Foreign Policy

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Why would a nation most likely use military force? Check all that apply.

b. to defend territory c. to support allies e. to protect economic interests

Nongovernmental organizations operate

c. independent of government.

What is the biggest difference between international governmental organizations and nongovernmental organizations (NGOs)?

a. Governmental organizations are formally recognized.

____________ involves countries negotiating with each other to settle their differences.


Read the scenario.

An American journalist is being held in a foreign prison. The president is meeting with his administration to determine what to do. The president says, "I approve the use of $500,000 in defense funds to secure the release of the journalist and to ensure his safe return to the United States."

Is the president able to make this declaration?

d. No because Congress needs to vote on foreign policy spending.

An international governmental organization is made up of at least how many countries?

b. three

When a country establishes foreign policies, whose best interests are considered most important?

a. those of the country itself

Which of the following is the best example of a sanction?

b. Country A enacts trade restrictions against country B.

Which of the following is an example of an international government organization?

d. United Nations

One of the United State’s allies is in danger of coming under a communist dictatorship, and citizens are gearing up for rebellion. This dictator does not have a track record of violence against citizens, the United States, or other nations. The nation has reached out to the United States for military help. Which of the following reasons would best support the United States in taking military action?

b. supporting democratic change

The president and his executive agencies create foreign policy with the help of


Which of the following would be the most immediate effect of sanctions on a country?

a. Citizens are unable to buy needed goods.

The best way for a country to implement foreign policy is

c. multilaterally.

Which of the following are examples of nongovernmental organizations? Check all that apply.

b. Red Cross c. Doctors without Borders d. Amnesty International e. World Wildlife Federation

Which of the following groups work together to create foreign policy?

c. the executive branch and Congress

By providing foreign aid, one country can help another country

a. improve military power.

Read the excerpt.

The United States and China are the two largest consumers of energy in the world. . . . Neither of us profits from a growing dependence on foreign oil, nor can we spare our people from the ravages of climate change unless we cooperate. Common sense calls upon us to act [together].
President Obama, 2009

Which form of foreign policy implementation would work best between the two countries?

a. diplomacy

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