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Using the Cut command completely removes data from its original location, while the Copy command leaves information in its original location.


Once the office clipboard reaches it’s maximum of 24 items, how does it handle the new items that are copied or cut.

The clipboard automatically deletes the oldest item on the clipboard

In the formula =(G15-G14)*$M$3/4, which mathematical operation is performed first?


With Auto fill, dragging the fill handle on a cell copies the cells contents or continues a series of data into adjacent cells.


The file extension .xltx indicates what type of Excel file?

Excel template

According to the order of precedence for arithmetic operators, operations contained within parentheses are preformed last


All functions begin with the formula prefix.

= (equals sign)

To insert cells, click the Insert list arrow in the cells group on the ______ tab, then click Insert Cells.


Allows the user to move or copy data from one cell to another without using the Clipboard.

Predesigned workbook files that contain labels, values, formulas, and formatting.

The Excel function that returns the number of cells in a range containing numeric data.

Absolute cell reference.

Mixed cell reference

The type of cell reference used to preserve the relationship to the formula location.

The Excel feature used to selectively copy formulas, values, etc. by choosing options such as "paste formulas only."

A statistical function.

drag-and-drop method Template COUNT $G$6 G6 Relative Page list arrow AVERAGE

The default file extension for Excel 2016 Workbook is _______.


In the formula =ROUND(D4:F4,0), what does the zero indicate?

The number of the decimal places in the rounded number

An absolute cell reference changes the cell references when the formula is copied in a new location.


When cells or rows are inserted or deleted in an Excel Worksheet, how are cell references affected by the insertion or deletion?

Cell references are already adjusted

Which formula contains a mixed cell reference?


To continue a sequence in adjacent cells, such as months of the year, use the ______ feature of Excel.

Fill handle

Which type of cell reference preserves the exact cell address in the formula?


An Excel complex formula uses more than one arithmetic operator.


Which of the following is NOT a paste list arrow option

Pasting cell sectors

The COUNTA function is used to count the number of cells in a range that contain which type of data?

All of the above

Which method of entering a function requires the user to know the name and initial characters of a function?

Manually typing the function

Which function key on the keyboard allows the Excel user to cycle through all possible combinations of relative, mixed, and absolute cell references for a formula?


When using the Insert Function button or the AutoSum list arrow, it is necessary to type the equal sign.


An Excel user should use a relative cell reference when it is important to ____.

Preserve the relationship to the formula location

Which of the following is a complex formula?


In Excel, MAX and AVERAGE are examples of ____.


Functions can be entered for formulas using all of the following methods except ____.

Typing the function argument

Predefined formulas in Excel are called functions and can be accessed using the Insert Function button.


=D8+E8*0.5 is a complex formula.


You can create an absolute cell reference by placing a ____ in front of both the column letter and the row number of the cell address.


Which keyboard shortcut turns on Edit mode?


When cells are copied using Excel’s copy function, what happens to the data in the copied cells?

The data remains in its original location.

Which tab and group will allow the insertion of rows and columns in a worksheet?

Home tab, Cells group

A(n) ____ cell reference tells Excel to substitute new cell references within the copied formulas as necessary.


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