EMT Chapter 38- Vehicle Extrication and Special Rescue

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_____ is responsible for properly securing and stabilizing the vehicle and providing a safe entrance and access to the patient.

The rescue team

If there are downed power lines near a vehicle involved in a crash, you should:

have the patient remain in the car

Lighting at a scene, establishing a tool and equipment area, and marking for a helicopter landing all fall under:

support operations

When arriving at the scene of a cave-in or trench collapse, response vehicles should be parked at least _____ away from the scene.

500 ft

When you arrive at the scene where there is a potential for hazardous materials exposure:

park your unit uphill from the scene

________ is the ongoing process of information gathering and scene evaluation to determine measures for managing an emergency


A lack of identifiable _____ at the scene hinders the rescue effort and patient care.


Extinguishing fires, preventing additional ignition, and removing any spilled fuel is primarily the responsibility of _____.


No matter what the fuel source of a crashed vehicle is, one common practice remains the same—the need to disconnect the _____.


In order to evaluate hazards present at the scene and determine the number of patients, you should:

perform a 360-walk through of the scene

Situational awareness is MOST accurately defined as:

the ability to recognize any possible issues once you arrive at the scene and act proactively to avoid a negative impact.

The EMT’s role at the scene of a search and rescue attempt is to:

stand by at the command post until the person is located.

The reasons for rescue failure can be recalled by the mnemonic FAILURE. According to this mnemonic, the "U" stands for:

underestimating the logistics of the incident

The scene size-up at a motor vehicle crash or other incident:

is an ongoing process until the incident is terminated.

Upon arrival at a motor vehicle crash, the EMT should:

leave only essential warning lights activated

Upon arriving at the scene of a law enforcement tactical situation, you should ensure your own safety and then:

report to the incident commander for instructions

When determining the exact location and position of the patient(s) in a wrecked vehicle, you and your team should routinely consider all of the following, EXCEPT:

the make and model of the vehicle

Which of the following situations would require the use of a specialized rescue team?

A patient trapped in a cave or a confined space

Which of the following statements regarding the rapid extrication technique is correct?

The rapid extrication technique is indicated if the scene is unsafe and the patient is not entrapped in his or her vehicle.

Which of the following statements regarding trench rescue is correct?

Ground vibration is a primary cause of secondary collapse.

Your primary concern when arriving at the scene of a motor vehicle crash is:

surveying the area for hazards

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