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The process of summarizing data included on multiple worksheets on one worksheet is called _____.


_____ format codes allow you to specify how a cell entry assigned a format will appear.


Which of the following keyboard shortcuts allows you to select a range of cells with entires surrounded by blank cells?


You should create good ___ to ensure your worksheets are free of errors.

Test Data

The following sequence, Jan, Feb, Mar, etc. is an example of a _____ series.


The following sequence, 1, 1, 1, etc., is an example of a _____ series.

Auto fill

The following sequence 2, 4, 6, etc. is an example of a ____ series.


The following sequence 1, 2, 3, etc. is an example of a ____ series.


Which of the following is the path to the fill button?

home tab & editing group

It is recommended that you use the _____ function on formulas that potentially can result in more decimal places than the applied format displays.


The path to the Sum button is ____

Home tab, editing group

to copy the content of a cell to the cell directly below it, click the target cell and press ____.


You should hold down the ____ key to select the nonadjacent cells.


Which of the following format codes insures that Excel will display a decimal point in the number?


Which of the following format symbols displays text along with numbers entered in a cell?

""(quotation marks)

You should click ____ in the Category list on the Number sheet in the Format Cells dialog box to select or create a format code.


Which of the following format codes shows percent values with two decimal places and shows negative percent in blue with parentheses?


The path to the Comma Style button is ____.

(Home tab | Number group)

The ____ style is the format style that Excel initially assigns to all cells in a workbook.


A workbook contains _____ worksheets by default.


You can drill all of the following down through a workbook EXCEPT ____.


A range that spans two or more worksheets in a workbook is called a ___ range.


A ____ reference is a formula that depends on its own value.


Headers, footers, and margins are all ____ options.

Page setup

You can display the ____ tab to specify page setup options.

Page Layout

You can switch to Page Layout view by clicking the Page Layout button _____.

on the status bar

The code ____ instructs Excel to insert the page number in the header or footer section.


To select adjacent sheets, select the first sheet by clicking its tab then hold down the ____ key and lick the sheet tab at the other end of the list of adjacent sheet tabs.


To select nonadjacent sheets, select the first sheet by clicking its tab and then hold down the _____ key and lick the sheet tabs of the remaining sheet you want to select.


If multiple sheets are selected and you want to select the active sheet, if you are using a touch screen, press and hold and select ____ from the shortcut menu.

Ungroup Sheet

A ____ is a reference to a cell or range of cells in another workbook.


which of the following is the path to the Switch Windows button?

view tab & window group

As you link workbooks, the cell reference inserted by Excel each time you tap or click a cell in a workbook results in a(n) ____ cell reference.


You can customize a format code in a cell entry to specify how ____ are displayed in a cell.

positive numbers negative numbers zeros text

Which of the following fill actions can you preform by dragging the fill handle?

Jan, Feb, Etc. 1,1,1,etc 2,4,6,etc 1,2,3,etc

Which of the following are true about the ROUND function?

If the number of digits argument is equal to zero If the number of argument is not included

Which of the following is a method of electronic document distribution?

One Drive XPS image Blog Posting Post on S.M.

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