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Mid-Ocean ridges is where tectonic plates are doing what

spreading apart

What leads to creation of Island Arcs

collision of two oceanic plates

What was the earth’s first landmass called


What is the border between two tectonic plates


How can Mountain formation result

two continental plates collide

Which of the earth’s layers is broken into several large tectonic plates

the lithosphere

When did the Himalayan Mountain Range begin to form

40-50 million years ago

true or false: continental crust is thinner than oceanic crust


What kind of plate boundary is found where the North American and Caribbean Plates meet

transform boundary

What is happening at the subduction zone of the Juan de Fuca and North American Plates

one plate is being pulled under the other

true or false: continental crust is thicker than oceanic crust


Which scientist is credited with proposing the ideas that led to the development of the plate tectonics theory

alfred wegener

California’s San Andreas Fault is identified as what

a strike-slip fault

When did the supercontinent Pangaea start to break up

200 million years ago

What solid layer of the earth is made of mostly iron and nickel

the inner core

What kind of plate boundary runs across Iceland

divergent boundary

What is the earth’s outermost layer

the crust

What kind of plate boundary is found at the meeting point of the Philippine and Pacific Plates

convergent boundary

What is NOT likely to happen at a divergent boundary

mountain formation

what boundary moves outward

divergent boundary

What is the earth’s only liquid layer

the outer core

What geologic events can occur at a transform boundary


Which layer is found directly above the earth’s core

the mantle

The tectonic plates float on which semiliquid layer

the asthenosphere

What type of crust is found under the continents

continental crust

What type of crust is found under the oceans

oceanic crust

What concept is part of the theory of plate tectonics

continents are in slow constant motion

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