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food inspectors cannot

charge fines

the term "potentially hazardous food" refers to:

any food that will support the growth of microorganisms

home canned food products are allowed in commercial food establishments, t or f


what is the temperature danger zone

between 4f and 140 f

within the temperature danger zone most harmful microorganisms _____

reproduce rapidly

the sensing portion of a bi metallic stem thermometer is

at the dimple and downward

shellfish tags must be filled in order of delivery date and kept for a period of 90 days. the 90 day period begins

the date its packaged (not delivered or harvested)

fresh shell eggs must be refrigerated upon receipt, at an ambient temperature of

41 degrees F

foods in modified atmosphere packages provide ideal conditions for the growth of

clostridium botulinum

chicken and other poultry are most likely to be contaminated with


smoked fish provide ideal conditions for the growth of botulinum spores, therefore, this product must be stored at

38 F

which of the following cans MUST be removed from circulation

a can with a dent on a seam

all of the following are indications fish are fresh except

a fishy smell

FIFO means

first in first out

the nyc health code requires that all food is stored

6 inches from the floor

in order to avoid cross contaminatio, raw foods in refridgerator must be stored

below cooked foods

cold tempeartures slow down tthe growth of microorganisms


food for storage must be kept covered and or stored in vermin proof containers t or f


ice intended for human consumption can be used for storing cansand bottles t or f


when foods are stored directly in ice, the water from that ice must be drained constantly t or f


what kind of hazards are picees of glass, metal shaving, pieces of wood, ,pebbles, toothpicks, hair, false fingernails

physical hazards

what kind of hazards are ciguatoxin, prescription meds, roach spray hair dye

chemical hazards

the most significant threat to food saety is from what kind of hazards


bacteria and viruses can be seen under intense source of light known as candling true or false


sulfites can be used in food prepeartion as long as their use is disclosed on the menu t or f


Some wild mushrooms can be very toxic; therefore mushrooms must always be purchased from a reliable and trustworthy commercial source. t or f


Use of MSG ( Monsodium Glutamate) in foods is a very dangerous practice and is not allowed under any circumstances. t or f


which of the following bacteria cause spoilage of food?

undesirable bacteria

under favorable conditions bacteria can double their population every 20 to 30 mins. which of the following is most prone

cooked pork stored at 80 F

at what temp is rapid growth of pathogenic bacteria possible

65 F

in which of the following foods bacteria may grow rapidly?

low acid and neutral foods

what type of bacteria grows best at temps between 50-110 F


it may be necessary to remove foods from rifridgeration during prepartion and seasoning. this process

must be done as rapidly as possible

which of the following is true about water activity level

water activity is a measure of the available water in the food for biological activity

which of the following steaments regarding foods that have a very low water activity is true?

all of the above

which of the following staements regarding bacteria is true?

pahogenic bacteria cause disease in man

most viral food-borne dieseases are the result of:

poor personal hygiene practice

a food borne parasite found in under cooked pork is

trichinella spiralis

raw marinated or partially cooked fish is made safe by freezing for specified times and temps. which of the following time and temp combo is recommended?

-31 F or lower for 15 hours

the most popular chemical sanitizer is


food held under refrigeration must be at or below

41 F

the reason for refirgerating potentially hazardous foods is to

slow the growth of bacteria

heat is effective in destroying microorganisms when the following factors are considered

time and temperature

salmonella enteritidis is mainly associated with the following food item


food workers sick with an illniess that can be transmitted by contact with food or through food should be

at home

ground meats such as hamburgers must be cooked to a minimum of158 F to elimnate

e coli

clostridum botulinum causes the diesease known as botulism t or f


Home-canned foods, smoked and vacuum packaged fish, garlic products in oil and baked potatoes is associated with what organism

clostridium botulinum

the following illness has been assocaited with undercooked shell eggs


staphylococcal food intoxication is a common cause of food borne illness that can beprevented by

preventing bare hand contact with ready to eat foods

ways to elimintae shigellosis

proper hand washing, cool foods at 41 F or below, eliminate flies from establishment

viral hepatitis is caused by bacillius cereus t or f


e coli is responsible for causing hemolytic uremic syndrome among children t or f


e coli is mainly assoicated with ground poultry t or f


the illness trichionisis is caused by parasite known as trichinella spiralis t ro f


to avoid trichionsis, pork should never be undrecooked. nyc health code requires pork to be cooked at a min temp of

155 F

shellfish tags must be kept with the product until it’s used up and then filed away for

90 days

When bacteria from a raw food get into a cooked or ready-to-eat food, this is called:

cross contamination

The correct cooking temperature for poultry, stuffed meat and stuffing is:

165 F

Thick foods cool faster…:

in small amounts in small containers

It is a good practice to thaw frozen foods by leaving them out on the kitchen counter overnight. t or f


Hot foods placed in a refrigerator for cooling must be covered…

after being cooled

To prevent illness, pork must be cooked to an internal temperature of:

155 F

Which of the following procedures cannot be used as an effective rapid cooling technique:

placing on the counter overnight

The Health Code requires that frozen foods be properly thawed before being cooked. The exception to this rule is:

a frozen hamburger patty

Ground meat and foods containing ground meat must be cooked to an internal temperature of:

158 F

All of the following except one may be used when working with ready-to-eat foods:

clean bare hands

All of the following, except one are true of a hot holding unit:

must be used to reheat refrigerated foods

Which of the following is not a recommended method for rapid cooling?

covering the food and placing the food on a preperation table

Per New York City Health Code, hands must be washed thoroughly at least 3 times every day. t or f


Sick food workers who can transmit their illness thorough contact with food should be prevented from working until they are well. t or f


The NYC Health Code requires that all food workers wear proper hair restraints. t or f


A food worker with an uninfected cut on his/her hand:

can work only if they wear clean bandage and wear sanitary gloves

During hand washing hands must be rubbed for at least:

20 seconds

Clean aprons can be used for wiping hands. t or f


Hand sanitizers can be used in place of hand washing during busy periods. t or f


All food on display must be protected by packaging, sneeze guards, display cases or through other means. t or f


Refrigeration units must contain a numerically scaled thermometer to monitor the ambient air temperature of the unit. t or f


Cutting boards must be sanitized at least three times a day t or f


Carbon monoxide poisoning can result from a faulty gas-fired hot water unit. t or f


Equipment, including ice makers and ice storage equipment, should not be located under exposed or unprotected sewer lines, open stairwells or other sources of contamination. t or f


Bathrooms for employees must be provided:


Wiping cloths must be stored in a sanitizing solution with a strength of:

50 ppm

Between each use, cutting boards must be:

washed rinsed and sanitized

Both employees and customers can use the same bathroom even if customers have to walk through food areas to gain access to it. t or f


When manually washing dishes using hot water sanitizing method, which three of the following statements are true:
1. The water must be at 170°F.
2. An immersion basket is needed.
3. A burner or booster is needed to heat the water.
4. A two-compartment sink is necessary.

1, 2, 3

Hand wash sinks must be provided in or near all of the following areas except:

customer areas

During chemical sanitization, the chemical solution must be checked by:

test kit

The reason to prevent backflow in kitchen equipment is to:

prevent contamination of water and equipment

In order to prevent backup of sewage waste in a culinary sink, which of the following must be installed?

an air break

An air break provides indirect waste for sinks. What is the benefit of the indirect waste at culinary sinks?

it prevents sewage from reaching the sinks

The most reliable form of backflow prevention device is a/an:

air gap

Which of the following combination of fixtures must be fitted with an air break?

pot wash and culinary sinks

Backflow may cause contamination of drinking water. Backflow may occur when which of the following is present?

cross connection

To prevent backflow at the hose attachment of an equipment sink, which of the following must be installed?

horse-bib vaccum breaker

An example of a SUBMERGED INLET is:

a hose with one end connected to faucet and the other end under water

Which of the following cannot be applied in a restaurant by the supervisor of food operations?

chemical incesticides and rodenticides

Which of the following will be useful in eliminating insects from an establishment?

eliminating breeding places, incesticides, storing trash in tight can

Which of the following statement is false?

food that has been exposed to rodents must be thouroughly cleaned

When food is unavailable to mice that have infested in a restaurant, they will …

die or move away

Toxic chemicals used for the destruction of pests must be applied only by:

licsenced pest control operator

In order to "build out" rodents which of the following should be implemented?

cover all holes of entry, conduct frequent inspections

Which of the following is a sign of rodents or rodent infestation?

all of the above

Which of the following is not useful in eliminating insect breeding places?

fly strips

Mice are known to enter buildings through openings that are as small as:

1/4 inch

In insect control, which measures are useful in "building them out"?

installing screens and doors and windows

Fresh rat droppings in a food establishment …

is a critical violation

which of the following regarding rodents is true

the sighting of mice during the day is a sign of severe infestation

Which of the following are the seven principles of HACCP?

NOT Identify the control points and contact local health dept

HACCP is an acronym that stands for:

hazards analysis critical control point

Which of the hazards is HACCP mostly concerned with?


If potentially hazardous foods are left in the Temperature Danger Zone for more than two hours, the following corrective action should be taken:

food should be discarded

Potentially hazardous foods in the refrigerator storage must be discarded when the temperature is:

two hours more between 41 and 70, 70 and above

When making cold salads such as tuna, it is recommended that ingredients must be pre-chilled.
t or f


Which of the following steps is a Critical Control Point (CCP) during the food flow for fried chicken?


Which of the following steps is not a Critical Control Point (CCP) during the food flow for tuna salad?


Foods can be kept uncovered during the cooling step.


Smoking may be permitted only at the bars.
t or f


"No Smoking" signs must be posted at all smoke free areas.
t or f


Ashtrays are permitted on dining tables as long as "No Smoking" signs are conspicuously displayed.
t or f


Tobacco vending machines are prohibited in all food service establishments except taverns or bars.
t or f


Any food service establishment that allows onsite consumption of food must provide a cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) kit in case of an emergency.
t or f


Self-assessment of food operations is an excellent way to improve security, safety and general work practice.
t or f


Three of the following are common injuries among restaurant workers:

slips, trips, and falls, cuts, and muscle strains and sprains

What causes muscle strains and sprains among restaurant workers:

lifting heavy loads and awkward reaches

Suitable work shoes are:

slip resistant

Who should not be given access to facility food areas?


Store knives in _______ to prevent accidental cuts.

designated drawers or racks

The following foods do not contain trans-fats:

corn oil

Health Inspectors are authorized to collect permit fees and fines on behalf of the Department.
t or f


All food service establishments must have a current and valid permit issued by the New York City Department Of Health and Mental Hygiene.


Health Inspectors have the right to inspect a food service or food processing establishment as long as it is in operation. Inspectors must be given access to all areas of establishment during an inspection.


Obstruction or interference with Health Inspectors in the performance of their duties may result in the closing of the establishment and revocation of the permit.


Health Inspectors must show their photo identification and badge to the person in charge of an establishment when requested.


Which of the following are the seven principles of HACCP?

assess the hazards Identify the critical control points Set standards and criteria take corrective action Verify the system is working monitor record-keeping

"First Aid Choking" poster must only be displayed conspicuously in each designated eating area.
t or f


All food establishments must display an "Alcohol and Pregnancy Warning" sign.
t or f


A "Wash Hands" sign must be displayed at all hand washing sinks.
t or f


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