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must be respected if we are to function as complete, self-governing agents

The right to privacy of employees

may conflict with an organization’s legitimate interests

When it comes to obtaining information about employees, a key concept is

informed consent

Polygraph tests

are impossible to beat when properly administered

The one key questionable premise underlying personality tests is

that all individuals can usefully and validly be placed into a relatively small number of categories of personality types and character traits

Used properly, personality tests serve two purposes in the work place. Which of the following is one of those purposes?

Personality tests help screen applicants for jobs by indicating areas of adequacy and inadequacy

Which statement has the proper perspective about the testing of employees by a business?

drug testing can only be defensible when it is really pertinent to employee performance and when there is a lot at stake

Which of the following is an true statement about the information gained from polygraph tests?

not only should the organization have job-related grounds for using the polygraph, but these must be compelling enough to justify violating the individuals privacy and psychic freedom

Many major employers routinely monitor the performance of their employees through the computers and telephones they use. The one check that they can do is

check the number of keystrokes that word processors enter during the day

A study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association showed that postal workers who tested positive for drug use in a pre-employment urine test were at least 50 percent more likely to be

fired injured, disciplined, or absent than those who tested negative

Statistics indicate that on the job, about 5,000 people every year are


The most accurate statement about workplace safety is:

workers are often unaware of the hazards they face on the job

The proper approach to promote safety is found in the "hidden culture" which is

a culture that is proactively oriented toward safety

Out of these four, which one is the only correct statement concerning OSHA?

critics call OSHA a "toothless tiger"

Douglas McGregor rejects Theory X, which holds that

workers essentially dislike work and will do everything they can to avoid it

"Corporate infighting," "management power struggles," "maneuvering and politics and power grabbing" and "Machiavellian intrigues" are all phrases H. Ross Perot uses to describe

the reality of corporate life today

The United States has more of what per employee than any other industrial nation?


The most common reason that people leave their jobs is

a poor relationship with their immediate supervisor

The Hawthorne effect shows

attentions and recognition can enhance worker productivity and motivation

An early 1970s government study ("Work in America") identified three chief sources of worker dissatisfaction. Which of the following is one of those sources?

the rigidity of rules and regulations

One of the three chief sources for dissatisfaction in the workplace is

lack of opportunities to be one’s own boss

When employees at all occupational levels are asked to rank what is important to them, the order that they put them in is:

interest work; sufficient help, support and information to accomplish the job; enough authority to carry out the work; and good pay

A fact about job satisfaction is

a lack of job satisfaction can create mental health problems

According to David Ewing, two factors explain the absence of civil liberties and the prevalence of authoritarianism in the workplace. Which of the following is one of them?

the rise of personnel engineering and professional management

According to David Ewing,

the corporate invasion of employees\’ civil rights is rampant.

According to common-law, to legally terminate an employee, an employer

need have no reason at all.

Which of the following is an accurate statement about modifications to common law from the Wagner Act of 1935?

It’s illegal to fire workers because of union membership.

Fair personnel policies and decisions must be based on criteria that are clear, job related, and

equally applied

Which statement is true about the hiring and employment process?

According to common law, unless there is an explicit contractual provision to the contrary, every employment is employment "at will."

Since Congress passed the Americans With Disabilities Act in 1994,

employers must make "reasonable accommodations" for disabled workers.

The hiring process needs to include screening, testing, and


Which of these is a valid reasoning for not hiring a potential employee?

The person has a lack of experience.

Tests are designed to measure the applicants’s skills in verbal, quantitative, and

reasoning ability

To be successful any test used by a corporation must be:


The appropriate guideline for testing potential employees is:

Griggs v. Duke Power Company, which prohibits employers from requiring a high school education as a prerequisite for employment or promotion without demonstrable evidence that the associated skills relate directly to job performance

In the interview process, the interview should avoid rudeness, coarseness, condescension, and


Conscious and unconscious biases and stereotypes are as the English philosopher Francis Bacon (1561-1626) called

"idols of the mind"

The key moral ideal in promotions is


Of the four types of discharge, firing

for-cause dismissal–the result of employee theft, gross insubordination, release of proprietary information, and so on

Employers have the right to fire an employee who performs inadequately, but they should do so

as painlessly as possible

One of the seven factors given to help minimize the chances of setting unfair wages and salaries is that

An employer’s financial capabilities affect what constitutes a fair wage scale for that employer’s employees.

Choose the factual precept concerning wages:

a fari wage presupposes a fair work contract

Groups of 18th century skilled artisans formed secret societies for two basic reasons. Which of the following is one of those reasons?

to equalize their relationship with their employers

Austin Fagothey and Milton Gonsalves believe one of the three conditions when a direct strike is justified is

when it is a last resort

Unions employ two kinds of boycotts to enforce their demands. These two kinds of boycotts are

primary and secondary

In union terms, a direct strike occur

when an organized body of workers withholds its labor to force the employer to comply with its demands

Which of the following is a correct statement about union activities?

a sympathetic strike occurs when workers who have no particular grievance of their own and who may or may not have t

company loyalty

Workers who willing sacrifice for the organization above and beyond their job description expect this from their companies.

conflict of interest

a conflict between self-interest and professional obligation

abuse of official position

range from misusing expense accounts to billing the company for unnecessary travel and from using subordinates for work outside the firm to exploiting a position of trust within an organization to enhance one’s own financial leverage and holdings.

US v. O’Hagan

insider trading case, misappropriation theory is inconsistent with rule 10(b), liability is based on information, those who misappropriate nonpublic information gain advantage in trading

proprietary data

secondary data owned and controlled by the organization

trade secret

A formula, device, idea, process, or other information used in a business that gives the owner a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Economic Espionage Act (1996)

a law that makes the theft of trade secrets by foreign entities a federal crime in the United States


payment made to a person in a position of trust to corrupt his judgment


A commercial bribe paid by a seller to a purchasing agent in order to induce the agent to enter into the transaction

Foreign Corrupt Practices Act

a law that prohibits U.S. corporations from making illegal payments to public officials of foreign governments to obtain business rights or to enhance their business dealings in those countries

grease payments

(facilitation payments) legal payments to speed up or ensure performance of normal government duties

Anti-Bribery Convention

An OECD convention that requires countries to penalize companies engaging in bribery.

Business gifts and entertainment

clients and business associates are familiar parts of the business world


informing the press or government officials about unethical practices within one’s organization


an individual’s own personal gain

prudential reasons

Decisions made from considerations of self interest.

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