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What was the longest-lasting effect of the losses in World War II?

Nations realized they could not afford another world war.

What benefits came from the collapse of communism in Eastern Europe? Check all that apply.

-Greater freedom of movement -Growth in entrepreneurship -more contact with Western Europe

When the Soviet Union collapsed, most people were

excited but unprepared for the challenges.

How did the collapse of communism
affect the European Union?

It caused the European Union to expand as more nations joined.

The Schuman Plan was proposed in the year ___


Why was the European Coal and Steel Community created? Check all that apply.

-to share the management of heavy industry -to help prevent the creation of weapons of war

Why did the collapse of communism lead to increased mortality in Eastern Europe?

Many people were poor, and there were no more free health services.

How did the European Union’s new common market change life for workers?

Workers could move freely between nations.

One challenge faced by the European Union is the

vast difference in per capita income among states.

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