Food Handler- Assessment Six

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Raw shell eggs must be received in refrigerated equipment that keeps them at a temperature of _______ or less.


Which of these food items upon receiving should be given priority in storage?

Frozen items

A shipment of frozen fish arrives at your food establishment. You see that the outside bottoms of the shipping cartons have too much ice and the fish fillets held within the cartons have brown edges. These are signs of:

Thawing and refreezing

Employees trained to receive foods properly will complete all of the following steps EXCEPT:

Labeling and dating rejected items

Your latest shipment of chicken has some items with USDA stickers and some items with USDA GRADE stamps. What is the difference in these items?

Stamps mean the chicken’s quality has been rated.

The best place to store grains to reduce the risk of cross-contamination is:

Next to canned peaches

Rotating stock so that the oldest items move first is often referred to as:


Labels should include all of the following EXCEPT:

Possible contaminants

To ensure proper protection for foods during storage, the bottom shelf should be AT LEAST:

Six inches off the floor

According to the Food Code, proper food labels should NOT contain:

The date that frozen preparation-needed foods are to be consumed

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