Early Middle Ages Quiz

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How were the Franks connected to the Catholic Church?

They modeled their clan’s organization on that of the church. They helped church leaders maintain control of Europe. They converted to Christianity and established ties to the church. They rose to power in Rome, just as the church did. C.

What important victory did one founder of the Carolingians achieve?

He convinced all Europeans to convert to Christianity. He won the title of first warrior king of France. He fought to make Spain the most powerful country in Europe. He defeated a Muslim invasion from Spain. D.

What type of government did the Roman Empire utilize?

feudalism centralized government monarchy regional government B.

What was likely the main reason for the decline in knowledge of Latin after the fall of the Roman Empire?

Rural people had no time to study Latin. Rome was no longer the center of power. Latin evolved into German and English. Warrior kings could not read or write. B.

What was one major result of people moving from urban to rural areas after the fall of the Roman Empire?

Many people had no access to schools, so education declined. New schools were built in rural areas rather than in cities. Children learned as much about farming as they did about school subjects. Students often traveled long distances to reach urban schools. A.

What is a papacy?

the ceremony in which the pope is chosen an empire led by a pope the office of the pope all the people who follow a pope C.

What was an effect of the decline in trade after the fall of the Roman Empire?

People moved to new urban areas. Small farms struggled and failed. There was a shift to a rural society. Trade grew in other parts of Europe. C.

After the Roman Empire collapsed, the Catholic Church began to unify Europe by

taking on many duties of a government. attracting many Christians. letting people elect their own priests. making the pope as powerful as an emperor. A.

After the fall of the Roman Empire, what type of rulers took the place of the Roman emperor?

warrior kings elected officials German emperors powerful groups of citizens A.

After the fall of the Roman Empire, which political force assumed the civic duties?

Germanic tribal leaders the Carolingians King Clovis I the Catholic Church D.

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