Ecommerce Chapter 4

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Offline media is typically used for all of the following marketing activities except:


The cost of hardware, software, and telecommunications services needed to build a website have ________ over the last decade.

decreased dramatically

Which of the following types of e-commerce presence is best suited for creating an ongoing conversation with one’s customers?

social media

What are the two most important management challenges in building a successful e-commerce presence?

developing a clear understanding of business objectives and knowing how to choose the right technology to achieve those objectives

In order from beginning to end, the major steps in the SDLC are:

systems analysis/planning; systems design; building the system; testing; and implementation.

Which of the following basic system functionalities is used to display goods on a website?

digital catalog

________ are the types of information systems capabilities needed to meet business objectives.

System functionalities

Which system functionality must your website have in order to be able to personalize or customize a product for a client?

customer on-site tracking

Which of the following are the two main components of a systems design?

logical design and physical design

________ help you engage your customers in a conversation.

On-site blogs

Which of the following is not one of the basic business objectives for an e-commerce site?

optimize system architecture

All of the following are basic information requirements for a product database except

customer ID numbers.

________ typically include a data flow diagram to describe the flow of information for an e-commerce site.

Logical designs

Which of the following details the actual hardware components to be used in a system?

physical design

Which of the following verifies that the business objectives of the system as originally conceived are in fact working?

acceptance testing

Which of the following involves testing a site program’s modules one at a time?

unit testing

Most of the time required to maintain an e-commerce site is spent on

general administration and making changes and enhancements to the system.

All of the following are simple steps for optimizing web page content that can reduce response times except:

segmenting computer servers to perform dedicated functions.

Which of the following is the minimum system architecture requirement for an e-commerce website that processes orders?

two-tier architecture

All of the following offer website building tools except:


All of the following are major players in hosting/co-location/cloud services except:


Which form of testing compares a control page with one that is very different?

new concept test

A template test is a form of which type of testing?

A/B testing

When using multivariate testing, if you wish to test two different versions of an image, a button, and a piece of text, how many combinations will you need to test?


The process of comparing a website with that of its competitors in terms of response speed, quality of layout, and design is known as:


All of the following might be part of a website’s middle-tier layer except:

legacy corporate applications

The leading web server software is:


All of the following are basic functionality provided by web servers except:

a shopping cart.

________ is used to process certificates and private/public key information.

Secure Sockets Layer/Transport Layer Security

Which of the following would you use to verify that links on web pages are valid?

site management tools

Which of the following is an example of a CMS?


Advantages of dynamic page generation include all of the following except:

client-side execution of programming

Which of the following cannot be used to retrieve objects from a database?


Which of the following types of application server monitors and controls access to a main web server and implements firewall protection?

proxy server

Which of the following technologies is used to separate the design and presentation of content from the content creation process?


MySQL is which of the following?

open source database software

All of the following are basic functionality provided by e-commerce merchant server software except:

marketing analytics.

______ is not an open source software tool.


Which of the following is a standard that makes it possible to access data from any application regardless of the database and operating system software being used?


The term stateless refers to the fact that:

the server does not have to maintain an ongoing dedicated interaction with the client computer.

Which of the following types of sites typically needs a high percentage of secure pages?


Which of the following is not a main factor in determining the overall demand on an e-commerce site?

file sizes of web pages being served

All of the following are steps one can take to right-size a website’s hardware platform and meet demands for service except:

replacing static pages with dynamically generated pages.

All of the following are methods of improving the processing architecture of a website except:

adding web servers.

Django is based on which of the following?


Ruby on Rails is based on which of the following philosophies?


Which of the following is the most commonly used server-side scripting language?


All of the following are website design features that annoy customers except:

multi-browser functionality.

All of the following are important factors in search engine optimization except:

adhering to privacy policies.

________ provides a set of standards for communicating between a browser and a program running on a server that allows for interaction between the user and server.


The primary way a website personalizes the content presented to a visitor is through the use of:


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