Earth Sun Relationships

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Which of the following characteristics of Earth’s relationship to the Sun explains the existence of Earth’s seasons

Earth’s axis always points in the same direction relative to the stars Earth spins on its axis, completing one rotation each day. Earth orbits around the Sun, completing one orbit each year. Earth’s axis is tilted relative to its orbital plane.

The June solstice is

the time of the year when Earth’s geographic North Pole is leaning most directly toward the Sun

How does the inclination of Earth’s axis (relative to the plane of its orbit) change over the course of a year

The inclination of Earth’s axis does not change

The December solstice is

the time of the year when Earth’s geographic North Pole is leaning most directly away from the Sun

Which of the following statements about Earth’s solstices is correct

The December solstice is the time of year when Earth’s geographic South Pole is leaning most directly toward the Sun

When are the Sun’s rays perpendicular to Earth’s surface at the equator

during the March equinox and September equinox

Where does the length of day remain the same throughout the year

at the equator

When do all locations on Earth experience equal lengths of day and night

March equinox

Which aspects of seasonality are caused by either revolution or rotation

length of a tropical year duration of the seasons daily pattern of days and nights

Which of the following are true of equinoxes?

Daylength decreases after autumnal equinox Solar declination at the equator 12-hour daylength at all latitudes


actual water vapor in air/ maximum water vapor possible in air at given temperature

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