Food Handler- Assessment Four

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Food preservation does all of the following EXCEPT:

Promotes the growth of microorganisms

In degrees Fahrenheit, what is the temperature range of the Danger Zone?

41 to 135

Reheated food items must be heated for a minimum of 15 seconds to at least:

165° F

The preservation technique that attempts to remove moisture is:


"Chilling" is most commonly practiced by:

Commercial food distributers

All of the following are Time/Temperature Control for Safety Food (TCS) EXCEPT:

Processed garlic oil mixtures

Bacterial contamination can spread quickly because if the conditions are right, bacteria can multiply in:

10 to 20 minutes

It is important that food servers are trained to know food ingredients because:

They will need to help customers who have food allergies.

The best temperature for short-term refrigeration storage is:

Below 41° F

Which preservation technique involves heating foods to mild temperatures and then cooling them down immediately?


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