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This Disney film featured scenes set to music by classical composers such as J.S. Bach, Igor Stravinsky, and Ludwig van Beethoven.
A. Beauty and the Beast
B. Fantasia
C. The Little Mermaid
D. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

B. Fantasia

Howard Shore, like Richard Wagner, uses _______ to represent characters, ideas, and objects in order to connect his films’ action.
A. gestures
B. tone palettes
C. horns
D. leitmotifs

D. Leitmotifs

The music in E.T.’s flying scene is not part of the characters’ world; therefore, it is
A. non-diegetic.
B. a cappella.
C. diatonic.
D. diegetic.

A. non-diegetic

The soundtrack for The Day the Earth Stood Still uses the ________, an instrument that works by sensing electromagnetic waves in the body.
A. playback machine
B. vibraphone
C. synthesizer
D. theremin

D. Theremin

The world’s most prolific producer of films is
A. Hollywood.
B. Hong Kong.
C. India.
D. Nigeria.


Which of the following statements does not apply to Cabin in the Sky?
A.It was intended to help break black/white barriers during World War II.
B. It avoided racial stereotypes.
C. It was known as a race film.
D. It was directed by Vicente Minnelli.

B. It avoided racial stereotypes

This film was the first feature-length "talkie" (film with recorded dialogue).
A. Metropolis.
B. The Jazz Singer.
C. Birth of a Nation.
D. Cabin in the Sky.

B. The Jazz Singer

The berimbau is associated with which of the following types of dance?
A. ballet
B. tango
C. washerwoman’s branle
D. capoeira

D. Capoeira

________ choreographed the premiere of Le sacre du printemps.
A. Sergei Diaghilev
B. Vaslav Nijinsky
C. Martha Graham
D. Igor Stravinsky

B. Vaslav Nijinsky

Which of the following figures is not associated with modern dance?
A. Merce Cunningham
B. Isadora Duncan
C. Marius Petipa
D. Martha Graham

C. Marius Petipa

Which of the following is NOT true about the tango?
A. Tango is based on standard movements and steps, but improvisation is also important.
B. Tango’s standard instrumental ensembles include violin, flute, guitar, and bandoneón.
C. Tango is based on several traditions that merged together in Argentina.
D. Tango took root in Berlin around 1912.

D. tango took root in Berlin around 1912

A traditional dance style among the Dagbamba ethnic group of Northern Ghana is
A. jogo.
B. habanera.
C. baamaya.
D. branle.

C. baamaya

Which of the following statements is true about Le sacre du printemps?
A. A near riot ensued at the premier and the work has never been performed since.
B. Its choreography was conservative but the music was modern.
C. Its music was conservative but the choreography was modern.
D. Its music and choreography departed significantly from what audiences were used to.

D. Its music and choreography departed significantly from what audiences were used to.

The performance/competition of capoeira is known as
A. caxixi
B. jogo
C. roda
D. quilombos

B. jogo

This dance may have been used to catch a suitable mate.
A. The Nutcracker
B. Le sacre du printemps
C. Baamaya
D. Washerwoman’s Branle

D. Washerwoman’s Branle

_________ is known for his traditional story ballets.
A. Piazzolla
B. Tchaikovsky
C. Stravinsky
D. Arbeau

B. Tchaikovsky

Sonata form consists of
A. the ABACA pattern.
B. key area 1, key area 2, and key area 1.
C.theme and variations.
D. exposition, development, and recapitulation.

D. exposition, development, and recapitulation

Karnatic music can be found in the southern region of
A. Argentina.
B. Tibet.
C. Haydn.
D. India.

D. India

A typical symphony in the late 18th century has ____ movements.
A. four
B. three
C. five
D. two

A. four

___________ was a composer and a violin virtuoso.
A. Joseph Haydn
B. Aaron Copland
C. Niccolò Paganini
D. Miles Davis

C. Niccolò Paganini

The orchestral refrain in a concerto is called a
A. ritornello.
B. recapitulation.
C. chorus.
D. coda.

A. ritornello

Which composers in this chapter wrote in the Classical period of music?
A. Copland and Haydn
B. Haydn and Mozart
C. Vivaldi and Mozart
D. Mozart and Bach

B. Haydn and Mozart

A ______ is a composition that features a solo instrumentalist with an orchestra.
A. string quartet
B. concerto
C. symphony
D. sonata

B. Concerto

Miles Davis played the
A. trumpet.
B. drums.
C. violin.
D. saxophone.

A. Trumpet

A sacred Hindu song is called a
A. veenu.
B. pallavi.
C. mridangam.
D. kriti.

D. kriti

This film composer wrote the soundtrack for major motion pictures such as Jaws, Jurassic Park, and E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial.
A. John Williams
B. Howard Shore
C. Hank Williams
D. Leonard Bernstein

A. John Williams

Which of the following is NOT one of Hollywood’s Golden Age film composers?
A. Fritz Lang
B. Max Steiner
C. Dimitri Tiomkin
D. Alfred Newman

A. Fritz Lang

The dramatic set piece in Akira Kurosawa’s The Hidden Fortress features a(n)
A. traditional dance.
B. battle scene.
C. medieval banquet.
D. underground workforce.

A. Traditional dance

Capoeira is
A. a martial art as much as a dance.
B. a seductive dance for couples.
C. currently banned in Brazil.
D. a West African dance featuring twisting hips.

A. a martial art as much as a dance

Artists during the ___________ period of European history looked to ancient Greece for artistic inspiration.
A. Renaissance
B. Medieval
C. Classical
D. Romantic

A. Renaissance

______ is the composer known as the father of the symphony and string quartet.
A. Mozart
B. Beethoven
C. Vivaldi
D. Haydn

D. Haydn

What are the standard movements/steps associated with the tango?
A. caminata, retroceso, and giros
B. berimbau, bandoneón, and ginga
C. tubankpele, baamaya, and wariba
D. pandeiro, agogo, and atabaque

A. Caminata, retroceso, and giros

A typical string quartet consists of
A. two violins, viola, and cello.
B. violin, viola, cello, and bass.
C. violin, viola, cello, and piano.
D. two violins, two violas, and cello.

A. Two violins, viola, and cello

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