous Abstract Expressionist painter.

Willem de Kooning

East Asian artists have traditionally applied ink using a ________.


In which country was paper invented by Cai Lun, who made it out of macerated plant fibers suspended in water?


In addition to its fiber content and weight, paper is also classified by its surface texture. What is the type of paper that is created on a screen with a grid-like structure?


Paint in its most basic form is composed of ________ and a liquid binder.


The binding agent in encaustic painting is ________.


The binding agent for tempera paint is ________.


This twentieth-century American painter chose tempera to describe his neighbor’s "extraordinary conquest of life" in the work Christina’s World.

Andrew Wyeth

This painting process relies on freshly applied lime plaster to hold the pigment in place.


There are two types of fresco. Fresco secco, which means dry fresco, and this kind, which means good fresco.


Taking four years to complete, the Sistine Chapel ceiling was painted by this artist in sections using the buon fresco method.


The Renaissance artist and writer Giorgio Vasari credited this Flemish painter with the invention of oil paint.

Jan van Eyck

Californian artist Joan Brown used this painting technique, created by applying thick layers of paint to a surface.


This contemporary painting medium uses a polymer resin as a binder.


This painting medium is transparent, applied to a paper surface, and has a gum arabic binder (the French version uses honey.)


This painting medium is opaque, applied to a paper surface, and uses a gum arabic binder.


This German artist’s naturalistic depiction A Young Hare was created using a combination of watercolor and gouache highlighting.

Albrecht Dürer

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