Ethics Chapter 2

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John Locke believed in toleration of religious dissenters.


According to the "divine command" theory of ethics, certain actions are right because God wills them for us. We therefore have a duty to find out exactly what a god wills and distinguish it from what is merely a fallible human wish or interpretation of what God’s will might be.


In what society did tolerance and pluralism originate?

Many societies across the world, throughout history.

After which major international conflict was the United Nations formed?

World War II

The Golden Rule is followed by most of the world’s major religions.


Which thinker did not promote civil disobedience as a method for protesting and reforming law systems?


The paradox of toleration is no longer relevant to today’s global culture.


A theodicy is an argument that seeks to discredit belief in a deity.


The concept of a single moral community that is not bound to cultural or religious traditions is known as cosmopolitanism.


The Divine Command Theory states that certain actions are sins, based on their moral and ethical value.


According to Habermas, fundamentalism is incongruous with democratic society.


Which approach is aimed at finding common ground between world religions and cultural traditions?

Religious pluralism

The idea of ahimsa was originally developed by Aristotle.


Which amendment of the US Constitution proclaims religious liberty?


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