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What was one cultural contribution made by the ancient Greeks?

The Greeks were the first to write dramatic plays.

Who wrote The Republic in ancient Greece?


Who led the Athenian Empire?


Why did city-states in the Delian League revolt against Athens?

They resented not having a say in the government

Classical Greek sculpture was characterized by the portrayal of

idealized, lifelike bodies.

During the Golden Age of Athens, male citizens

could hold an office if they were chosen by lot.

How did the political system of ancient Athens differ from the political system of the United States today?

Ancient Athens had a direct democracy, while the United States has a representative democracy.

Which statement correctly describes the Socratic method?

The Socratic method used questions to find the truth

After Alexander the Great invaded Egypt, the Egyptians

welcomed him and crowned him pharaoh.

Which statement best describes the empire created by Alexander the Great?

Alexander conquered most of the Mediterranean region, including parts of Africa, and advanced into Southern Asia.

The total area of Alexander III’s empire stretched from

Greece to the Indus River.

What contribution did Alexander the Great make to the Hellenistic civilization?

He helped spread Greek culture as his empire grew.

What was one contribution made by Eratosthenes in ancient Greece?

He computed the circumference of planet Earth.

The Hellenistic Age was characterized by

advancements in science and culture in the final era of ancient Greece.

The Hellenistic Age began in Greece with

the death of Alexander the Great.

How many branches of government did the Roman Republic have?


What was one consequence of Roman expansion beginning in 300 BCE

Economic problems began to increase

The Roman Republic began to expand when Rome fought the Punic Wars and defeated


With Caesar Augustus’s rise to power, Rome

became a powerful empire.

Rome was strongly influenced by the culture of the


A peninsula is a piece of land that is surrounded by

water on three sides

How was Julius Caesar killed?

He was assassinated by senators.

Which was an achievement of the Roman Empire?

starting a civil service

In Rome’s legislative branch, plebeians served in the Assemblies while the Senate’s members were


Like Rome, the United States has

two houses in the legislative branch

It is believed that Paul was a martyr. Which answer best describes what this means

He died rather than deny his beliefs.

According to the Bible, what made the circumstances of Jesus’s death unique?

He was resurrected three days later.

Since the standardization of Christian beliefs, which change has most affected the practice of Christianity?

the emergence of new Christian churches

Why was the spread of Christianity to non-Jews significant?

It helped Christianity emerge as a separate faith.

According to Christian beliefs, Jesus was sent to Earth to

to save mankind from sin

Early Christianity is described as being a sect of Judaism. What is a sect?

a branch of a larger religious group

Jesus’s disciples and followers spread the message of Christianity

by traveling to speak to people across the Roman Empire

Early Christians were persecuted for their beliefs. Which belief in particular made others suspicious of Christians?

their refusal to worship Roman gods

After the fall of the Western Roman Empire, what filled the void left by the disintegration of the political structure?

Dark Ages.

After he gained control of the Roman Empire, Constantine moved the capital to

Byzantium and renamed it Constantinople.

In Europe, the foreign invaders were primarily Germanic tribes and Huns. Where did the Huns originate?

central Asia

One way Diocletian brought short-term order to Rome involved

dividing the empire into eastern and western regions.

As inflation increased and the Roman Empire experienced greater political instability, what occurred?

violent unrest

To protect its frontiers, the Roman Empire depended on mercenaries. What is a mercenary?

a soldier who fights only for pay

What long-term political factors led to the collapse of the Roman Empire?

People began to feel that government service was a burden.

Which ruler divided Rome in order to bring stability to the empire?


Which describes a difference in the rule of Constantine and Diocletian?

Constantine reunited the empire and served as sole ruler, while Diocletian divided the empire and shared emperor duties

Which list states events in the rise of Macedonia in the correct chronological order?

i. The Peloponnesian War ended. ii. Athens and Sparta declined. iii. Philip II conquered Greece. iv. Alexander III became king.

Early Christianity accepted aspects of Judaism and incorporated them into the religion. How are these elements of Judaism still visible in modern Christianity?

The New Testament references some Jewish teachings

The Twelve Tables of the Roman Republic were a written

legal code

The Peloponnesian War began after

Sparta attacked Athens by land

Jesus of Nazareth eventually became known as Jesus Christ. Christ comes from the Greek word for


Who wrote nearly half of the books of the New Testament?


The official religion of the Roman Empire was a form of paganism in which worshippers prayed to Roman gods and the emperor. In Judea, was there any freedom of religion under Roman rule?

Yes, Jews were able to practice their religion.

Alexander the Great became king of Macedonia

after Philip’s assassination at the hands of political rivals

What happened to the Roman Empire after Constantine’s death?

he empire split, and the west fell into decline.

The west covered a large territory and was at more risk of foreign invasion.

Why was Constantine’s conversion to Christianity significant?

His conversion meant that Christians would no longer be persecuted

Pythagoras was an ancient Greek


What was the reason for Julius Caesar’s assassination?

Some people feared Caesar wanted to become king and destroy the republic.

The Western Roman Empire finally collapsed when the final emperor was driven from power. Who forced the emperor from power?

Germanic tribes

What is one way government changed in Athens during the Golden Age?

The number of paid officials increased, which was beneficial to the lower class citizens who served in office.

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