EMT Chapter 37- Transport Operations

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Ambulances today are designed according to strict government regulations based on _____ standards.


The ambulance inspection should include checks of:

fuel level, brake fluid, wheels and tires.

The type _____ ambulance is a standard van with a forward-control integral cab body.


When driving with lights and siren, you are _____ that drivers yield the right-of-way.


You are hired at the local EMS service. Your duties include station cleanup and checking the unit for mechanical problems. You should also check all medical equipment and supplies:

every day

You are requested out to County Road 93 for a vehicle collision at a rural area known for serious crashes. After driving with lights and sirens for nearly 20 minutes to reach the scene, you arrive at the intersection at the east end of the county. As you pull up, you see two pickup trucks crushed into a mass of twisted, smoking metal. A sheriff’s deputy is shouting and waving you over to the passenger side door of one of the demolished trucks. You quickly look down all four roads leading to the scene and note that they are deserted as far as you can see. How would you ensure the proper control of traffic around this scene?

Ask the law enforcement officer to control any traffic.

You respond to a multiple-vehicle collision. You and your partner are reviewing dispatch information en route to the scene. You will be at a major intersection of two state highways. As you approach the scene, you review the guidelines for sizing up the scene. The guidelines include:

looking for safety hazards, evaluating the need for additional units or other assistance, evaluating the need to stabilize the spine.

A(n) ________ provides a firm surface under the patient’s torso so that you can give effective chest compressions.

CPR board

An ambulance call has _____ phases.


For many decades after 1900, a(n) _______ was the vehicle that was most often used as an ambulance.


A disposable oxygen humidifier should be considered for ambulance services that often transport patients for ___ hour(s) or more.


A portable oxygen cylinder should have a minimum capacity of ____ of oxygen.


Aggressive ambulance driving may have a negative effect on other motorists because:

it may not allow for their reaction time to respond to your vehicle.

Delivering a patient to the hospital involves all of the following activities, EXCEPT:

giving a verbal report to the clerk.

If hydroplaning of the ambulance occurs, the driver should:

gradually slow down without jamming on the brakes.

If you properly assess and stabilize a patient at the scene, driving to the hospital with excessive speed:

will decrease the driver’s reaction time.

Portable and mounted suction units must be powerful enough to generate a vacuum of at least ____ mm Hg when the tubing is clamped.


Regardless of where portable and mounted oxygen cylinders are stored in the ambulance, they must:

be capable of delivering oxygen at 1 to 15 L/min.

The main objective of traffic control at the scene of a motor vehicle crash is to:

warn oncoming traffic and prevent another crash.

The purpose of a jump kit is to:

contain anything that you might need during the first 5 minutes of patient care.

Typically, medivac helicopters fly at speeds between:

130 and 150 mph

Upon arriving at the scene of a major motor vehicle crash at night, you find that the safest place to park your ambulance is in a direction that is facing oncoming traffic. You should:

turn your headlights off.

When being tailgated by another vehicle while responding to an emergency call, you should:

slow down and allow the driver to pass you

Which of the following statements regarding the use of the warning lights and siren on the ambulance is correct?

If it is necessary to use the siren, you should tell the patient beforehand.

You are en route to an emergency call when you approach a slow-moving vehicle on a two-way road. You can see oncoming traffic in the other lane. The driver has his windows up and does not realize that you are behind him. You should:

remain at a safe distance until it is safe to pass

Features of the modern ambulance include all of the following EXCEPT:

a self-contained breathing apparatus

The first thing you do each day when you arrive at work is to make sure all equipment and supplies are functioning and in their assigned places. This is the ____ phase of transport operations.


When attached to oxygen supply with the oxygen reservoir in place, a BVM is able to supply almost ____ oxygen


Extrication equipment carried on an ambulance may include all of the following EXCEPT:

the jaws of life

Basic wound care supplies include all of the following EXCEPT:

an OB kit

Your supervisor asks you to make up jump kits for each ambulance. He has told you that he will leave it up to you as to what goes into the kit.. You would want to include everything that you might need within the first ____ minutes of arrival at the patient’s side.


Deceleration straps over the shoulders prevent the patient from continuing to move ___ in case the ambulance suddenly slows or stops


The ambulance inspection should include checks of all of the following EXCEPT:

spark plugs

Dispatcher should gather and record all of the following EXCEPT:

medications that the patient is currently taking

During the ___ phase, the team should review information and assign initial duties.

en route

Which phase is the most dangerous part of the call?

en route

You must always drive:


Vehicle size and ___ will greatly influence braking and stopping distances


Does an emergency vehicle need to stop for a school bus displaying its flashing lights?

No, it does not

______ must be secured when the vehicle is in motion

All equipment, cabinets, the patient, and any passengers

The _____ is the most visible, effective warning device for clearing traffic in front of the vehicl

high-beam flasher unit

If you are involved in a crash you may be charged

both civilly and criminally

____ crashes are the most common and usually the most serious type of collision


As you approach the scene, you review the guidelines for sizing up the scene. The guidelines include all of the following EXCEPT:

entering the scene even if there are hazards

Transferring the patient to hospital staff is the ____ phase


Activating emergency lights and sirens depend on the following factors EXCEPT:

wanting to go faster

You have called for an air ambulance. When establishing a landing site, ensure all of the following EXCEPT:

that the area is on a hill.

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