Federal Govt Ch. 12 post-test

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Appropriations are the

amount of money, approved by Congress in statutes, that each unit or agency can spend.

Historically, the most important arenas of congressional policy making have been

standing committees.

How can a bill become a law without the signature of the president?

if the House and Senate override the president’s veto through a two-thirds majority

If a proposed bill does not get voted from the committee to go back to the House or Senate, the bill has ____ in committee.


If the House and Senate pass different versions of a piece of legislation, the differences will be resolved

in a conference committee.

In the House, the Democrats’ Steering and Policy Committee is responsible in part for

assigning new legislators to committees.

In the Senate, __________ can be used to kill a bill through long floor debate unless three-fifths of the Senate vote for __________.

filibuster; cloture

In the Senate, the allocation of floor time for members is influenced by

ranking committee members

In the case of Miller v. Johnson (1995), the Supreme Court ruled that

race could not be the predominant factor in creating electoral districts.

Members of Congress are most likely to listen to the interest groups that

are connected to the constituents in those members’ districts

Of all the influences that maintain the clarity of party lines in Congress, which is probably the most important?

the influence of the presidency

Pork-barrel legislation is a form of ____ in which members of Congress ____.

patronage; secure direct benefits for their districts or states

Presidential power to make treaties and to appoint top executive officers, ambassadors, and federal judges is subject to

the Senate’s advice and consent power.

Sociological representation is important in understanding the U.S. Congress because

the symbolic composition of Congress is important for the authority of the government.

The House of Representatives is ____ elected by the people.


The _____ Committee in the House of Representatives allots the time for House debate and decides to what extent amendments to the bill can be proposed from the floor.


The president pro tempore in the Senate is _______ the majority and minority leaders.

less powerful than

The process of logrolling involves

an agreement between two or more members of Congress who have nothing in common except the need for support.

The use of the filibuster and cloture in the United States Senate

has increased to record highs.

What trend has been observed in the congressional oversight power in recent years?

The power has been used as a tool of partisan politics

When congressional leaders want to take up issues that fall outside the jurisdictions of existing committees to highlight an issue or to investigate a particular problem, what kind of committee do they typically create?


Which of the following is an accurate description of the makeup or characteristics of caucuses?

groups of senators or representatives who share certain opinions, interests, or social characteristics

Which type of representation occurs when constituents have the power to hire and fire their representatives?


_____ is the formal charge by the House of Representatives that a government official has committed "Treason, Bribery, or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors."


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