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name box

cell reference of the active cell

formula bar

displays value or formula entered into the active cell

row headings

numbers along the left side of the workbook window that identify the different rows of the worksheet

inactive sheets

not visible in the work window. Their sheet tabs are not underlined and the sheet name is blank

active sheet

underlined and the sheet name is green and bold


collections of related commands organized in a tab

column headings

the letters at the top of the column

common business practice with a worksheet named Documentation

description of the workbook, the name of the person who prepared the workbook, and the date it was created

most important sheets are on the ____


text data

any combination of letters, numbers, and symbols

text data is referred to as

text string (contains a series/string of text characters)

numeric data

any number that can be used in a mathematical calculation





edit mode

double-click the cell; status bar says EDIT instead of READY

use of an apostrophe before numbers

to include any leading zero

meaning of green triangles

flag potential errors

increase the widths of two columns

click one column, press ctrl and then click the adjacent column, then move the pointer in either direction to make both bigger or smaller

alt+ enter

move the insertion point to the next line within the cell


normal view (9 block grid)

shows the contents of the active sheet in the workbook window

page layout view (to the right of the normal view/nine block grid)

shows how the sheet will appear when printed

page break preview (to the left of the zoom)

shows the location of the page breaks in the printed sheet

every formula begins with____

an equal sign and followed by an expression describing the operation that returns the value

exponentiation formula

=B5^3 (value of cell B5 to the third power)

the 5 options of AutoSum



range: the range of cells containing numeric values to be counted

to insert a range

select the range; on the home tab under Cells group, click the Inset button arrow; click Insert Cells; Shift cells right/left); click OK

accounting format

lines up numbers within a column by their currency symbol and decimal point (currency is on the way left); negative numbers are enclosed in parentheses and zero numbers with a dash

percent style

formats numbers as percentages with the % symbol after the number and no decimal places. You can change the number decimal places that are displayed

ctrl + B


gross sales

the total amount of sales at all of the restaurants

cost of sales

the cost of producing the store’s items

operating expenses

the cost of running the stores including the employment and insurance costs

net profit/loss

the difference between the income from the gross sales and the total cost of sales and operating expenses

units sold

the total number of menu items sold by the company during the year

customers served

the total number of customers served by the company during the year

percent change

(2015 value-2014 value)/2014 value

currency format

places a currency symbol directly to the left of the first digit of the currency value and displays negative numbers with a negative sign

decrease decimal button

under the number group with an arrow that points to the right

comma style

identical to the accounting format except that it does not fix a currency symbol to the left of the number; the button is literally a comma under the number group

percent format change

button is next to the comma in the number group

orientation, wrap text, merge & center, increase indent, decrease indent

(see book)

merge & center

merge the range into one cell and horizontally centers the content

merge across

merges each row in the selected range across the columns in the range

merge cells

merges the range into a single cell, but does not horizontally center the cell content

unmerge cells

reverses a merge, returning the merged cell to a range of individual cells

where is the merge button?

under alignment

where is orientation button?

the abc button in alignment

format painter

paint brush with blue paint next to copy and paste on the home ribbon; copes and pastes formatting from one cell or range to another without duplicating any data

Find & Replace

binoculars on the right hand side; used to quickly make content and format changes throughout a workbook

AVERAGE button

until AutoSum arrow

Applying a cell style

select the cell or range; one the home tab, in the styles group, click the cell style button; point to each style in the Cell Styles gallery to see a Live Preview of the selected cell or range; select

ctrl + H

Find & Replace

find out how to find and replace text colors


conditional format

applies formatting to a cell when its value meets a specified condition

highlighting cells with a conditional format

select range; on the home ribbon click the conditional formatting point to Highlight Cells Rules or Top/Bottom Rules, and then click appropriate rule; select appropriate options

Quick Analysis tool

appears whenever you select a range of cells, provides access to the most common tools for data analysis and formatting

how to get the median

click the fx button to the left of the edit bar

running total example

=SUM($L$22:L37); first one with dollar signs is the first value and the second is the row you’re on; ASK DAD HOW TO FIND

Which function determines how many cells in a range contain numbers, where value1, value2, and so forth are text, numbers, or cell references?


In SUM(number1 [, number2, number3, …]), number 1, number 2, and number 3 may be numbers or __.

cell references

Keyboard __ can help you work faster and more efficiently because you can keep your hands on the keyboard.


"AZ" is an example of a __.

column heading

To make A1 the active cell, you should press which of the following keys?


The characters +, -, *, and / are examples of __.

arithmetic operators

An Excel formula always begins with a(n) __.

equals sign

A(n) __ is a group of cells in a rectangular block.


When you insert a new column, the existing columns are shifted to the __ and the new column has the same width as the column directly to its left.


To switch to __ mode, you double-click the cell.


To change a column width, you can click __ on the Column submenu to make the column(s) as wide as the longest entry of the cells in the column.


__ makes it easier to enter repetitive text in cells.


__ enters text based on patterns it finds in the data.

Flash Fill

To move or copy a range of cells, select the correct order:

1. Move the pointer over the border of the selection until the pointer changes shape.

2. Select the cell or range you want to move or copy.

3. To move the range, click the border and drag the selection to a new location, or to copy the range, hold down the Ctrl key and drag the selection to a new location.

2, 1, 3

Tyler has created a spreadsheet to keep track of his customers for his house-sitting business. In the spreadsheet, he includes the owners’ names, addresses, phone number, and number of days his services are needed. Column B in Tyler’s spreadsheet contains the addresses of his clients. Some of the addresses are truncated so Roger __.

resizes the column width until all addresses are visible

This question refers to the case of Samantha’s jewelry distribution company. She uses Excel 2013 to record her inventory and order forms. The worksheet for her company’s monthly orders needs to display summary information including the total number of items ordered and the amount of revenue generated from those orders. Column D contains the number of items ordered and column E contains the price per item.

Samantha will add the number of orders. She chooses to use the __ function from the AutoSum feature.


This question refers to the case of Samantha’s jewelry distribution company. The worksheet for her company’s monthly orders needs to display summary information including the total number of items ordered and the amount of revenue generated from those orders. Column D contains the number of items ordered and column E contains the price per item.

To activate the AutoSum feature, Samantha clicks in the __.

cell below the group of cells she wants to add

Samantha decides to rename her worksheet "Samantha’s Jewelry Business Worksheet" but she is unable to complete the word "Worksheet" because Excel __.

only allows for 31 characters in a sheet name

Samantha has entered several formulas in her worksheet. All of a sudden, she realizes that the cells that once displayed the formula results are now displaying the formulas and all of the columns are wider. She must have switched to __.

formula view by pressing Ctrl + `

Put the following five steps in the order in which you would perform them to use the Paste Special function.

1. Select and copy a range.

2. Click the Paste button arrow in the Clipboard group on the HOME Tab.

3. Specify exactly what you want to paste.

4. Click Paste Special to open the dialog box.

5. Select the range where you want to paste the Clipboard contents.

1, 5, 2, 4, 3

Jack cannot increase the width of his worksheet because, if he does, he will not be able to print it on one sheet. However, his columns are truncating his content. What solution would be the best for Jack to use to make all his text visible without losing data?

choose Wrap text for the columns

Jack would like to center a title across the top of his data. His data runs across five columns, from column A to column E. One way he could accomplish this is to ___.

type the data in A1 and Merge cells A1:E1

Jack needs to format several cells with 11pt Calibri font, two decimal places, right-aligned, and a blue font color. The most efficient way to accomplish this would be to ___.

use Format Painter

When you copy a formula that contains an absolute reference to a new location, the reference __.

does not change

__ references are seldom used other than when creating tables of calculated values such as a multiplication table in which the values of the formula or function can be found in the initial rows and columns of the table.


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