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What are the two of the food handlers responsibilities

-Following instructions -Implementing learned procedures

Which three things are governed by food safety standards

-Premises -People -Products

What should you do for your staff to reinforce the importance of high food saftey

-Offer resources and training -Provide solid supervision -Motivate them

About how much training time should be devoted to hands on training

Two thirds

What will help employees to see why training is of value to them

Demonstrating how the training will make their jobs easier and faster

As a manager of a food establishment how can you best ensure that your business is continually working toward preventing foodborne illness

Coach and train your staff and delegate tasks to them

What best describes the concept of management

Getting activities completed efficient and effectively within and through other people.

Employees must notify you when they have been exposed to a confirmed outbreak of a particular disease

-Hepatitis A -Norovirus -Shinga toxin producing E-coli -Samonella Typhi -Shigella SPP

Why should you keep records of training

-for performance reviews -for employees personal records -for legal compliance

For whom must a personal hygiene policy outline actions

-Managers -Employees

What is the term for an occurrence of two or more cases of the same illness after consumption of the same food.

Foodborne disease outbreak

What re two benefits of good safety standards

-Reduced cost from fines -reduced cost from food waste

What are three important food safety guidlines

-rejection contaminated food -protecting food from contamination -reducing the number of microorganisms

Where should the employees medicine be stored if they require refridgeration

-in an area that’s inaccessible to children -in a package that’s kept inside a covered leak proof container -clearly identified as a container for the storage of medicine.

What does your staff need in order to demonstrate improved behavior and attitudes

-Knowledge and skills -motivation -supervision

What are the four stages of training

-Motivate -Provide knowledge -supervise -Test

When the employees illness has required regulatory notification who must you work with to determine when the employee may return to work

-The employee’s healthcare practitioner -The regulatory agency

What may you be required to do when employee’s are ill

-restrict the employees from working in food contact areas -Restrict the employee’s from working within the establishment -Restrict the employee’s from working with food

Only medicines that are necessary for the health of the employees shall be allowed in a food establishment. What two statements would occer when an employee must bring medication to an establishment.

-The medication must bear legible manufacturers labels. -The medication must be located to prevent the contamination of food, equipment, linens, and single service and single use

Sequence the stages of effective training

Motivate, provide knowledge, supervise, test

What are three most important considerations when delivering food safety training

-Content -Workplace -The audience

Which elements must be presented in a training program to ensure its effetiveness.

-Allow and encourage employees to put their training into practice -Ensure the training supports objectives -Managers should lead by example -Have clearly defined objectives -Evaluate employees after completion of the training

Which diseases must employees notify you if they have been diagnosed with them

-Samonella Typhi -Shigella SPP -Notyphodal Salmonella -Norovirus -Shiga toxin producing E. coli -Hepatitis A

What are three reasons to conduct food safety training

-For consistent communication of company issues -To prevent future safety related incidents -to be in legal compliance

What is the main objective of food safety training in a food premises

To improve working practices by changing staff behavior and attitude

How should training be looked at if it is to benefit the company

As an investment

What are the four biological contaminants

-Parasites -Viruses -Bacteria -Fungi

Which type of contaminant is the most common


What are the three types of biological contaminants

-Parasites -Fungi -Bacteria

Where is the giardia cluodenalis parasite NOT commonly found

Raw seafood

What is the best way to prevent Trichinella spiralus from spreading

cook pork and wild game properly

Under optimum conditions what is the average time it takes for bacteria to divide

20 mins

Which statement about how moisture relates to bacterial growth is NOT correct

pH measures the amount of moisture available to bacteria in a food item

Which two statements describe how oxygen affects food

-The process of cooking drives oxygen from the food -Oxygen is not present in food subjected to canning

What must food be high in for bacteria to get the nutrients they require


The acronym FAT-TOM helps us to remember the variables that affect bacterial growth. what does F stand for?


Which statement is NOT true about what occurs in human cells due to a virus

The cell copies die when the original infected cell busrts

Which three statements about viruses are true

-They can be brought into the premises by food handlers who are carriers -Some cause foodborne illnesses -They are classified as infections

Which three types of bacteria does controlling flies inside and outside a premises help prevent from spreading

-Salmonella SPP -Shigella SPP -Compylobacteria jejuni

Which statement is NOT correct about yeasts

freezing can prevent or reduce the growth of yeasts

Which statements about toxin producing molds are accurate

-Serious illness can result from eating moldy peanuts or other crops. -cooking does not kill aflatoxins -Peanuts stored in a moist environment can result in a aflatoxin molds.

Which statement is NOT correct about fungi

All fungi are useful to people

Which statement about binary fission is NOT correct

Binary fission stops after 24 hours

Which statement is NOT true about bacteria

People carrying bacteria always show symptoms

Which statement is true about spores produced by bacteria

Spores are very difficult to kill

What is the best way to prevent the spread of botulism

Refrain from using food from swollen cans

Which bateria have caused the most deadly foodborne illness

clostridum botulinum

Which type of contaminant is the most common


What are the three main types of contamination

-Chemical -Physical -Biological

Which three statements apply to the norovirus

-It is also termed viral gasternontertis -It is found in the feces of infected persons -It is found in contaminated Water

Which statement is NOT correct about the norovirus

The prevention methods are the same as those for HIV

What are the four phases of bacterial growth

-Lag -Log -Stationary -Decline

Which description best defines a parasite

-A plant or animal that lives in or on another -A plan or animal that feeds off of

Which statement about transmitting parasites are correct

-Animals can transmit parasites to humans -Humans can transmit parasites to other humans

In which four foods is Listeria monocytogenes commonly found

-Deli meats -Soft cheeses -Raw vegetables -Hot dogs

Which four statements about molds are correct

-Molds are thread like organisms -Molds are multi-cellular and can sometimes be seen with the naked eye -Molds produce spores -Molds can be transported by air, water, and or insects

Which three statements about how molds grow are correct

-Mold growing on food items has a fuzzy appearance -Mold can grow at refrigerated temps below 41 F -Mold grows in food with high acidity and low water activity

Which statement is NOT correct about moldy food

-The FDA recommends cutting away moldy areas in hard cheese to one half inch or 1.27 cm from where they occur

Which statement four statements about yeasts are true

-Yeasts produces carbon dioxide to grow -Yeasts can appear pink, may be slimy and may bubble -Yeasts require oxygen to grow -Yeasts spoils food quickly

In which two cases would must bacteria be in the decline phase

-In food that is being cooked at the correct temperature -When no or few suitable nutrients are available

Which statement about spores produced by bacteria is NOT correct

Spores are activated by the thawing process

Which two statements are accurate about bacteria

-The majority of bacteria are harmless -food poising bacteria are the most significant biological contaminant

How often can bacteria split into two

Every ten minutes

Which four statements accurately describe fungi

-Fungi can be found in air, plants, soil, and water -Fungi are biological contaminates -Molds and yeasts are types of fungi -Fungi can be single-celled or multi-celled organisms

Which bacteria is found on the skin, nose, and hands of all people

Staphylococcus aureus

Where is the bacteria bacillus cereus commonly found

-in starchy plant foods -In meat products

Which two statements about an intoxication type of bacterial illness are correct

-Chemical residues and food additive may be the cause -the bacteria produce and release exotoxins

Which statements are correct about an infection type of bacterial illness

-It may take one or two days before a person feels ill -Bacteria release endotoxins in the intestine of the affected person

Which statement is NOT accurate concerning how oxygen affects bacterial growth

-bacteria multiply best when the oxygen level is between .95 and 1

What is the pH range that most bacteria prefer

4.6 to 7

At what temperature range do most food poising bacteria multiply fastest

68 degrees- 122 degrees F

FAT TOM helps us remember the variables that affect bacterial growth what do the two T’s stand for

Time and temperature

Which two ingredients found in food items hampers bacterial growt

-Salt -oils

Which three examples can cause physical contamination of food

-Food packaging -hair and skin -jewelry

Which three items can results physcial contamination of food by staff

-Loose items in shirt pockets -jewelry -fingernails

When should you clean up after repairs

immediately after they are finished

What area of the restaurant should customers not be allowed to enter

the food preparation area

When should you purchase replacement equipment and utensils

as needed

Which three factors make food preparation potentially hazardous

-moving food from storage to workstations -using improperly cleaned and sanitized equipment -Employees touching the food

What are the three most common sources of chemical contamination

-improper use of chemicals such as pesticides -improper storage or labeling of chemicals -toxic metals from food preparation equipment

In which two ways can a food handler chemically contaminate food

-Not washing hands properly -Not washing food properly

Which is the best place to store chemicals

in a separate storage area

Which three things can you do to reduce intentional contamination from suppliers

-Ask suppliers about their food safety and food defense -Inspect and document all deliveries -Require suppliers to be properly identified

Which three actions can you take to reduce intentional contamination from employees

-Carefully screen all applicants -Limit the number of employees in food preparation areas -Allow on duty personnel in sensitive areas

What three things can you do to protect the inside of your facility

-Control access to employee only areas -Monitor self service areas -Identify all people who enter and exit the building

Which three statements are true about scambrotoxic fish posioning

-Symptoms of illness may last up to 8 hours -Toxins accumulate in the body of some fish during storage -Symptoms of illness include a rash on the face and neck

Which type of fish is toxin producing

puffer fish

Which statment does not pertain to ciguatoxin

it is safe to accept fish that show signs of refreezing

Which four plants can cause acute food poisioning

-Daffodil bulbs -Rhubarb leaves -Death cap mushrooms -Deadly nightshade

What is a physical contamination

any foreign object mixed with food

Which actions will help prevent cross-contamination of allergens

-Clean tables and utensils that have contacted an allergen -Use a separate area to prepare allergic items -Serve sauces on the side

What can you do to prevent the intentional contamination of food

Implement a comprehensive food safety plan

What is the main reason for having a good safety program

to prevent contamination of food

Which three characteristics apply to shellfish toxins

-tastelessness -not destroyed by cooking -oderless

What are three common symptoms of food allergies

-Swelling of tongue, throat, face, hands and feet -hives -difficulty breathing

which three foods are common allergens

-eggs -peanuts -milk

What percent of food allergies in the united states do eight major foods account


Which are three common sources of physical contamination

-bones -vegetable stalks -human hair

What is a food allergy

The bodies immune response to a food it mistakes as harmful

Which three statements relate to poisnus plans

-Food poising can result from eating raw or uncooked fava beans -Consuming raw or under cooked red kidney beans can result in food poisoning -common symptoms of illness from toxic plants include nausea, vomiting, and abdominal pains

Which four types of fish may accumulate toxins when stored at temperatures above 39.2 degrees F

-Anchovies -Tuna -Sardines -Salmon

Which two ways can you help prevent allergic reactions in your customers

-Train staff to answer questions about food ingredients -Train staff to be aware of food allergies

When is food most vulnerable to physical contamination

During preparation

What are two examples of items that can cause physical contamination

-Fingernails -Hair

What is the primary reason for having a good food defense program

To prevent intentional contamination of food

In which three situations can intentional contamination of food take place

-When the food is being grown -When the food is being prepared -When the food is delivered to the customer

Which two warning signs should you look for to identify physical contamination at delivery

-Damaged packaging -Food not properly protected

Which three policies will help prevent contamination during storage

-Regularly inspect food storage -Properly maintain food storage areas -Properly cover and store food

Which two actions can you take to prevent contamination of food by staff

-Implement good policies -Train employees

Which two steps should you take if you discover food contamination is occurring at delievery

-Discontinue using the supplier -Ask to tour supplier facility or see recent audits

What are two sources of shellfish food poisining

-Mussels -Oysters

Which two areas of vulnerability does a good food defense program address

-People -Buildings

What three areas of your building should you maintain as part of your food defense program

-The interior -The exterior -Entrances and Exits

Which three behaviors can sabotage your food defense program

-Employees are not away of the policy -Employees do not report suspicious activity -Employees are not trained in the proper use of the policy

For which four reasons is smoking dangerous in a food handling area

-Cigarette butts and ash can contaminate the food -Bacteria can be transferred to the hands when smoking -Cigarettes could be placed on work areas and contaminate them -Smoking encourages couging

Where should food handlers smoke

in designated areas

Which procedure includes cleaning the fingernails and finger tips with a brush

the double wash procedure

Why should you follow the proper hand washing procedure

To reduce the number of pathogens on your hands

How long should you rub your hands together when washing them to make sure they are clean

10-15 seconds

Which three actions can you take to ensure that employees follow proper hand washing procedures

-Follow the guidelines yourself -Place a poster in the proper area -Demonstrate the proper hand washing technique

Which two responsibilities does a manager have in relation to proper hand washing

-Train employees in proper hand washing procedure -Monitor that employees follow proper hand washing procedures

While working which three things can employees do to keep their hair from contaminating the food

-Wear hair restraints -Do not touch or comb the hair -Tie long hair back

In which three situations should employees inform a supervisor of illness

-when they are sneezing excessively -when they have eaten a meal that caused food poisoning -When they or a household member have diarrehea

In which two ways can you prevent contamination of food by people

-Keep infected staff members from handling time sensitive or TCS food -Completely cover woulds with a blue bandage and glove

Which three things should employees NOT do near food or equipment

-Sneeze -Chew gum -Lick fingers

What is the most common bacteria that people introduce to food

staphyloccus aureus

What is the most important reason for promotion good person hygiene

to reduce contamination hazards associated with people

What is the best time to train employees on proper glove use

after they learn proper handwashing

What should you consider when buying gloves

-buy a variety of sizes -consider alternatives to latex -choose disposable gloves

In which three situation should you change gloves

-Before handling cooked food -When changing tasks -after touching something that may be ontaminated

As part of proper glove use in which three situation should you wash your hands

-Before putting on the gloves -After you remove the gloves -When you change to a new pair of gloves

What is not an appropriate type of footwear in a food service enviornment

open toed shoes

Which piece of protective clothing should you put on first

head covering

Which three hygiene related guidelines should food handlers follow

-Keep hands clean -do not use false nails or polish -keep nails short and clean

When should a food handler put on a clean apron

-daily -when the existing apron is soiled

In which three situations should employees wash their hands

-whenever their hands appear soiled -at the beginning of each shift -when changing tasks

When should you allow bare hand contact with ready to eat food

almost never

Which three cleanliness guidelines should employees follow

-follow proper hand washing and glove use procedures -maintain high level of cleanliness -Wear proper work attire

What are three common sources of staphyloccus aureaus

-hair -cuts -mouth

For which two reasons should employees be aware of the cleanliness of their hands

-They act as a vehicle for bacterial transfer -The are used for almost every task

Why should you use a covered bandage to cover wounds

it can be easily seen if it falls into food

Which items should you use to taste food

a clean spoon

What three action should employees take to prevent contaminating food with their hands

-Do not use false nails or nail polish -Keep hand clean -Keep nails short and clean

What are three safe methods of cooling food

-stirring with ice paddles -Placing the food in an ice bath -placing it in a blast chiller

Which statement is true regarding the cooling of TCS food

-the foods must be cooled from 135 degrees F to 70 degree with in two hours and within a total of six hours from 135 degrees to 41 degrees

Which two actions should you take based on the temperature of the food in a delivery you check

-Reject frozen food that has a temperature above 0 degrees -Reject chilled food that has a temperature about 41 degrees

Which two actions should you take when rejecting food from a food delivery

-Record the rejection on the delivery note or purchased order -Keep the rejected food away from the other food

What are the two main potential hazards a reheating food

-Survival and multiplication of bacteria -Contamination

What are three controls for the proper reheating for food

-Reheat food to the proper temperature -Use the proper equipment -Use proper microwave proceudres

What is the best method of monitoring the thawing of food

Preform regular audits

Which rule applies to thawing food in a microwave

After thawing the food it must be cooked immediately

Why is it so crucial to follow safe practices when thawing food

Because dormant bacteria remains in frozen food and can start to multiply when the food temperature is raised

Which two practices help ensure food saftey

-Use a separate unpacking area -Do not leave delivered food items outside for prolonged periods prior to storage

What are three requirements for the safe purchase, delivery, and storage of shellfish?

-Any identification tags must be kept of file for 90 days -They must have certification -They must arrive with identification tags

Which two actions might the monitoring of food cooking procedures prompt you to take

-Determine whether further staff training is needed on best working practices, personal hygiene or the use of thermometers -Check whether better and safer cooking processes can be introduced.

What are two steps employees can take to protect against food service contamination

-Minimize handling of food -practice good personal hygiene

What are two service controls that can minimize the risk of contamination

-Serve food quickly after cooking, cooling, or reheating -Protect food on display for self-service

What two actions should you take if you are transferring food from its original container to another one

-Make sure the container is clean and sanitized -Make sure to label the container

For which two reasons is stock rotation important

-It reduces spoilage and potential pest infestation -IT ensures safe, consistent quality food

If food needs to be transferred to a new storage container which two things should be printed on a food label

-The use-by date -The food name

What are three rules to follow for proper frozen food storage

-Rotate stock properly -Do not store food above the freezer’s load line -Do not store warm food

What is the major hazard of frozen food storage

The multiplication of dormant bacteria if the temperature rises about 14 degrees F

What are two practices that can help ensure proper storage of frozen food

-Never leave frozen food out at room temperature -Locate freezers in well ventilated areas

What are three rules to follow to ensure properly refrigerated food

-Check the condition of food daily -Discard any food in damaged containers -Discarred out of date food

What are two major hazards of refrigerated food storage

-The contamination of TCS foods by raw food -The multiplication of bacteria or spoilage organism because of too high temperatures or prolonged storage

What are two ways to help prevent cross contamination

-Store raw foods below ready to eat foods -Use a different area for preparing raw foods than is used to prepare ready to eat foods

What are three methods of cross contamination

-Drip -Indirect -Direct

What are three main potential food safety hazards with dealing with food purchase and delivery

-Physical contamination -Chemical contamination -Bacterial multiplication either during or at the point of delivery

Which two characteristics should you check when evaluating food quality

-Temperature -General condition and appearance

What is the best way to check food has been reheated properly

Use a clean and sanitized thermometer to check the temperature of the food

Which two actions might reular audits of reheating procedures prompt you to take

-Check whether better and safer reheating processes can be introduced -determine whether further training is needed for your staff

What are two main safety risks involved when cooking food

-Survival of bacterial due to inadequate cooking -Physical contamination from pests entering an uncovered cooking contianer

Which three standards are true regarding food preperation

-Avoid preparing food too far in advance -Minimize the amount of food prepared -Minimize the time food spends in the temperature danger zone of 41-135 degrees F

What are two safety benefits of regular audits of food preparation proceudres

-To find out whether staff members are carrying out their duties safely and as per your instructions -To give you an indication as to whether any further training is needed

What do guidelines for cooking specific kinds of food include

-A minimum period for the internal temperature -A minimum internal temperature

Which two potential hazards are associated with the source of food

-Multiplication of food poising bacteria -contamination from utensils

What three actions can help time temperature abuse for food

-Using thermometers and times -Setting schedules for monitoring food -Employing standards for food safety

For two reasons are written stock records important for food saftey

-To help maintain correct stock levels -To determine when out of date food should be discarded

What rule ensures proper stock roation

first in first out

Which two statements are true regarding food safety and stock rotation

-All TCS foods and perishable foods should be checked daily -Out of date foods must be removed and destroyed or stored separately pending appropriate actions

What are three controls that can be used to ensure food safety during cooking

-Ensure that pans and utensils are made of suitable materials -Ensure that the heat source is under the whole pan base -Only taste food with a clean sanitized spoon

What is a good way to make employees aware of and help prevent cross contamination

use color coded equipment

What are two good ways to help prevent cross contamination

-Use separate food preparation areas for raw and ready to eat foods -store food properly

Which three foods support the growth of microorganisms

-Custards -Melons -Meats

Which four food items are examples of TCS foods

-Eggs -Meats, poultry, fish, shellfish, and crustaceans -Sliced melons -Milk and milk products

Which three descriptions apply to all TCS foods

-Foods high in protein -Food products that can support the growth of foodborne illness causing microorganisms -Foods that have high moisture content

Which three statements are true regarding the proper storage of poultrey

-Poultry should be stored at 41 degrees F or below -Before storing and preparing poultry ensure that the flesh is firm and elastic -Poultry should be stored in its original packaging in a clean and sanitized containers or in an airtight moisture proof wrapping

Which three statements are true regarding the proper storage of meat

-Meat should be stored at 41 degrees F or below -Before storing and preparing meat ensure that the flesh is firm and elastic -Meat should be stored in its original packaging in a clean and sanitized containers or in an airtight moisture proof wrapping

Which three statements are true regarding the proper storage of seafood

-IF fresh whole fish is delivered on ice it can be stored in a refrigerator on ice in a self draining container that is cleaned and sanitized regularly -Fish fillets and steaks should be stored in their original packaging or securely wrapped in moisture proof wrapping -Fresh fish should be stored at an internal temperature between 32-41 degrees F

Which statement is true

Non-continuous cooking includes any cooking procedure intentionally interrupted

What three actions should you take cooking in a microwave

-Let food sit for two minutes to ensure temperature stability -Rotate or stir during the cooking process to ensure even heat distribution -Ensure all parts of the food reach a temperature of at least 165 degrees F

What are two things to check when monitoring frozen food storage

-Keep a record of food temperature and review it regularly -Check the freezer thermometer regularly throughout the day

What are three features a food establishment refrigerator should ideally have

-Well ventilated location -Alarm system -Open shelving

What are two rules to follow to ensure properly frozen food

-Check the freezer temperature daily -Maintain an inventory of food items and rotation

What are three safety checks to make when mointoring refrigerated food storage

-audit refrigerators regularly looking for improper loading, cleaning and other problems -check the refrigerator thermometers regularly throughout the day -keep a record of food temperatures and review regularly

What are two rules to follow for proper dry food storage

-Storage areas should be well lit and ventilated -Storage areas should maintain a temperature between 50- 70 degrees F

Which two systems demonstrate cross connections

-A sudden drop in pressure in the potable water system sucks contaminated water back up into the potable water lines -Placing a hose that is connected to a faucet dispensing potable water into a bucket containing water that was used to mop a floor

Which three statements are correct about sewage and waste water

-A licensed plummer should correct any problem and all areas exposed to the contamination must be thoroughly cleaned -Sewage and waste water must not contact food or food preparation surfaces -An efficient drainage system to remove sewage and waste water quickly without flooding is needed

Which two statements are accurate about the pluming system

-Preventing potable and non potable water from mixing is the primary purpose of the pluming system -A cross contamination is when potable and non potable water come into contact with each other

Which of these statements is NOT correct about the drainage of system used to remove sewage and waste water

The drainage system may empty into any disposal system that operates in the area

Which three statements are correct concerning the pluming system

-Fixtures associated with the pluming system must be easy to clean -The pluming system must be installed according to legal specifications -approved materials must be used when constructing the pluming system

Locating a food premises that regularly floods in an example of what

poor design

What four devices or systems enable you to control the temperature of food

-cooling facilities -Cooking facilities -Refrigerators -freezers

What are three benefits of having your design plans reviewed by local regulatory agencies

-It saves time and money -it Ensures compliance -it uncovers flaws

What are four important design requirements for food premises

-Having access to sewage and waste disposal -Having good accessibility for deliveries -being in an area not likely to flood -having access to electricity, gas, and water supply

What are three requirements of garbage receptacles outside of a food premises

-Waterproof and leak proof -Easily cleanable -Tight fitting lids

What two things must food premises have to ensure safe handling of garbage

-proper methods to store and dispose of refuse, waste, food, and unfit food -Suitable receptacles inside and outside the premises

What four guidelines apply to ventilation equipement

-Hoods, duct-work, and fans should not drip onto food or equipment -Hoods and duct work should be cleaned regularly -All hoods must be tight fitting yet easy to remove -all hoods should be tested prior to use

What are three reasons why food premises should have proper ventalation

-To reduce humidity -To maintain the overall indoor quality -To reduce room temperatures

What is recommended where food could be exposed to risk of contamination by broken glass

Fluorescent tubes fitted with protective sleeves or diffusers

Where are required intensity levels for the lighting in areas of food premises specified

FDA food code

What is the minimum lighting intensity above food preparation surfaces

540 Lux (50 foot candles)

What is the definition of potable water

Water used for drinking

Which two statements are true about using non potable water

-non potable water pipes must be labeled -non potable water must not come into contact with any foods

For which four purposes must potable water be used in food premises

-Drinking by customers -Cleaning utensils -Cleaning equipment -Drinking by food handlers

At what three times should the water system for food premises be flushed and sanatized

-After a repair or modification to the system has been made -Before becoming operational at a new food premises -After and emergency situation such as a flood has occurred

What are four sources of potable water

-Water storage containers -Water transport vehicles -Public water system -bottled drinking water

Which four statements about placing food equipment are accuarte

-Place food equipment so there is access to all areas and other equipment -The size of the equipment and the surfaces that has to be cleaned determine how far from a wall to place it -Some food equipment must be placed to allow for rapid dismataling and reassembly -place food equipment so there is sufficient space to access the equipment

Which three guidelines apply to food equipment

-Stationary tabletop equipment should be on legs with a minimum of four inches from the tabletop -Cracks or seams wider that 1/32 inch must be sealed with a nontoxic food grade material -stationary equipment should me mounted on legs that are at least 6 inches from the floor

Where would you check for information about the hazards of the specific chemical and directions for safe use


Which two statements are true regarding the storage of hazards materials

-If you transfer a chemical from one container to another the new container must be labeled according to OSHA requirements -Chemicals must be stored in such a way that contamination of food and equipment is preventable

What method involves using hot water to sanitize surfaces or equipment?

Heat method

What are three of the most common chemical sanitizers

-quats -chlorine -Iodine

What can happen if traces of a cleaning agent are left on a surface

contamination may occur

In the heat method of sanitation how long should equipment be immersed in 171 degree water

at least 30 seconds

Which statement about cleaning and sanitizing is true

all equipment and surfaces need to be cleaned

Which should be done first


Of which cleaning method is cleaning of extremely how water an example of

thermal cleaning

which term refers to the amount of time a piece of equipment needs to touched by a sanitizer

contact time

what will happen if the final rinse temperature in a high temperature machine is greater than 195 degrees

the water will vaporize before the items are sanitized

Which statement is true of the water temperature in a high temperature dish washing machine

The water temperature of the was cycle can very

What is an advantage of using commercial dish washing machines

They clean and sanitize at the same time

Which two statements are true regarding high temperature dish washing machines

-high temperature machine use hot water to sanitize -High temperature machines use hot water and detergent to clean

In a chemical machine what is the lowest water temperature that should be used

120 degrees F

Which three types of info should be included in a standard operating procedure for cleaning and food premises

-The safety precautions to be taken -How a piece of equipment is to be cleaned -What cleaning agents should be used on the equipment

What three things should happen after most of the cleaning schedule has been completed

-Items on the schedule should be marked as complete -tasks should be moitored -dismanted equipment should be reassembled and safe for use

Which three types of information should a cleaning schedule include

-Which staff members are responsible for what tasks -When cleaning should take place -What equipment should be cleaned

Which two statements are true of the CIP equipment

-it should have sufficient access points -it should be self draining

What is NOT part of a CIP sequence

Drying fan

What is the order of a typical CIP sequence

Pre-rinse, wash with detergent, do an intermediate rinse, sanitize and air-dry

What does CIP refer to

Equipment clean in place

Which two statements are true about non food contact surfaces

-non-food contact surfaces must be kept clean -non food contact surfaces do not need to be sanitized

Which two statements are true regarding where clean tableware and utensils can be stored

-at least 6 inches off the floor -clean and dry location

What should you do prior to using a specific cleaning

read the label

which requirement is the most important when it comes to food preparation surfaces

They must be easy to clean

which two statements are true of cleaning and cleaning agents

-cleaning is affected by the hardness or softness of the water -cleaning is affected by the type of material on which a cleaning agent is being used

Which two statements are true regarding cleaning agent guidelines

-mixing cleaning agents can produce toxic fumes -cleaning agents can become ineffective if used improperly

Which origination sets standards for using hazardous material in the work place


According to OSHA which three pieces of information should be listed on the label of a hazardous chemical

-The manufacturers name and address -The chemical in the container -The hazard warnings for the chemical

Which type of cleaning agent may cause surface damage to equipment making future cleaning more difficult

Abrasive cleaners

Which two conditions would make additional cleaning time neccissary

-mineral build up -caked on soil

What type of water is likely to cause mineral build up

hard water

Which two statements are true about a successful cleaning program

-all employees know how the cleaning program works -management has the ability to delegate cleaning program responsibilities to an appropriate trained staff memeber

What should a staff member do after spilling a jar of pickles on the floor in the food prep area?

Clean up the spill immediately

What are two benefits of creating a written cleaning schedule

-Staff will know their specific responsibilities -The knowledge that all areas of the establishment are being cleaned efficiently

What are two examples of good practices with regard to cleaning tools

-Color coding cleaning tools -Air drying cleaning tools

What are three reasons you should clean your food premises

-For legal compliance -To prevent food contamination -To create a safe and pleasant working enviornment

What are three ways to avoid contamination when cleaning

-clean from top to bottom -Keep cleaning equipment separate from food items -let cleaning equipment air dry after use

Which two factors indicate poor working conditions

-Bacterial contamination -Contamination caused by pests

Which three outcomes are likey to occur if your food establishment is dirty

-Customer complaints -a poor working environment -food safety hazards

What are two types of commercial dish washing machines

-High temperature machines -Chemical machines

To ensure sanitation what should the final rinse water temperature be in a high temperature machine

180 degrees F

Which two factors help determine the temperature of a chemical dish washing machine

-The concentration of the sanitizer being used -The type of the sanitizer being used

Which three requirements apply for the manual dish washing

-You need an area for air drying -you need an area for soiled items -you need an area for food removal

What is true of a sink used for manual dish washing

-The compartments should be large enough so that items can be fully immersed

Which two statements are true regarding the storage of maps and buckets

-they should be air dried after use -they should not be stored near food contact surfaces

What is most likely to occur if food contact surfaces that should be sanitized or not

Staff may unnecessarily introduce food safety hazards

What is the purpose of cleaning

to remove food residue, dirt, and grease from surfaces

Which three surfaces should be sanitized

-refrigerator door handles -cutting boards -sink tops

Of what cleaning method is scrubbing the floor an example

physical cleaning

what three things should determine the way you use chemical sanitizers

-you companies policy -management’s instructions -the EPA registered label use instructions

What surfaces are in contact with TCS foods what is the maximum of time allowed between sanitizations

-When changing from raw produce to TCS foods -When changing from raw to ready to eat food -At any time that contamination may have occurred

Which two statements are true regarding chemical sanitizers

-sanitizers must be used at proper times -cleaning chemicals should be stored in a separate area than food items

Which two statements are true about food pests

-Sight of them can cause a customer to never return -They can spread disease and illness

which two practices does a successful IPM practice

-Control -Prevention

What are the two functions of pest control

-safety eliminate any pests that are found -prevent food pests from entering a facility

What four problems can be avoided

-contamination and food waste -loss of customers -damage to equipment -foodborne illness

Which three area should be included in a cleaning schedule for refuse and waste disposal

-other containers such as bottles can -Inside and outside waste containers -Food prep areas

What three tasks should a good schedule include two ensure pest contorl

-Provisions for waste and refuse disposal -Routine tasks -Priority practices specific to a facility

What are two features of a good facility cleaning scheudle

-Spot inspections should be preformed two monitor the effectiveness of the schedule -Precations should be included for each area and item

What is the one way customers can help minimize pests at an outdoor dining areas

do not feed wildlife

What are two requirements for licensed PCO’s

-They must attend training on a continual basis -They must take and pass an exam administered by the state

What are four skills a PCO can help teach IPM team members

-Looking for sign of pests -Evaluating control progress -Identify pests -Determine a control method

Which two statements regarding PCO’s are true

-They are aware of the latest issues and trends in pest control -They are very knowledgeable in the most effective pest prevention and control methods

What three things when selecting a PCO

-Talk to other food service managers in your area -Ask if work is guaranteed -Find out if the pest management company has liability insurance

What are four common diseases spread by rats

-Salmonellosis -Hantovirus -Lephospirosis -Lyme disease

What are three characteristics of ants

-They clean themselves regularly -They seldom carry debris from one place to another -They like sweets

What are three characteristics of cockroaches

They can cause food poisoning, dysentery, and diarrhea

What is the best resource to getting additional info about a pesticide

The safety data sheet (SDA) for the pesticide

What are pesticides

-Chemicals used to kill pests

What are four guidelines for food service workers regarding pesticides

-Wear personal protective equipment -Use and store pesticides in their original containers -Apply the following label directions -Read and follow all label directions

What type of pesticide works best to kill pests in a large area infestation


Which are two features of pesticides

-They are intended to harm -Their misuse can cause illness to humans

Which two statements regarded external ventilation vents and pest control are true

-External vents should be covered with 16 mesh screens -External vent screens should be cleaned often

What are three important methods of pest control

-Using a curtain if appropriate -Keeping doors closed -Maintaining door seals

What three condition are attractive to food pests

-Darkness or low light -Moisture -Warmth

What are two things should should do when it comes to pest control

-Deny pests on adequate water supply -Deny pests on adequate food supply

What does the FDA food code require for doors and windows that must be kept open

The screen mesh is 16 mesh to 25.44 mm

Which three areas should be included in a facility cleaning scheudle

-Toilets -Ceilings -Floors and drains

What are two reasons to establish a well planned cleaning schedule

-To eliminate the conditions that attract pests -To ensure safe food is being served in the establishment

What are three good practices for helping ensure a clean facility

-Rinse and store floor cleaning materials after use -Immediately clean up any spills or waste -Perform frequent restroom checks during busy serving hours

What are four steps you can take to minimize pests at outdoor eating areas

-Keep grass mowed and bushes trimmed -Keep the immediate area dry and cleaned up -Bus and clean tables immediately -Clear leaves and debris from gutters and downspouts

What are three possible results of the improper use of pesticides

-Failure to remedy infestation -Unnecessary exposed two chemicals -Contaminated food

Which two possible problems can result from the improper disposal of pesticides

-A heal hazard, possibly inside and outside the facility -Harm to the enviornment

What three types of personal protective equipment may you need to use when using pesticide

-Rubber gloves -Safety googles -respiratory protection

What are four guidelines for storing and disposing of pesticides

-Follow all labels and SDS directions for storage and disposal -Store within the temperature guidelines -Stored in a sealed cabinet away from food products, food prep, and other cleaning materials.

What type of pesticide work bests to kill pests in cracks and crevices

Dusts and powders

What are three ways food pests can enter a building

-Through holes or gaps in the building -Brought via food delivery -Brought in via a person

What two things should you do if you find cracks or holes in the walls

-Fill them in with permanent sealer -If needed use a sealer that adjusts to outside temperatures

What four precautions should you take to prevent pest access through an HVAC

-Guard floor drains -Seal gaps around pipe and duct work that passes through walls -Inspect dish washing machine and hot water heaters -Eliminate leaks and drips

When it comes to pest control what are two things you should ask your food delivery supplier

-What the supplier stock rotation procedures are -IF the pesticides are used in storage areas

What are three things you should do to insure proper pest control

-Repair ceiling leaks -Seal all wall openings -Patch floor cracks and holes

Which three pests are the greatest rick in the food industry

-Flies -Rodents -Cockroaches

What two features of a successful IPM implementation

-It requires the creation and communication of goals -IT includes good house keeping for both indoor and outdoor areas

What three things can food pest affect

-Profitability -Reputation -Health of workers

What is an IPM

An approach to pest control in which a wide range of practices are used to avoid or solve pest problems

What are three advantages of using a PCO

-Faster identification of pest issues -Safer application of treatments -More efficient selection of treatments

What are three additional benefits of using a PCO

-They respond quickly -They save money -They can provide advice and record keeping

What are four important things to do when selecting a PCO

-Check online for membership in the National Pest Management Association -Ask about any memberships in professional organizations -Ask which license they held -Ask to see their license and make sure its current

Which three types of individuals are considered members of an IPM team

-The facilities PCO -Food service employees -Establishment managers

What is NOT a best practice you should follow during inspection

Make sure the inspector knows when you disagree

What should you NOT do during a test run before an inspection

Identify ways to hide potential violations

Which four best practices should you follow before and during an inspection

-Don’t refuse an inspection -Cooperate -Ask to see inspectors credentials -Clarify the purpose of the visit

What four statements apply to the documentation you should be prepared to provided to an inspector

-Figure out which documents are not appropriate to provide -Be aware documentation provided during an inspection may become public -Be prepared to provide records concerning food purchases -Review your company’s policy regarding confidential info

Which three best practices should you follow before an inspection

-Do a test run -BE prepared to provide documentation -Appoint a staff member to act in your absence

What four items are covered in the compliance and enforcement topics of the FDA food code

-Plan submission and approval -Inspection and correction violations -Code applicability -Permit to operate

What is the HACCP approach considered to be by many regulators

-Our nations best defense of the food chain "From food to fork"

Which four items are covered in the management and personal topics of the FDA food code

-Employee health -Personal cleanliness -Hygiene practices -supervision

Which two statements about the food code are accurate

-The FDA amends the food code every two years with a release of a supplement -The FDA issues the food code every four years

Which four topics are covered in the FDA food code

-Water pluming and waste -Food preparation and handling -Compliance and enforcement -Equipment utensils and linens

Which three statements apply to the food safety and regulatory at the state level

-Each state decides whether to adopt the FDA food code in its entirety in a modified form or not at all -The types of food establishments subject to inspection and the frequency of inspection differ from state to state -States don’t always revise their food safety regulations with each upstate of the FDA food code

Which statement is NOT accurate regarding food safety regulations at state levels

state regulatory authorities rarely conduct inspections in a small city or rural area

What is the goal of establishing verification procdures

to create a system that confirms that the HCAAP is working

What are four of the supportive documents or useful records for a HACCP program

-Records of a customer complaints -A floor or room plan -details of prerequisite program such as pest management -audit reports

Which three statements correctly describe inspection frequency

-Inspection frequency varies by jurisdiction -high risk food establishments may be inspected more frequency -some regulatory authorities inspect all food establishments on the same schedule

What four criteria determine whether a high risk establishment needs more frequent inspections

-Susceptibility of clientele -previous compliance history -foods served -establishment size

What are food establishments required to provide in order to protect the public’s health

safe food

Which three statements about a traditional inspection are correct

-The highest possible score is usually 100 points -It usually uses a number bases system for scoring -it results in a number or letter grade or both

How does a HACCP based inspection based differ from a traditional inspection

It assess the control of hazards throughout the work flow

Which description is NOT correct about the end product testing done for food safety control prior or HCAPP

control was proactive

What three purposes does a monitoring system have

-identifying breaches of target levels -identifying deviations and triggers corrective actions -providing records for verification or to investigate complaints

Which four types of info must be documented for each corrective action

-Who should be notified -The person responsible for the taking action -the action to be taken -what is authorized to stop and restart production or sales

What term describes specified valves for control measures that eliminate or reduce hazards at CCP’s

Target levels

Which four statements apply to a monitoring system

-Monitoring must permit detection and correction -Monitoring can be continuous or at set frequencies -Monitoring methods include smell touch and sight -Monitoring methods include competency testing

Which three stages are included in the verification process

-Review -Validation -ensure that the HACCP system is satisfactory

Which four statements pertain to establishing a documentation and record keeping system

-The amount of type of paperwork size should be proportionate to the type and size of the food business and to the risks involved -A management system needs to be in place to ensure HACCP documentation and records are up to date and effective -Records and documentation are useful for demonstrating that food safety is being managed -Accurate records and documentation are essential for verification and auditing

Which documentation contains the federal governments best advice for minimizing the incidence of foodborne illnesses

FDA food code

Which agency inspects and grades domestic and imported fish and fish products prior to sale


Which three actions are responsibility of the FDA

-Regulating the medications and feed consumed by food animals -Inspecting food service operations that cross state borders -Inspecting food processing plants to ensure compliance with sanitation labeling and other qualities standards

For which two reasons can an establishment with multiple violations receive the same total score as an establishment with a single violation in a tradition inspection

-Inspectors subtract points for each broad category of violation -inspectors don’t subtract points for each instance of the violation

Which three statements apply to the history of the HACCP program

-It was a project of the Pillsbury Company -Astronauts suffering from diarrhea or vomiting in 0 gravity environment were a major concern -it started in the 1960’s for Nasa’s apollo space program

Which two actions are your responsibilities in regard to the FDA

-Obtain the most recent issue of your state food code -familiarize yourself with all topics covered in your state food code

Which three statements correctly describe the HACCP

-A HACCP plan is a food safety management system that focuses on the control of hazards throughout the food flow rather than focusing only on sanitation -some state have mandated the HACCP system approach at the retail level and conducted HACCP bases inspection in food establishments -HACCP programs are mandatory for most food manufactures

Which four topics are covered in the food preparation and handling topics of the FDA food code

-Handling -receiving -Serving -Storing

Which four statements pertain to the CFP

-The goal of the CFP is to identify problems formulate recommendations and develop practices to ensure food safety -The CFP presents their findings to the FDA for consideration in the FDA food code -The CFP seeks to create an equitable partnership among the food industry regulators professionals academics and consumers -The CFP is a nonprofit origination formed in 1971

Which three groups work with the FDA to create it’s food code


Which three statements currently describe a suspension that results from failing an inspection

-A hearing can be requested to dispute the suspension -Public note is usually posted on the front door of the suspended food establishment -It requires the approval of the local health department

What four things should you look for when you perform a daily check or inspection of your food establishment

-Food and equipment temperatures are satisfactory -Food is in a good condition and with in shelf life -Signage is satisfactory both in staff and public areas -Premises and equipment are clean and in good repair

What are two best practices to follow after an inspection

-Implement new procedures or revise existing procedures to avoid respect violations -act on the inspectors work

What are four of your responsibilities with regard to preparing for inspections

-find out what type of inspection your establishment is subject to -determine how often your establishment is subject to inspection -find out how to access food safety date to your jurisdiction -implement a self inspection system for your establishment

What three statements about food safety inspection reports are correct

-They let you know how well your establishment is following standard food safety practices -A poor inspection report can jeopardize they financial health of your food establishment -An excellent report is an effective form of advertisement

What are four examples of potential critical control points

-final cooking temperatures -cooling times -food pH and water activity -hot and cold holding temperatures

Which four items are included in the HACCP plan

-monitoring and record keeping procedures -hazard analysis including product or process description -critical limits target values and corrective actions -details of the HACCP team and its responsibilities

What are the four steps involved in conducting a hazard analysis

-Determine which products and processes to examine -perform a risk assessment to determine potential hazards -brainstorm potential hazards -prepare and validate floor diagrams of any processes

Which two statements apply to conducting a hazard analyisis

-the choices made during the hazard analysis determine the scope and success of your HACCP program -all other HACCP principles depend on the hazard analysis

What monitoring method would address staff understanding of the importance of CCP’s monitoring target values and critical limits

competency testing

Which description is NOT current about the end product testing done for food safety control prior to HACCP

control was proactive

What two actions should staff take in an outside refuse

-hose down the area around refuse receptacles reg -hose down any drains around refuse receptacles

What do food operated garbage bins inside a food premises help prevent

contamination from lids

which four principles apply to the walls and ceilings in a food premises

-ceilings should be covered -joists and rafters should not be exposed to moisture -walls should be sealed and sturdy -utility service lines and pipes should not be exposed

Which two factors are most important when selecting flooring materials

-safety requirements -health requirements

Which material is not considered hard surface flooring

rubber or vinyl tile

According to the FDA food code, what are four areas where carpeting may not be used

-Restrooms -Dishwashing areas -Walk in refrigerators -Garbage storage areas

Which two statements are most accurate about carpeting in a food premises

-it should be vacuumed daily -its the preferred flooring in dining rooms

Which three statements about ventilation systems are correct

-ventilation systems must allow for the intake of make up air -must have exhaust vents that do not cause contamination -must be design and installed according to legal specification

What are two benefits proper ventilation in a food premises

-removal of vapors odors and fumes that can cause contamination -little to no grease buildup on walls and ceilings

After construction of the food premises what must you obtain before opening

-an operating permit –

Where are hand washing stations not required

-break rooms

What are two reasons why a liner or continuous workflow is the most suitable design for food premises

-There will be minimal contact between raw and ready to eat foods -Food handlers will be less likely to act as vehicles of contamination

Which two considerations are important in the design of restrooms

-the sink should be between the toilet and the door -restroom doors must not open directly into food prep areas

Which three statements are true regarding food equipment

-Food equipment that cannot be dismantled moved or easily cleaned is hazardous -" " made from inappropriate materials may be become a source of physical contamination – " " that is in disrepair is a haven for dirt and bacteria

What are three characteristics of thermocouple and thermisters

-They include immersion probes surface probes penetration popes and air probes -they measure temperature using a metal probe with digitally displayed results -they can be very large or small

Which three guidelines will help ensure the good condition and proper use of equipment

-ensure that all equipment is effectively cleaned on a regular basis using the proper cleaning methods -use all equipment according to manufacturers instructions -never use the same equipment for handling raw and ready to eat foods without sanatizing in between food types

What are three key considerations for large equipment in a food premises

-Location of pluming and supply lines -Making sure the equipment is commercial grade -Following manufacturers specifications for proper use maintenance and cleaning procedures

Which characteristic makes large food equipment easier to clean


What four areas of the food premises need to use some kind of nonporous resilent flooring

-walk in refrigerators -dishwashing areas -garbage storage areas -restrooms

What are four important questions to ask when selecting flooring

-is it sturdy -how will it wear over time -is it easy to clean -is it anti-slip

In what two areas of the food premises is hard surface flooring a god choice

entrances lobbies

which three statements are true about a floors porsity

-a floors porosity is bases on how well it absorbs liquids -the higher the flooring’s porosity the better the absorption -flooring lower in porosity is better for food prep areas

Which three statements apply to non slip flooring in food premises

-use non slip flooring in areas like the kitchen -you should mop or scrub the floor under a rubber mat -it is important to pick up rubber mats and clean them

Which three statements about bimetal stem thermometers are correct

-they can be used to measure the temperature of received goods -they can be used to measure the internal temperature of food -they use a metal probe with a sanitizing area near the tip to measure temperature

which four characteristics should equipment have if its not designed for food contact but used in food preparation areas

-waterproof -easy to clean and maintain -smooth -corrosion resistant

what is the minimum lighting intensity in dry storage areas

108 lux (10 foot candles)

what four functions does adequate lighting in a food premises provide

-it ensures food handlers can identify hazards -it helps ensure effective cleaning and sanitizing -it ensures food handlers can carry out their tasks safely and correctly -it discourages pest from entering the food premises

What three areas should a lighting intensity of 215 luc (20 foot candles) be used

-restrooms -buffets and salad bars -above hand washing and dishwashing stations

Which three statements are accurate about treating water in an emergency situation

-bottled water from a safe source should be used if the water has been chemically contaminated -if treating water with bleach chlorine tablets or iodine tablets check the label for directions -boiling water is the best method to treat water contaminated by parasites

What three uses is it acceptable to use non potable water

fire protection -air conditioning -non food equipment cooling

which statement is least accurate about a private water supply used at a food premises

it should be inspected every 5 years

which two actions should you take if an emergency situation affects the potable water supply on a food premises

-boil unsafe water to kill harmful bacteria and parasites -listen to announcements from local authorities that will advise you when the water is safe to use

which three statements are true regarding water leaks

-overhead pipes carrying waste water should be marked non-potable in case of leaks -if non potable water pipes leak contamination of food and foo prep areas will occur -all water lines should be checked and serviced immediately when a leak has occured

of what are backflow and back siphage examples off

cross conections

what is the best to prevent backflow and back siphange

-totally separate the potable water system from the non potable water system

what are four of approved back flow prevention devices

-reduced pressure principle devices -dual check valves with intermediate atmospheric vents -vacuum breakers atmospheric and pressure types -barometric loops

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