Earth Science Ch. 24 Test

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Which of the following is NOT a form of electromagnetic radiation?


Which color has the longest wavelength?


Gamma rays, X-rays, visible light, and radio waves are all types of ____.

Electromagnetic radiation

. The fact that light can exert a pressure on matter suggests that it is made of particles called ____.


The energy of a photon is related to its ____.


Which color has the most energetic photons?


What does a prism do?

Separates visible light into several colors

A typical incandescent light bulb produces a(n) ____.

Continuous spectrum

Which famous scientist unknowingly founded the field of spectroscopy?

Sir Isaac Newton

Which type of spectrum can be produced by a solid, liquid, or gas?

Continuous spectrum

What information does a star’s spectrum offer about the star?

Chemical composition

Which type of spectrum is associated with the radiation of most stars?

Absorption spectrum

. Which of the following refers to the change in wavelength that occurs when an object moves toward or away
from a source?

Doppler effect

What will happen to an object’s wavelength as the object moves toward you?

The wavelength will be shortened

Large Doppler shifts indicate ____.

High speeds

Using the Doppler effect, astronomers can determine a star’s ____.

Movement toward or away from Earth

A refracting telescope produces an image using a(n) ____.

Objective lens

A reflecting telescope produces an image using a(n) ____.

Concave mirror

Which famous scientist first used a telescope for astronomical observations?


When several radio telescopes are wired together, the resulting network is called a radio ____.


. The magnification of a telescope is changed by changing the ____.


Which property of an optical telescope is associated with sharper images?

Resolving power

Which of the following is NOT an advantage of radio telescopes over optical telescopes?

Radio telescopes have better resolution

Chromatic aberration ____.

Weakens the images of stars

Which of the following is NOT true about most large optical telescopes?

They are refracting telescopes.

The James Webb Space Telescope will study ____.

Infrared radiation

What was the first space telescope built by NASA?

Hubble Space Telescope

What advantage do space telescopes have over telescopes used on Earth?

They are not affected by Earth’s atmosphere.

The layer of the sun that radiates most of the light that reaches Earth is the ____.


The outermost layer of the sun is called the ____.


Which part of the sun lies directly above the visible "surface" of the sun?


The sun’s surface has a grainy texture produced by numerous bright markings called ____.


The thin red rim seen around the sun during a total solar eclipse is called the ____.


The sun’s surface is made up mostly of ____.


Streams of electrons and protons that shoot out from the sun’s corona make up the solar ____.


What are the most explosive events that occur on the sun?

Solar flares

By observing sunspots, Galileo concluded that the sun ____.

Rotated on its axis

Sunspots appear dark because they are ____.

Relatively cool

What effect do solar flares have on Earth?


The product of nuclear fusion is ____.


The source of the sun’s energy is ____.

Nuclear fusion

In the equation E = mc2, what does c represent?

Speed of light

The sun can continue to exist in its present stable state for about another ____.

5.5 billion years

The speed of light is ____ kilometers per second.


Photons are associated with the ____ theory of light.


____ refers to the arrangement of electromagnetic waves according to their wavelengths and frequencies.

Electromagnetic spectrum

An emission spectrum is produced by a(n) ____ gas under ____ pressure.

Hot, low

The light from a source that is moving way from an observer appears ____ than it actually is because its waves are ____.

Redder, lengthened

Because the focus of a(n) ____ telescope is in front of the mirror, an observer must be able to view the image without blocking too much incoming light.


____ refers to a telescope’s ability to make an object larger.

Magnifying power

Because the focus of a(n) ____ telescope is in front of the mirror, an observer must be able to view the image without blocking too much incoming light.

Chromatic aberration

Space telescopes orbit above Earth’s ____ and thus produce clear images.


The outermost portion of the solar atmosphere, the ____, is very weak and only visible when the photosphere is covered.


During periods of high solar activity, huge cloudlike structures called ____ appear as great arches that extend from the sun.


During nuclear fusion, energy is released because some matter is actually converted to ____.


Nuclear fusion takes place in the sun’s ____.


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