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__________ rays easily penetrate through the human body and require lead or several inches of concrete to prevent penetration.

C. Gamma Correct

After eating at a local restaurant, a 20-year-old male complains of blurred vision, difficulty speaking, and difficulty breathing. He is conscious; however, his respirations are profoundly labored and producing minimal tidal volume. You should:

C. assist his ventilations with high-flow oxygen. Correct

All of the following are vesicant agents, EXCEPT:

B. sarin. Correct

An attack on an abortion clinic would MOST likely be carried out by a(n):

D. single-issue group. Correct

As you and your partner report for duty, you check your ambulance and begin talking about the possibility of a terrorist attack. The MOST effective and appropriate way to determine the likelihood of this happening is to:

B. know the current threat level issued by the Department of Homeland Security. Correct

At present, the likelihood of a nuclear attack against the United States is very low because:

A. terrorist nations do not have the ability to deliver a nuclear weapon via missile or bomb. Correct

Continual reassessment of the scene at a suspected terrorist or weapon of mass destruction incident is MOST important because:

C. a secondary explosive device may detonate. Correct

n determining the potential for a terrorist attack, you should routinely observe all of the following on every call, EXCEPT:

B. weather conditions. Correct .

Most cases of anthrax begin with:

D. flulike symptoms. Correct

Multiple people in a small town began experiencing abdominal cramps, excessive salivation and urination, and muscle twitching shortly after a small crop duster plane made several passes over the community. As you are assessing the patients, you further determine that most of them are bradycardic and have miosis. In addition to high-flow oxygen, the MOST appropriate treatment for these patients includes:

C. atropine and pralidoxime chloride. Correct

Points of distribution (PODs) are strategically placed facilities where:

B. antidotes, antibiotics, and vaccines are distributed. Correct

The Centennial Park bombing during the 1996 Summer Olympics is an example of:

B. domestic terrorism. Correct

The EMT should expect that a patient who was exposed to cyanide will have:

D. a normal pulse oximetry reading. Correct

The incubation period for Ebola can be up to:

D. 21 days. Correct

The means by which a terrorist will spread a particular agent is called:

B. dissemination. Correct

The type and severity of wounds sustained from incendiary and explosive devices primarily depend on the:

D. patient’s distance from the epicenter of the explosion. Correct

To date, the preferred weapons of mass destruction for terrorists have been:

B. explosive weapons. Correct

Unlike viral agents, bacterial agents:

D. respond to antibiotics. Correct

Which of the following statements regarding blast injuries is correct?

C. Solid organs are relatively protected from shock wave injury but may be injured during the secondary or tertiary blast phase. Correct

You and your partner arrive at the scene of a fire at a large office complex. Witnesses tell you that they heard a loud explosion shortly before the building caught fire. You should:

D. ensure that your ambulance is parked upwind and uphill from the building. Correct

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