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"Chondro" in the word chondritis means:
A. cartilage.
B. rib.
C. joint.
D. tendon.


"Gastro" in the word "gastroenteritis" means:
A. stomach.
B. intestine.
C. bowel.
D. tongue.


"Myo" in the word myocarditis means:
A. vein.
B. bone.
C. cartilage.
D. muscle.


A 5-year-old boy has fallen and has a severe deformity of the forearm near the wrist. He has possibly sustained a fracture of the ____________ forearm.
A. distal
B. proximal
C. superior
D. dorsal


A diabetic patient has polydipsia. This means that she:
A. has low blood sugar.
B. urinates frequently.
C. is unable to swallow.
D. is excessively thirsty.

is excessively thirsty.

A patient has fractured both femurs. Anatomically, these injuries would be described as being:
A. bilateral.
B. medial.
C. proximal.
D. unilateral.


After applying a tourniquet, the injury from a patient’s leg stops bleeding. This is called:
A. hemiplegia.
B. hematemesis.
C. hemostasis.
D. hemolysis.


An intoxicated 40-year-old male is found lying face down. How would you document his body’s position?
A. Recumbent
B. Dorsal
C. Supine
D. Prone


EMTs should have a strong working knowledge of medical terminology in order to:
A. determine and document more accurate patient diagnoses.
B. more clearly explain to patients the nature of their condition.
C. communicate effectively with other members of the health care team.
D. perform and document more accurate patient assessments.

communicate effectively with other members of the health care team.

In relation to the chest, the back is:
A. anterior.
B. ventral.
C. posterior.
D. inferior.


The ___________ of the heart is the inferior portion of the ventricles.
A. dorsum
B. septum
C. base
D. apex


The meaning "around" can have which of the following prefixes?
A. "sub-" and "infra-"
B. "epi-" and "sub-"
C. "peri-" and "circum-"
D. "infra-" and "peri-"

"peri-" and "circum-"

The root "melan/o" means:
A. black.
B. red.
C. gray.
D. white.


The suffix "-pathy" means:
A. enlargement.
B. disease.
C. study of.
D. specialist.


The term "pericardiocentesis" means:
A. a surgical opening made in the heart.
B. surgical repair of the sac around the heart.
C. narrowing of the arteries supplying the heart.
D. the removal of fluid from around the heart.

the removal of fluid from around the heart.

The topographic term used to describe the location of body parts that are closer toward the midline of the body is:
A. midaxillary.
B. midclavicular.
C. medial.
D. lateral.


Which of the following suffixes mean "pertaining to"?
A. "-ic" and "-ology"
B. "-al" and "-ology"
C. "-al" and "-ic"
D. "-ology" and "-oma"

"-al" and "-ic"

Which of the following suffixes mean "two"?
A. "primi-" and "bi-"
B. "dipl-" and "bi-"
C. "bi-" and "null-"
D. "primi-" and "dipl-"

"dipl-" and "bi-"

You are transporting a 67-year-old female patient to the hospital for investigation of abdominal pain. The patient care record indicates that the patient has a history of AAA. Based on this information, the patient care record includes an abbreviation for:
A. against ambulance advice.
B. abdominal aortic aneurysm.
C. acute abdominal aneurysm .
D. acute abdominal assessment.

abdominal aortic aneurysm.

You are transporting to a 66-year-old patient with a history of heart problems. The patient chart indicates that he has hepatomegaly. The root of the term indicates that:
A. the problem is a direct consequence of the patient’s heart disease.
B. the organ involved is enlarged.
C. the problem is unrelated to the patient’s heart condition.
D. the problem is with the patient’s liver.

the problem is with the patient’s liver.

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