Environmental Science- Societal Consequences

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Over the years, scientific advancements have brought both benefits and disadvantages to society. Which of the following is an area which has been both positively and negatively affected by scientific advancements?

waste production

Which of the following is a way that scientific advancements have benefited society?

increased energy efficiency

Which of the following is a risk associated with the application of biotechnology?

potential for the exchange of genetic material

The USDA has approved over 10,000 genetically engineered crops.


Advances in medical technology have had no impact on the environment.


Biotechnology can possibly be used to degrade pollutants in estuaries.


What is the purpose of biofertilizers?

reduce pollution

How can the use of biotechnology lead to an increase in soil conservation practices?

Biotechnology use can lead to a decrease in pesticide and herbicide use, maintaining soil quality.

Which of the following industries has not seen an increase in hazardous waste production?


How can genetic engineering help improve crop production?

Genetic engineering can help reduce the effects of pests and weather on crop production.

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