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In Excel, a collection of similar data can be structured in a(n) ____ of rows and columns.


A data ____ table describes the fields you plan to maintain in a table.


In Excel, a table is a range of related data that is managed independently from the data in other ____ and ______ in the worksheet.

rows and columns

When you designate a range as a(n) ____, Excel provides the same operations as are available for a structured range of data.


To create a table, click the ____ tab on the Ribbon and then, in the Tables group, click the Table button.


Excel assigns the name ____ to the first Excel table created in a workbook.


The fields you use to order your data are called ______ ____.

sort fields

You can access the Sort buttons in the ____ group on the HOME tab by clicking the Sort & Filter button and clicking a sort option.


When you have more than one sort field, you should use the Sort ____ to specify the sort criteria.

dialog box

To add a sort field in the Sort dialog box, click the ____ button.

Add Level

After you filter a column, the ____ Filter command becomes available so you can remove the filter and redisplay all the records.


You can display or hide filter arrows for an Excel table by using the Filter button in the Sort & Filter group on the ____ tab.


The ____ condition requires that all of the selected criteria be true for the record to be displayed.


The ____ criteria filter requires the records displayed to start with the specified text string.

Begins With

The ____ criteria filter requires the records displayed to have the specified text string anywhere.


The ____ criteria filter requires the records displayed to be greater than or equal to and less than or equal to the specified numbers.


The ____ criteria filter requires the records displayed to have the current date.


The ____ criteria filter requires the records displayed to be since January 1 of the current year to the current date.

Year to Date

When you click in each cell in the Total row, a(n) ____ appears that you can click to open a list of the most commonly used functions.


You can split the worksheet window into ____ separate panes.

two or four

You select the ____ option button in the Custom AutoFilter dialog box if you want to display rows that meet both of two criteria.


You select the ____ option button in the Custom AutoFilter dialog box if you want to display rows that meet one of the criteria.


You can click the More Functions command on the Total arrow button list to open the ____ dialog box and select any available function.

Insert Function

To calculate subtotal for a table, the first step is to use the ____ button on the TABLE TOOLS DESIGN tab.

Convert to Range

In addition to displaying subtotals, the Subtotal feature "____" your worksheet so you can control the level of detail that is displayed.


You can create a PivotTable by clicking the Summarize with PivotTable button in the Tools group on the ____ tab.


By default, the PivotTable report uses the ____ function for numbers in the Values area.


The ____ report layout displays one column for each field and leaves space for column headers.


You cannot change data directly in the PivotTable. Instead, you must edit the Excel table, and then ____, or update, the PivotTable to reflect the updated data.


To delete records that are incorrect, out of date, or no longer needed, select a cell in each record you want to delete, click the Delete button arrow in the Cells group on the ____ tab, and then click Delete Table Rows.


Every ____ consists of an object that contains a button for each unique value in that field.


Ted wants to be able to analyze date data in his PivotTable by month. What must he do with the date field in his PivotTable? He should group data by the _________ _______.

group data by the date field

If Ted decides that he wants to work with nonnumeric data in his PivotTable, what function must he use to produce summaries?


Ted wants to use his PivotTable to show the total value of the motorcycles for a series of motorcycle dealerships but he wants to filter the display to show only those dealers whose total stock of motorcycle is greater than $1 million. How would he accomplish this? He would apply a ________ _______

value filter.

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